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Abell, George O. (Editor)/Singer, Barry (Editor) Science And The Paranormal
Achterberg, Jeanne Imagery In Healing
Aizpurua, Jon Historia De La Parapsicologia
Alcock, James E. Science And Supernature
Alexander, John B. (Colonel) (Co-Author)/Groller, Richard (Major) (Co-Author)/Morris, Janet (Co-Author) The Warrior's Edge
Allen, Percy Talks With Elizabethans
Allison, Lydia W. Leonard And Soule Experiments In Psychical Research
Alexander, Marc Phantom Britain
Aldridge-Morris, Ray Multiple Personality
Allen, Thomas Possessed
Almeder, Robert Death & Personal Survival
Alsop, Samuel C. R. Whispers Of Immortality
Angel, Leonard Enlightenment East And West
Anglo, Sydney (Editor) The Damned Art
Alvarado, Carlos S. Psychological And Phenomenological Characteristics Of Out-Of-Body Experiences
Anonymous Into The Unknown
Anonymous Spiritual Healing
Naegeli-Osjord, Hans (M.D.) Possession And Exorcism
Harris, Melvin Investigating The Unexplained
Anson, Harold The Truth About Spiritualism
Angoff, Allan (Editor) The Psychic Force
Anspacher, Louis K. Challenge Of The Unknown
Anspacher, Louis K. Enigma
Arnold, Dorothy Musgrave Dorothy Kerin
Arnold, Larry E. Ablaze!
Arrowsmith, Nancy/Moorse, George A Field Guide To The Little People
Ashby, Robert H. The Ashby Guidebook For Study Of The Paranormal
Ashman, Joseph Psychopathy
Ash, Michael Health, Radiation And Healing
A.S.P.R. Lecture Forum Honouring The Memory Of Chester F. Carlson
Asquith, Cynthia Lady The Ghost Book
Attevelt, J.T.M. Research Into Paranormal Healing
Atwater, P.M.H. Coming Back To Life
Atwater, P.M.H. Future Memory
Atwater, P.M.H. Beyond The Light
Ashanen, Carmen A. Rhythms Of The Overworld
Austin, Tony Aberfan: The Story Of A Disaster
Auerbach, Loyd Psychic Dreaming
Auerbach, Loyd Esp, Hauntings And Poltergeists
Aziz, Robert C.G. Jung's Psychology Of Religion And Synchronicity
Baggally, W.W. Telepathy
Bagger, E.S. Psycho-Graphology
Bagnall, Oscar The Origin And Properties Of The Human Aura
Baird, Alex T. One Hundred Cases For Survival After Death
Baird, Alex T. Case Book For Survival
Baker, Michael Our Three Selves
Baker, Douglas M. (Dr.) The Techniques Of Astral Projection
Baker, Robert A. Hidden Memories
Baker, Robin R. Human Navigation And The Sixth Sense
Bailey, Richard N./Cambridge, Eric/Briggs, Denis Dowsing And Church Archaeology