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Public lecture by Rupert Sheldrake

On 9th February Dr Rupert Sheldrake will lecture on "The Evolution of Telepathy" at Trinity College, Cambridge. read more >>

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Call for articles for Paranthropology Journal

Paranthropology Journal is inviting submissions on “Paranormal Encounters in the Field” for the next issue read more >>

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Parapsychological Association Annual Convention

The PA has announced details of their 2010 annual convention, to be held in Paris, France. The convention features three days of papers and posters presenting the latest academic research into psi taking place in laboratories and research centers around the world. PA conventions are open to the public, and provide ample opportunities for attendees to discuss and exchange ideas. read more >>

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The Sussex Centre for Cultural Studies conference on Paranormal Cultures

The Sussex Centre for Cultural Studies is holding a one-day interdisciplinary conference on Paranormal Cultures, on Friday 4 June 2010 at The University of Sussex. The conference seeks to open up discussions about the anxieties, desires and engagements with the paranormal discourse, in popular culture, literature and visual culture as well as in everyday life, and across historical periods. read more >>

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Music from Beyond the Veil

UK residents have 6 days to listen-again to the BBC Radio 4 programme "Music from Beyond the Veil", broadcast on Sunday 13th Dec (first broadcast 14 July 2009). Prof Paul Robertson examines the claims and counter-claims for musical mediumship and asks whether musical inspiration comes from within ourselves or if it could come from somewhere beyond. read more >>

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