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Scientific evidence of poltergeist knocking?

The current edition of the Journal of the SPR carries an article by Dr Barrie Colvin on an interesting pattern discovered in the acoustic properties of apparently paranormal rapping sounds. read more >>

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Appeal for people with unusal experiences

THIS APPEAL IS NOW CLOSED AS THE PROJECT HAS BEGUN. Two trainee clinical psychologists are interested in speaking to people who have unusual experiences or spiritual or mystical experiences. Their project forms part of their training as clinical psychologists at King’s College London. This report describes the project and gives information for participants. read more >>

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ESP and Neural Activity - EEG and MRI Studies

Brain imaging techniques are revolutionising our knowledge of the close correlation between areas of brain function and mental function to the point where, if areas X,Y and Z ‘light up’, then a particular type of mental function, be it music or mental calculations, can be predicted and vice versa. If certain critical areas remain silent, then their related mental function remains silent as well, and this can include conscious awareness. Present theory, based upon thousands of studies of single brain-minds, is that each brainmind interacts with the outside world solely through its outlying sensorimotor systems. Our everyday experience of being separate individuals whose thoughts and feelings cannot be known to others, seems to confirm this. This very reasonable assumption may not be correct. Using pairs of participants placed in separate rooms, usually electromagnetically screened and soundproofed, some thirty EEG and/or MRI studies have found correlations of activity between the paired brains that cannot be attributed to chance correlation. read more >>

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Kuhnexus: database of the best cases of paradigm challenging phenomena

Collection and classification of the best-in-class paradigm-challenging cases, to form a basis and reference for research and theory building. Includes development of a suitable classification system and case quality criteria. The project is led by David Rousseau, Chairman of the Research Activities Committee and Director of the Centre for Fundamental & Anomalies Research (C-FAR). read more >>

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Have you had a mystical/spiritual/religious experience in the last five years?

[THIS APPEAL IS NOW CLOSED AS THE PROJECT IS UNDERWAY] PhD student would like to talk to people who have had what they might describe as a mystical, spiritual or religious experience. read more >>

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