Debate on paranormal experiences at Lewes Speakers Festival

Dr Chris Roe will debate with Prof Chris French the topic: ‘Paranormal experiences cannot be explained simply in terms of our current understanding of psychology and physics’ at the Lewes Speakers Festival on 15th July 13.30-14.45.

Go to for further information and to book tickets.

The Lewes Speakers’ Festival brings together on the 13th-15th July another host of fantastic events.  Amongst others: The Climate change Minister, Gregory Barker discusses the environment with Caroline Lucas of the Green party;  Theodore Dalrymple, the arch-conservative of the Spectator locks horns with Polly Toynbee of the Guardian over liberal attitudes to morality and the Welfare State; and  Peter Hitchens will debate with Dr Axel Klein the ‘legalisation of drugs’.  Jonathan Fenby, former Editor of the Observer, discusses the future of China; Clive Aslet, Editor of Country Life at Large discusses ‘The Arts and Crafts Country House’; Marina Lewycka, author of a History of Tractors in Ukranian, speaks about her latest book: ‘Various Pets Dead and Alive’.  In addition, BBC Presenter Jonathan Meades ponders the future of French Politics; AC Grayling his views on humanism and the renown speaker on Christian apologetics Professor John Lennox presents his ideas on whether or not Science has buried God.  Finally, historian John Julius Norwich will discuss the history of the popes and Peter Conradi, the writer of the King’s Speech, will present on the future of the monarchy.

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