Erlendur Haraldsson to receive Myers Memorial Medal

Prof HaraldssonProfessor Erlendur Haraldsson will give the Society’s Myers Memorial Lecture on 17 June, with the title Frederic Myers and the Perfect Case, and on the same evening he will be presented with the Myers Memorial Medal. 

Erlendur is Professor Emeritus at the Faculty of Social Science, University of Iceland. In a distinguished career he has produced a considerable body of work in psychical research, the influence of which can be gauged by the number of citations it has received. As well as many scholarly papers and contributions to edited collections, he has written several books, two of which have been published in English: At the Hour of Death, with Karlis Osis, on the subject of death bed visions, and Miracles Are My Visiting Cards, on Sai Baba.
Having studied and worked at a range of institutions in Iceland, Germany, Britain and the United States, he is a truly international figure. Over the past forty years he has collaborated with a large number of eminent parapsychologists, including J B Rhine, Ian Stevenson, Karlis Osis and Richard Wiseman. His range of interests has been wide, encompassing apparitions and alleged contact with the dead, mediumship (he co-wrote a long paper in the SPR’s Proceedings on ‘The Icelandic Physical Medium Indridi Indridason‘), reincarnation, swamis in India, and ESP. He has conducted a number of surveys on a variety of paranormal belief and experiences. Although retired from his academic post, he is still an active researcher, and is a regular speaker at SPR conferences. The SPR is proud to recognise Erlendur’s varied, and highly significant, contributions to the subject.

The Myers Memorial Medal is awarded from time to time for outstanding contributions to psychical research. John Beloff, Alan Gauld, Robert L Morris, Archie Roy, Ian Stevenson and Donald West have been previous recipients of this honour. Professor Haraldsson’s lecture, preceded by the presentation, will take place at the Kensington Central Library on 17 June, commencing promptly at 6.35pm, volcanoes permitting.

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