PA membership discount for SPR members

In recognition of the shared goals and close ties between the Society for Psychical Research (SPR) and the Parapsychological Association (PA), as embodied in the joint conference held in Winchester, England in 2008, we would like to offer SPR members the opportunity to join the PA at a discounted rate; persons who are members of both organisations may receive a 10% discount for both (those who wish to make a contribution to the association can waive this discount). This discount only applies to forthcoming dues and cannot be claimed retrospectively. The PA is the professional body for academic parapsychology but has membership categories to suit all levels of qualification and involvement in parapsychology, including an affiliate category that is open to all with an interest in parapsychological research. The PA offers its members many benefits which complement those already enjoyed by SPR members. These include:
1) Recognition by the AAAS as the international professional association for parapsychology.
2) Facilitation of discussion and collaboration among serious researchers through its Member-only website with forums for members, affiliates, and student members.
3) Provision of regular updates and information on the Association and the field through its quarterly Bulletin.
4) Provision of balanced and accurate information concerning past and current research in parapsychology through a list of recommended online readings on parapsychology.
5) Opportunities to contribute to current research efforts by participating in on-line psi experiments, surveys, questionnaires, etc.
6) Promotion of educational opportunities in parapsychology by keeping a register of accredited institutions that offer parapsychology courses and by advertising opportunities to study at postgraduate level with PA members. PA members also qualify for a discount if registering for the University of Edinburgh’s on-line parapsychology course.
7) Encouragement of research in parapsychology by offering small grants via the Parapsychological Association Research Endowment, the Gilbert Roller Grant and the Robert Morris Travel Grant.
8) Recognition of significant contributions to parapsychology via its annual Awards.
9) Hosting of an annual international convention for the dissemination and critical discussion of parapsychological research, these being held in Europe every other year and occasionally in the UK
10) Enabling members to access primary research sources by offering one of the field's principal peer-reviewed journals, the Journal of Parapsychology, as a member benefit.
To apply to join the PA or to find out more about the Association please go to If you are a member of both organisations please contact both the SPR Secretary at or Society for Psychical Research, 1 Vernon Mews, West Kensington, London W14 0RL, UK., and the PA Business Manager, Annalisa Ventola by email at or by post at the Parapsychological Association, Inc., PO Box 24173, Columbus, OH 43224, USA.


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