Founded in 1882, The SPR was the first society to conduct organised scholarly research into human experiences that challenge contemporary scientific models.

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Kathleen Goldney in Psypioneer

The January/February issue of the free online journal Psypioneer is out, and it reprints a 1962 article from Light by prominent SPR member Kathleen Goldney. read more >>

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Lecture on the SPR at Cambridge University Library

A talk will be given at Cambridge University Library on Friday 18 March as part of the Cambridge Science Festival with the title 'The science and the séance: investigations into the paranormal'. it will draw on the archives of the SPR which are held in the library. read more >>

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Renaud Evrard made Secretary of the Parapsychological Association

SPR member Dr Renaud Evrard has been appointed Secretary of the Parapsychological Association. read more >>

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Recent Publications

The Hyperspace of Consciousness, by Massimo Teodorani

From the publisher’s website: A breakthrough in scientific, metaphysical and philosophical knowledge, this book – in light of the hypothesis that matter and consciousness are strictly connected into a single unity – presents an entirely new theory about the way in which information is non-locally propagated through an intelligent Universe and the way in which matter is created by consciousness.

Quantum entanglement, synchronicity, multidimensionality, extra¬terrestrial intelligence, and the true nature of what we call “spirituality” are revisited within a completely revolutionary framework mainly based on new physics, whose goal is to make people think about the world, themselves, the Universe and the true meaning of life, and to trigger scientists of the new millennium towards a more complete understanding of the reality in which we are all immersed.

Massimo Teodorani, Ph.D., is a well-known northern Italian physical scientist and science writer and lecturer, who has carried out professional research in several fields of stellar astrophysics, and with a particular interest for the scientific search for extraterrestrial intelligence and the rigorous study of atmospheric anomalies occurring in Nature.

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The Hyperspace of Consciousness. Elementà, June 2015. ISBN-13: 978-9176370308