Founded in 1882, The SPR was the first society to conduct organised scholarly research into human experiences that challenge contemporary scientific models.

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Details of 2016 Bial Foundation Symposium

The Koestler Parapsychology Unit blog carries details of the 2016 Bial Foundation Symposium. The 11th, it is on the theme of placebo, healing and meditation. read more >>

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Free PDF of Book on Clinical Parapsychology

A PDF of the book Perspectives of Clinical Parapsychology: An Introductory Reader (Bunnik, 2012) is now freely available on the Parapsychological Association website, thanks to the generosity of the Dutch Foundation 'Het Johan Borgman Fonds' who waived all copyrights of the book in order to make it available free to anyone interested in the topic of clinical parapsychology. read more >>

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Out-of-Body & Near Death Experience Society founded

OBE researcher Graham Nicholls has founded an organisation devoted to the study of out-of-body and near-death experiences. read more >>

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Recent Publications

God’s Magic: An Aspect of Spiritualism, by Air Chief Marshal Lord Dowding

From the publisher’s website: In God’s Magic, Lord Dowding, whose name will be forever synonymous with the Battle Of Britain, puts forward a strong case for life after death.  No one can question the deep sincerity with which his research has been carried out. Having in mind the many instances of survival after death on the battlefield recorded through various channels, Lord Dowding has satisfied himself that these records should be made available as widely as possible, believing that they carry with them the hall-mark of truth.

This is his fourth and final book on the subject and because of the record of Lord Dowding’s career, lies the assurance that he is a practical man not likely to be led astray by specious theories or to harbour delusions when confronted by hard facts.

About the author

God’s Magic. White Crow Books, September 2015. ISBN-13: 978-1910121672