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Do you think you have had a paranormal experience? If so, we would like to hear from you. Our Spontaneous Cases Committee can help with certain types of investigations (see below), but we are also interested in reports of extraordinary experiences past and present from all over the world. To lodge your report, simply send us an email using the box below. If you can categorise in the title of the e-mail which of the catagories below fits your report (e.g. Active Hauntings , Premonitions, or simply a general report), this would be most useful also.

The key remits of the Spontaneous Cases Committee include:


The SPR's Spontaneous Cases Committee is most interested in hearing about, and where applicable investigating, recent paranormal type location or person centred events such as apparent hauntings or poltergeist activity. Although it is not the aim of the Committee to try to rid a location of apparent phenomena, we may be able to give general advice as to its possible nature. Any investigation takes into account the potentially stressful nature of such occurrences to the witnesses, and the need to preserve anonymity. For geographical reasons, the normal remit of the Committee is the United Kingdom.


Please note that these should be:
 •  Made in advance of the premonition’s outcome and
 •  Testable: that is, the event / location / dates should be sufficiently specific to be verifiable in the future


Jott is our collective word for incidents often dismissed as Just One of Those Things – typically your computer glasses, which live on the desk, vanish; you find them, eventually, in the kitchen drawer, though you are sure you did not put them there. Or perhaps after diligent search you find them sitting where they ought to have been all the time. Or, if you are really unlucky, you never see them again. You may even find another pair of spectacles near by, very similar to yours but not quite the same. Incidents of this sort are known as jottles, and if you have had a jottle please let us know about it.

Jott may look trivial, but a small hole in a large balloon can cause a total collapse, and a discontinuity in the fabric of the environment may lead us to radical ideas about the nature of reality. We already have a substantial body of reports, but to get a clearer idea of the circumstances in which jott occurs, and the meaning to be ascribed to these ‘slips’ in spatial continuity, we need more material. If jotts happen to you, please let us know.


We can also sometimes give our opinions on unusual photographs, although we can add little to the ongoing debate about photos which simply contain 'Orbs' , unless the photograph or circumstances surrounding it are in some way unique.

Please contact us either by writing to:
The Spontaneous Case Comittee
Society for Psychical Research
1 Vernon Mews
London W14 0RL

or by using the email form below.  If you wish to remain anonymous, we will respect that and protect your anonymity.

Report a paranormal experience

We are always pleased to hear from our members, or to answer questions from the general public.

Please select the right category in the drop down box below to ensure your email goes to the correct team:

  • The Membership Secretary in the SPR Office receives all membership enquiries.  You can also write to or phone the SPR Office using the contact information to the right.
  • The eCommunications Committee receives all general questions about topics in psychical research, and draws on the knowledge and experience of our Volunteer Advisors and Trustees.
  • The Spontaneous Cases Committee of volunteers receives all reports of paranormal experiences, and selects cases to investigate further.
  • The Website Manager receives your feedback about how the website looks and operates.


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