The All Ireland Para-Con 2014

The All Ireland Para-Con 2014 will take place on  1st and 2nd March 2014 at Malone Lodge Hotel, Belfast.

The Para-Con 2014 will involve 2 days of guest speakers, some very well known academics in the field of the paranormal along with some well known TV personalities.  It is the first of its kind to ever be held in Northern Ireland.
Final Line-up of Guest Speakers:
Barry FitzGerald - formerly a member of Ghost Hunters International on the Syfy Channel and Author
Gary Heseltine - Retired British Detective Constable CID - Founder of PRUFOS (Police Reporting UFO Sightings), Founder and Editor of UFO Truth Magazine, Editor of UFO and Co Editor of UFO Data Magazine.
Dr Andrew Sneddon - University of Ulster Lecturer and Author will be speaking on his book "The real history of the Islandmagee witches and Ireland's only mass witchcraft trial".
Stephen Mullan - Lecturer/Photographer and Film Maker and has previously worked for BBC, UTV, C4, NBC, ABC and CBC.
Simon Mc Creedy - Medium and Psychic and Founder of "The Wisdom of Spirit Radio".
Paul O'Connor - CRV- Remote Viewer, Remote Viewer Trainer. Partner at POLUS Intelligence, Artist and Writer.
John Tobin - Host of "Keeping the Spirits Alive!" and "The John Tobin Show"  
on A1B Radio (USA).  Ghostorian and CEO of Glory Haunt Hounds - Paranormal Events.
The cost is: £80 andincludes; entry to the trade room, 2 days of talks and live entertainment and a chance to network with other guests and book signers the 1st March evening, plus a discounted rate on hotel rooms and apartments.
For further information contact:
TWITTER: @irish_para_con
YOUTUBE for a promotional video:


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