Citizendium Encyclopedia has new section on paranormal subjects


There have recently been many complaints about Wikipedia's treatment of psychical research and parapsychology. To try to provide a more balanced approach to such topics, a new section has been started in the online encyclopaedia, Citizendium.  Unlike Wikipedia, Citizendium is able to support well-considered articles written by named people experienced in the subject area. Editors who are knowledgeable about parapsychology and related subjects are sought to assist in developing these articles.


Further information on Citizendium can be found here:


All volunteers need to do is sign up with the website as an editor. They will be asked to use their real name. After being accepted, they should begin with the  Paranormal page at:


This shows basic information  and lists of proposed articles. There are links at the right for help  and others will be happy to answer questions on the talk page of each article. There is also a forum which they should sign up for (  Anything said of substance needs to have a  reasonably credible reference, and in time, there will be other articles to  refer to for elaboration.

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