Contribute to “The Alfred Russel Wallace Page” Website

Some years ago I solicited what I termed “commentaries” for a feature on my “Alfred Russel Wallace Page” website ( ), transcriptions of Wallace publications.  Almost all of Wallace’s 1000+ published works are now to be found there ( ), and I am hoping additional parties might be interested in contributing one or more such “commentaries” to this array.  These typically have been 250 to 350 words in length, and would feature your slant on why a particular Wallace article remains of interest – historically and/or currently.  A good example may be found at the end of:  .

It is not important that you may not consider yourself a “Wallace expert,” and in fact most of those who have contributed in the past are not.  If you do not wish to wade through the entire list of Wallace’s publications to choose a subject writing, I can suggest a handful of articles (many quite short) that might be of most interest to you—and yes, of course, Wallace did write, both interestingly and extensively, on psychical subjects.

2013 is the one hundredth anniversary of Wallace’s death, and some dozen book projects and conferences are in preparation/planning accordingly.  If you feel you might be interested in contributing to my site (and in turn to the anniversary celebration), please contact me for more details at:  . 

Thanks very much for your time and attention!

-- Charles H. Smith, Ph.D., FLS, Western Kentucky University

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