ESP and Neural Activity - EEG and MRI Studies

Brain imaging techniques are revolutionising our knowledge of the close correlation between areas of brain function and mental function to the point where, if areas X,Y and Z ‘light up’, then a particular type of mental function, be it music or mental calculations, can be predicted and vice versa. If certain critical areas remain silent, then their related mental function remains silent as well, and this can include conscious awareness. Present theory, based upon thousands of studies of single brain-minds, is that each brainmind interacts with the outside world solely through its outlying sensorimotor systems. Our everyday experience of being separate individuals whose thoughts and feelings cannot be known to others, seems to confirm this.

This very reasonable assumption may not be correct. Using pairs of participants placed in separate rooms, usually electromagnetically screened and soundproofed, some thirty EEG and/or MRI studies have found correlations of activity between the paired brains that cannot be attributed to chance correlation.

For example, stimulation of the occipital cortex of the ‘sender’ by random flashes of light somehow evokes similar activity in the occipital cortex of the ‘receiver’ at the same time. Some of these findings have now been replicated. Empathic rapport seems to enhance this effect between brains, but in one groundbreaking experiment using two, screened and isolated, neurone cultures  that generate spontaneous impulses, the impulse frequency of the non stimulated control culture became entrained with periods of pulsed laser induced impulse frequency in the other culture (Pizzi et al, 2005). Is this an unsuspected property of neural activity? Healer and healee brain frequencies sometimes become entrained during the healing session, and one MRI study (Achterberg et all, 2005) has confirmed this apparent healer/healee  effect. Individual EEG frequencies have been observed to come into apparent entrainment during group meditation. Something is going on.

Despite hotly disputed appeals to quantum physics, present science has no theory to account for such uncomfortable findings so, understandably, they are ignored. But present science has no satisfactory theory to account for consciousness either. Neurophysiology is a closed loop of explanatory cause and effect in which neuropsychology (you and me) has no place. These EEG and MRI findings, summarised in the literature reviews [click here], are an unexpected part of the puzzle. They deserve the attention of the scientific community as a whole, and the neurosciences in particular.

Bob Charman

To learn about these studies, you can download the following articles on "brain to brain telepathy" by Robert Charman:

  • Charman, R.A. (2006). Has direct brain to brain communication been demonstrated? Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, 70, 1-24. PDF (26.6Mb)
  • Charman, R.A. (2006). Direct brain to brain communication - further evidence from EEG and fMRI studies. Paranormal Review, 40, 3-9. PDF (8.3Mb)
  • Charman, R.A. (2006). Correspondence: Something really is going on. Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, 70, 249-251. PDF (2.9Mb)
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