The Mind-Matter Mapping Project

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Dear friends and colleagues,

After over a year of planning, ICRL's Mind-Matter Mapping Project -

 is ready to launch. As explained in our Open Letter -

this multi-tiered initiative is meant to bring together ideas and resources from biophysics, quantum mechanics and consciousness research  in order to develop new experimental approaches to the challenges of nonlocality and mind-matter interactions.

Our focus will be strictly empirical, seeking to encourage the kind of theoretical modelling that is amenable to falsification.  Membership is free, but will require consistent and quantifiable content contributions, so that we may build a comprehensive working database, develop new  conceptual mapping and semantic search tools and sustain the pace of productive exchanges within our working group forums. These working groups -

are assembled around specific research questions  and will operate privately - however their results and proposals will be published regularly in the Journal of Nonlocality –

with rapid preprints available on our site within 2 weeks of submission.  As an OJS publication -

the Journal of Nonlocality  is  automatically archived and indexed –

in multiple OAI databases, so that its content can integrate seamlessly with the mainstream research flow.

In contrast to existing publication models, and in recognition of the conceptual, financial and publication challenges faced by our core disciplines, the Journal of Nonlocality will accept experimental work at all stages of development - from preliminary proposals to fully-developed protocols to completed studies and replications.  Submissions are accepted from within and outside the Mind-Matter Mapping Project and will undergo both a rapid editorial board review as well as a prolonged, open peer review (for more details, see For Authors –

Please visit our M3P and JNL sites to familiarize yourself with thes cope and workflow of our project. A current listing of our editorial and administrative staff is available here -

We are currently working on several joint proposals, but this project is designed to welcome and assist every interested researcher in recruiting the right resources and partnerships needed for their own projects. If your focus falls within the scope outlined above and you are willing to participate regularly in our working group discussions (see How this Works –

for details), then the Mind-Matter Mapping Project  may be the right home for you - a virtual lab of like-minded people with direct access to experts in your field, cutting-edge technologies and rapid publication opportunities.

Please register with the JNL –

if you wish to read, review or submit new papers; or contact Lian Sidorov ( ) to sign up with one of our working groups or ask further questions.

Thank you for your interest.

The JNL Editorial Staff

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