Poltergeist experients sought for academic research

SPR member and University of British Columbia PhD candidate Christopher Laursen (Department of History) is conducting historical research into the poltergeist phenomenon in the twentieth century.  He is currently seeking people who have personally experienced this phenomenon as part of this research to reflect on what happened and how it impacted their life.

A poltergeist generally includes any combination of the following things:

• Strange, unexplainable sounds

• Objects that apparently moved on their own, for example sliding across surfaces or flying through the air

• Spontaneous fires or appearances of liquid

Other types of events may have been experienced as well.

Note: These things must have happened REPEATEDLY and over a LIMITED PERIOD OF TIME (for example, a few weeks or months, occasionally longer).

If you have experienced this type of phenomenon, you can contact Christopher via his website, Extraordinarium:


Participants should preferably reside in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Europe, Australia, or New Zealand.  He is especially seeking experiences from before 1990, although experiences afterward are welcomed too.

Your experience may add to the historical knowledge of this phenomenon.  Your experiences will only be included in this research upon the completion of a consent form and questionnaire that you can submit by e-mail or regular mail.  If you wish, you may remain anonymous in the published research.

This historical research project has been reviewed and approved by the University of British Columbia Research Ethics Board.  For further information, please use the contact form below.

To learn more about Christopher’s doctoral research project, a brief outline is offered at:


For further information, contact Christopher directly via his contact form on the website.

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