The Poltergeist Prince of London discussion

Battersea, 1956: A poltergeist outbreak is fantastical enough, but a poltergeist that learns to communicate details of an apparent previous life? And a life that begins to sound like that of the Lost Dauphin of Revolutionary France? Studying the poltergeist’s claims researcher Harold Chibbett was forced to wonder: could ‘Donald’ really be the spirit of the Louis-Charles, tragic son of Marie Antoinette?

Shirley Hitchings, the epicentre of these events and co-author of ‘The Poltergeist Prince of London’, discusses her experiences with Alan Murdie, chair of the SPR's Spontaneous Cases Committee, Chairman of the Ghost Club and regular Fortean Times writer on ghosts.

The event takes place at The Bell, 50 Middlesex Street, London E1, on Thursday 24 April at 7.45.  There is a Facebook page for the book which includes details:

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