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PRESS RELEASE 16 December 2011

Spiritualist newspaper proves its own life after death

For almost 80 years, the weekly Spiritualist newspaper 'Psychic News' proclaimed there was no death. Its global readership was regaled with impressive evidence of spirit communication from the world’s top mediums.

And then the unthinkable happened. It died!

Or, to be more precise, it was killed off as, like so many other printed publications, it struggled to survive falling sales and the impact of digital publishing.

But, in true Spiritualist fashion, Psychic News has not died at all. After more than a year’s silence it has started communicating again. Not from beyond the grave but in a new format, including an online digital version which is being given away FREE. Its reincarnation follows a dramatic rescue by a Spiritualist charity which has breathed new life into a publication that had outlived its founders and all of the readers who welcomed the arrival of its very first issue in 1932.

And while some observers dismiss Spiritualism as a Victorian phenomenon that has largely disappeared, the evidence suggests otherwise. Public interest in the paranormal and all things psychic has never been greater, with mediums having their own TV shows and books by or about psychic powers and spirituality topping the best-seller lists.

The first issue of the 21st century version of Psychic News is published on 17 December as a 28-page fortnightly magazine (£1.40) and leading Spiritualists, mediums and healers gathered in London for a spirited launch party to welcome it back, at one of the capital’s oldest Spiritualist churches, the London Spiritual Mission.

"When Psychic News was launched 80 years ago, there was very little information about Spiritualism in the mainstream media so it fulfilled a great need," says Susan Farrow, editor and managing director of the new company.

"Today, it’s difficult to find a newspaper, magazine or TV channel that doesn’t feature Spiritualism in some form on a regular basis. That, inevitably, had an impact on our sales, though I have to say that many of the mainstream media stories – particularly about celebrities – are astonishing for their lack of credibility or critical assessment."

Sue adds: "Spiritualism has a vitally important message for the world, not only about the indestructibility of the human spirit and the evidence for life after death but also about the spiritual philosophy that evolves from this understanding.

"And just as our new publication provides a very modern way of learning about Spiritualism and mediumship, the spirit world seems to be developing exciting new methods of providing evidence for an after-life. For example, the cover story of our relaunch issue is about Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC), also known as electronic voice phenomena, with which a number of researchers have been able to speak with the departed using a range of electronic instruments. The focus of this feature is the work of a remarkable researcher, Portuguese diplomat Anabela Cardoso."

Psychic News will be be published in the UK as a printed magazine but a downloadable online version makes this unique publication available to anyone around the globe on subscription. What’s more, the first issue is available FREE.

UK subscription rates for the printed version of the magazine are £48 (annual) or £25 (six months).

Overseas subscription rates for the printed version of the magazine are £68 (annual) or £35 (six months).

Online subscription rates for the fortnightly publication are £26 (annual) or £14 (six months).

For more information, see, or contact editor Sue Farrow on 01279 874338 or Roy Stemman (chairman) on 0121 233 2636.

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