Research project into paranormal experiences

Researchers at King's College London's Department of Psychology are interested in talking to people who have had mystical, psychic, spiritual or paranormal experiences on at least an occasional basis, in the last five years.

Department of Psychology

PO77, Henry Wellcome Building

De Crespigny Park

London SE5 8AF

Many people describe having experiences which are ‘unusual’ or different to ordinary day-to-day experiences (e.g. extra-sensory perception or communication, awareness of an alternative reality or different dimension to life, psychic episodes or spiritual-type experiences). These experiences can be positive and enriching for some but distressing for others, who may need further support in understanding and coping with them.

This research study will attempt to identify what distinguishes people whose experiences may become distressing from those who experience them as positive.

We are especially interested in understanding how people interpret or make sense of their ‘unusual’ experiences and which different factors may influence this.

If I take part, what will it involve?
Firstly, we chat briefly on the telephone so we both have a chance to ask questions and to decide together if this study is appropriate for you. If we both agree you are able to take part we then meet for a one-off research session.

The research session should take about 3 hours. We will discuss your specific experiences, and ask you to complete some computer- and phone app-based tasks involving simple tests of reasoning and attention.

We will also ask you to complete a set of questionnaires including questions about self-esteem, current mood and early relationships with parents. Part of the study will also involve questions about difficult issues such as experiences of discrimination, bullying and/or different types of abuse. These questions are chosen to help us understand why some people become distressed by their experiences and to find ways to help. All of our questions will be asked in a sensitive, non-judgemental and empathic way.

If you would like to take part in the study or if you have any questions

please contact us on:

Name: Eleonore Bristow Email:  Tel: 0207 848 0417

All information given in this study is strictly confidential and stored following strict data protection guidelines and only the researchers will be able to identify your details.

Participation in the study is entirely voluntary and we offer £30 for your time plus travel costs you may incur in attending the one-off research session

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