The WISE Worldwide Resource Center

The WISE online Worldwide Resource Center (WRC) is an independent project initiated by the World Institute for Scientific Exploration (WISE). The WRC is a gigantic "wiki" database, directory, encyclopedia (similar to Wikipedia), library, and archive designed to be a comprehensive resource for all topics and subjects, worldwide, related to integrative, complementary, indigenous, and traditional medicine, consciousness, alternative energy, scientific anomalies, and unsolved mysteries in science, technology, history and many other fields of knowledge.


The WISE online World Resource Center is a wiki , similar to Wikipedia, but goes far beyond what Wikipedia does or allows. The database  includes thousands of people and subjects that Wikipedia does not cover, with its "newsworthy" requirement bias, and it eliminates the various other restrictions, biases, and censorship that Wikipedia has been accused of exercising against scientific anomalies, alternative medicine, and paranormal related subjects of all kinds. In addition, the WRC has comprehensive subject bibliographies and a growing digital library with books, periodicals, photos, and other materials digitised for direct access, or with links to digital materials available on other websites. There are thousands of pages for people, organisations, periodicals, and subjects in the database, and country and territory pages covering all of the above subjects and related activities.


For further information, see the WISE Worldwide Resource Center website:

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