Surveys consistently show that an overwhelming majority of ordinary people have experienced at some point in their lives some event they would label ‘paranormal’ or ‘anomalous’. Many of these seem far more than mere coincidence or momentary hallucinations; they can be both deeply profound and perplexing. However, mainstream science has little to say about what they mean or how they could have occurred.

For 130 years the SPR has been dedicated to the dispassionate investigaton of phenomena which challenge conventional doctrines. As a scientific body, it has no collective viewpoints. Its members come from a wide range of professions and hold widely differing opinions. But it has published, and continues to publish, in its peer-reviewed Proceedings and Journal, a challenging body of evidence for the existence of faculties and phenomena which appear to conflict with the accepted commonsense laws. It fosters research into psychic phenomena at Universities around the country, and helps sponsor the work of doctoral students and established academics. However, there are still many areas of research beyond the normal scope of parapsychologists working in the psychology departments of Universities. This is not because of lack of interest or competence, but because it is difficult to find support within the academic structures for areas still regarded as bordering on the mystical or the occult.

There are a number of things you can do to help the Society’s research and and education projects. We welcome donations, offers of skills, and help with fundraising.

However, one of the ways in which you can ensure that the work of the Society continues in the future, is something which you can


Of course we welcome donations and we owe a big "thank you" to all who have made them. But there are many others who like the idea of giving support, but feel their financial future - both income and more particularly expenditure - is too uncertain. If that description fits you, we ask you to consider adding a codicil to your Will.

Before going ahead you should appreciate that, apart from benefiting the SPR, your codicil will have two effects:

a. The amount of your estate liable to Inheritance Tax will be reduced by the amount payable to the SPR.

b. The amount receivable by your Residuary Legatee will be reduced, albeit not by the full amount of SPR legacy because of the Inheritance Tax benefit.