How to Join the SPR

To join the SPR, the first step is to register for a login on this website.  This is free and you only need to give us basic information about yourself.  This will place you on our mailing list (you can opt out later) and allow you to edit your contact details with the Society at any time.  Once you have logged in to the website, the second step is to fill out the membership application form that will then be available from this page. 

If you already have an SPR website login and password, you can click here to login and fill in the membership application form.  If you are a member, please login to renew your membership or update the details we have on file for you.  Please note the website login is different to your online library login at Lexscien.

Membership entitles you to a wide range of benefits including the Society's journal, proceedings, magazine and online library, as detailed below.


About membership

Who can join?

We welcome members of the general public, as well as students and researchers in all disciplines, to join as associate members. People join the Society from all walks of life. Membership does not imply acceptance of any particular opinion concerning the nature or reality of the phenomena examined, and the Society holds no corporate views. The minimum age for joining is 16, with reduced subscriptions for students, couples and senior citizens.

Associates and Members receive exactly the same benefits, and the only  difference between them is that Members have voting rights at the Annual  General Meeting.  New applicants become Associates, but are automatically  invited to become Members after a period of time.  Donor Associates or Donor Members are those who choose to include a charitable donation to the SPR in  their subscription fee, but they do not receive any additional benefits.

Please note that membership of the Society may not be used for professional advertising purposes (see Members' Guidelines).

Benefits of Membership


Members of the Society receive a quarterly Journal, containing accounts of the latest work in the field as well as book reviews and correspondence. In addition, the quarterly Paranormal Review includes feature articles on recent research, accounts of field investigations, articles by members about their own psychic experiences, abstracts from recent parapsychological literature, reports on conferences and a diary listing forthcoming events. The Proceedings of the Society is also sent to members. This is devoted to papers too long to fit into the Journal and is published from time to time.  

Participation in activities

 The Society organises regular lectures, study days and an annual international conference. Members can attend the lectures for free and other events at a reduced rate, with the opportunity of meeting each other and taking part in discussions. There is also the opportunity to share information about the work supported by the SPR, and find out about the developments in the field of psychical research.

Access to Libraries

 The Society's library is one of the oldest and most comprehensive collections in the world to cover psychical research and related topics, including extensive archive material. Apart from a postal lending service available within the British Isles, SPR members can now view and search online the contents of all issues of the Journal, Proceedings and Paranormal Review/Psi Researcher, and a number of rare classic texts of psychical research. Additionally, members receive special discounted rates for access to most of the major parapsychological journals through the Online Library. For more information, see the SPR libraries on this website.

Cost of membership

Membership subscriptions range from around £30 for students to around £60 for regular members.  For the latest membership subscription rates, please register for a free login on this website, after which you will be redirected to our online membership application form.  Subscriptions run for a calendar year.