Paranormal Review: The Magazine of the Society for Psychical Research

With a range of articles, features, readers’ letters, personal experiences, notices, reports and reviews, the Paranormal Review aims to provide a forum for debate on psychical research, parapsychology and related areas.

Previously published as the Society for Psychical Research Newsletter and The Psi Researcher, past editors of the Paranormal Review and its predecessor Psi Researcher have included Dr Sue Blackmore, Dr Jane Henry, Prof. Chris Roe and Dr Nicola Holt. Dr Leo Ruickbie was appointed the new editor in early 2014. From 1988 to 2015 the Production Editor was David Ellis, M.A.


The Paranormal Review is sent free to members of the Society for Psychical Research. It is also available to non-members for a yearly subscription of £20.00, including post and packing. Contact the SPR office:

Back Issues

Members have access to previous editions of The Psi Researcher and Paranormal Review via the online library. Some back issues are also available for purchase at £5.00 per copy, including post and packing within the UK (outside the UK additional postage costs apply). Contact the SPR office:


Readers’ Letters and Personal Experiences

We are always interested to hear from readers with something to report.


In the first instance, please query the editor with your idea or, ideally, send an abstract of between 200-300 words. Completed articles should be either 1,600 or 3,200 words in length, although exceptions may be made by prior arrangement.

Style. Write in a popular and accessible manner to entertain the reader, but remain true to your sources. Please use the MHRA Style Guide, available from as a free download. For references, give the full title in the first note, but abbreviate it in subsequent notes (see MHRA Style Guide, p. 59). Use endnotes and number each note manually in the text, please do not use automatic numbering as this creates additional problems laying out the articles. Notes should be strictly limited to sources referred to and not to additional reading or unnecessary commentary.


Short reviews of 400 words on anything relating to psychical research (books, films, exhibitions, special events, etc.) are also welcome, but please remember that if you have nothing good to say, then perhaps it is better not to say it. Reviews should include full details. For books this will include Title, Subtitle, Author(s)/Editor(s), Publisher, Year of Publication, Binding (‘hb’ or ‘pb’), Page Count, ISBN, in that order.


To announce events dealing with any aspect of psychical research likely to be of interest to our readers, please contact Peter Johnson at


The Paranormal Review is published four times a year. Contributors may submit material at any time, but please note the copy deadlines: 14 January for the April issue; 14 April for the July issue; 5 July for the October issue; 5 October for the January issue.


Send all material by email to the respective contact as a Rich Text File (.rtf). Keep all text submissions plain and simple. Send illustrations as separate file attachments in JPG or TIFF format. If in doubt, email the editor beforehand.


The editor reserves the right to edit or otherwise alter any material intended for publication. In the event of any dispute, the editor’s word is final.


For almost everything contact the editor, Dr Leo Ruickbie, at

For Diary listings contact Peter Johnson at

Material can also be posted to the SPR at 1 Vernon Mews, West Kensington, London W14 0RL. Please mark envelopes with ‘Paranormal Review’.

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