Two Haunted Counties: A Ghost Hunter’s Companion To Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire

By Broughall, Tony, edited Adams, Paul

From the publisher’s website: A twelfth century Gilbertine priory, a Chrysler car factory, a de-sanctified church and a Georgian period lavatory-just a few of the haunted localities from the case files of 1970s ghost buster Tony Broughall. Here you will find some of the most interesting and unusual of our native British ghosts, from a headless witch and a spectral plague cart through to the sinister shade of a clawed monk and the apparition of a Second World War tank. This practical guide covers over 150 notorious and lesser known hauntings of both Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire in an easy to access A-Z format and includes original accounts of paranormal investigations by one of this country's senior and highly experienced figures-perfect for practical researchers and armchair ghost hunters alike. Foreword by Peter Underwood FRSA.
Tony Broughall has over forty years experience as an investigator of paranormal activity. Paul Adams is a paranormal historian and co-author of The Borley Rectory Companion (2009)

Two Haunted Counties, Limbury Press, Luton, Beds., 2010. 156 pp. (paper) £8. 99. Illustrated (black and white). ISBN 978-0-9565228-0-1

Reviewed for the SPR by: Melvyn Willin

This compendium of haunted locations in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire was originally written in 1978, but only published in an updated form in 2010 after Paul Adams believed that it should be made available to the general public. It is clearly presented with an excellent index, a ‘phenomena’ index and brief bibliography. The illustrations consist of photographs of some of the locations. As both a member of the Ghost Club and the Society for Psychical Research Tony has had a long history of investigating haunted sites and especially in the two counties researched here and one other location (Edlesborough) just over the border in Buckinghamshire.
There are far too many places to mention all of them by name, but some are treated to quite detailed investigations and notably Chicksands Priory, The Fox & Duck, Therfield and several locations in Luton, the author’s home town. Having lived in Luton a few years ago I was particularly interested in the latter and learned of a number of sites that I could have visited if I had known about them at the time. The Hertfordshire section was of even more interest to me as a Herts. born and bred resident (St Albans) who has conducted a number of investigations there myself. St Albans is particularly well served with a special description of the allegedly haunted Salisbury Hall.
Tony’s style of writing is both informative and clear. He provides plenty of evidence and quotes eye-witness accounts when possible. As to conclusions he wisely often leaves them to the reader and certainly does not try to dictate what we should believe from the facts presented.
I thoroughly recommend this book and would especially advise readers who live in or near Hertfordshire or Bedfordshire to purchase a very reasonably priced guide.