Dennis Bury

Dennis Bury, AFBPsS., CPsychol, BA (Theol), MA, Dip Psychol, Dip Couns is a retired Practitioner Psychologist/Chartered Scientist and Lecturer [Adjunct Prof Syracuse London 21 years].  Principal Trustee of the Afterlife Survival Research SJRCT, Member of the SPR Survival Committee. Interest in Science Journalism and how uncertainty may lead to religious hostility and types of belief in the paranormal. Has served on the Council of the Society for Conflict Research.

Selected Publications

Bury, D and Strauss, S M (2006). The scientist-practitioner in a counseling psychology setting in D A Lane and S Corrie (Eds).  The Modern Scientist-Practitioner. London. Routledge.

Review JSPR Vol 84, Number 1, January 2020.p. 29-31. Book Review. Continuing Bonds in Bereavement

Survival Research Committee

This committee distributes a fund made up of legacies to the Society which have been restricted to supporting research on the question of the survival of the human mind and personality after death.  The largest of these legacies, from Henry B. Tate (of Tate & Lyle) originally required the organisation of two Gwen Tate Memorial Lectures each year. This requirement no longer applies but the Society continues to hold the lectures. In addition to the Gwen Tate Memorial Lectures, the fund is also used to award grants supporting research specifically on the topic of survival.

Chairman: Marian Barton

Members: Dennis Bury, Dr M Colborn, Dr Callum Cooper, Dr Alan Gauld, Dr David Rousseau, Dr D Saunders