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14 Dec 2020 - Dean Radin - Zoom Web Event - Toward a Scientific Resurrection of Magic

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Toward a Scientific Resurrection of Magic. A growing number of scientists are questioning whether materialism -- the prevailing scientific worldview -- is adequate to understand all aspects of reality. This is leading to reconsideration of ideas like panpsychism, and more generally the philosophy of idealism. In parallel, we see rising scholarly interest in Western esoteric traditions, where we find that some aspects of ancient wisdom that were previously dismissed as superstitious nonsense are being reexamined, including the reality and practice of magic. This talk will briefly survey this trend, examine magic from a scientific perspective, and discuss the consequences of a resurrection of esoteric magical practices in the age of science.
14th December, 2020 8:00 PM through  9:30 PM
Office Phone: 02079378984
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