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29th March 2021 - Simon Duan - Zoom Web Event - Non-physical existence - can we model it theoretically and explore it experimentally?

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We all experience non-physical visions when our physical eyes are not in operation, for example, during dreaming. Many also experience visions in their meditation, while doing psychic viewing, under the influence of psychedelics, and during dying. These non-physical visual experiences have been categorised as subjective, implying they don’t really exist. Some non-physical visual phenomena are even regarded by mainstream scientific community as ‘hallucinations’, fantasy or even ‘mental illness’. In the recently proposed Metacomputics model, non-physical visual phenomena are modelled as occurring in parallel universes. Non-physical visual phenomena are parallel to physical visual phenomena but operate at different levels in the Multiverse. In this model, non-physical visual experiences are as real as physical visual experiences. According to the Metacomputics model, Multiverse is a set of multiple parallel universes in the same space. Each universe is produced by a Platonic computer operating at a specific clock speed that outputs a universe with a specific vibration frequency. Although all the parallel universes superimpose in the same space, most people normally tune into one vibration frequency and experience only the physical universe during their waking life. Whereas psychics and skilled meditators are able to tune into more than one vibration frequency, similar to tuning into different radio/TV channels, so they can experience more than one parallel universe. Armed with this new theoretical framework, it is now possible to carry out systematic experimental investigation of non-physical worlds, for example, by deploying psychic viewing (referred to in esoteric circles as seeing with the “third eye”) as the technique. This talk will present results on investigation of non-physical worlds from a preliminary series of psychic viewing sessions.

Biography of Dr Simon Duan

Dr Simon Duan is founder of Metacomputics Labs that researches a new theoretical framework that unifies consciousness, mind and matter.  Further details on

In collaboration with researchers around the world, Metacomputics model is being applied to develop innovative healing and healthcare, learning and personal development, new materials and processes, clean energy generation and artificial intelligence.

Simon came from China to the UK to study in the 80’s.  After receiving a Ph.D. in Materials Science from Cambridge University, he worked for many years in research and development, technology commercialisation and management consultancy in both the UK and China. He has long-standing interests in parapsychology and is currently Vice President of Chinese parapsychology association. 

29th March, 2021 8:00 PM through  9:30 PM
Office Phone: 02079378984
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