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THIS EVENT IS FOR SPR MEMBERS ONLY and will be a small group - FIRST COME FIRST SERVED. For those of us who remember, the Forum was an occasion where we gathered at SPR HQ under the leadership of Prof John Poynton and Mary Rose Barrington and debated a recent article in one of our SPR publications. Many of you have attended SPR Webinars held on Zoom which have been very useful for our overseas members. Unfortunately, we cannot hold Forum meetings as we used to at Vernon Mews due to Covid, but we would like to build on the success of the Webinars by holding Forum meetings online. Our first new style Forum meeting will therefore be held on Zoom on Tuesday the 10th of May at 7.30 BST. Ciaran Farrell and I, Dennis Bury, are your chairs and we've invited no lesser person than John Fraser to present his article 'Are Poltergeists the Only Provable Paranormal Phenomenon and Ghosts a Mere Shadow When It Comes to Tangible Evidence?' We're delighted that he has accepted the invitation and he will give us a potted outline of that article in Paranormal Review Issue 94, 2000, p.14-19. Rumour has it that we may get to see some photos as well!

We may, of course, stray from the article at times because it's an occasion when people can share their experiences as well as their theoretical understanding.  In a way, the focus this time will be on methodology but no doubt it would involve much else besides.


So....we look forward to being with you on Tuesday, 10th May at 7.30 pm.  Book in and we look forward to seeing and hearing you there.  There will be a break during the evening.


We may have to limit numbers simply to have discussion space. However, if that occurs then that only means we will be able to have more Forums with the multiple numbers that we have!

10th May, 2022 7:30 PM through  9:30 PM
Office Phone: 02079378984