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20th June 2022 - Dr Eric Dullin - Trying to validate and get some clues about poltergeist activities using quantitative and qualitative studies: An historical overview.

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In this talk Dr Eric Dullin will follow-up on his presentation at the SSE-PA connexion 2021 focusing on the phenomenology of Poltergeist/hauntings/RSPK cases. The presentation will cover its evolution over the years since the middle ages, based on a database of more than 500 cases. Some new findings will be presented concerning the evolution of the structure/sequence of events according to the duration of the cases, and the results of a new clustering approach he has conducted since the work of A. Gauld and A.D. Cornell, and M. Huesmann and F. Schriever (including the evolution of theses clusters along the time periods in history). This segmentation will provide some insights into the ongoing debate of the existence of intrinsic categories of cases as Hauntings and Poltergeist, as opposed to a linear continuum of events expressing the same phenomenon. The impact of some key poltergeist anomalies on our conception of the reality will also be discussed.

Since teenage, beside a career in the software editing business, Eric Dullin was very interested by Physics and Paranormal phenomena. He was lucky to experience one Poltergeist phenomenon and did some research around the case (as the rapping sound signature). In 2014, he joined the LAPDC which presented a group of volunteers interested to experiment telekinesis with a scientific approach. He then contributed to develop and conduct a set of experiments whose methodology and results have been presented in a precedent SPR lecture and published, particularly in JSE and PA Journal. In parallel, he has been conducting a qualitative and quantitative analysis on Poltergeist/RSPK cases, the results of which are the subject of the lecture today. He is also trying to develop a repository of documented cases with their characteristics, from middle age until now, across a large number of countries. About LAPDC’s experiments and analysis :

20th June, 2022 8:00 PM through 10:00 PM
Office Phone: 02079378984
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