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Grants from the John Björkhem Memorial foundation

Research Grants from the John Björkhem Memorial (JBM) foundation,

JBM is organizationally connected to the Swedish Society for Psychical Research

Grants are now available for parapsychological research from JBM.

JBM announces grants for the furtherance of parapsychological research to be applied for latest by 6 November, 2022. The total amount of 10,000 EUR is available to be distributed to large or small research projects.

The application should contain a specification of the aim of the project together with a work and time plan for reaching this aim, a budget for the project and statements as to whether or not the results will be published and in what form. The application for larger projects ought to contain a more detailed research programme of the kind that is usual for application to research councils. For more detailed information see the Guidelines for Grants from JBM (below)

For more information the President of the JBM Dr. Göran Brusewitz can be contacted as follows: Telephone: +46 070810 35 32 or mail

Applications in English are to be sent to the foundation’s secretary Edgar Müller in the form of
e-mails to

The John Björkhem Memorial foundation, JBM
- supports parapsychological research -

President:  Dr Göran Brusewitz, Diligensvägen 98, S-131 48 Nacka. Phone: 46 0708 10 35 32
E-mail: Website: [EXTERNAL WEBSITE].

Guidelines for the awarding of grants from the John Björkhem Memorial foundation

1. The Foundation will award grants and bursaries exclusively for the purpose of furthering parapsychological research on a scientific basis.

2. That funding is available shall be made known for all members of the Swedish SPR as well as any other means the council deems suitable.

3. A research project can vary in its duration and can concern everything from a minor scientific study to solving of a larger research task. The application for bursaries or grants for a research project should be sent by email. This should always contain a description of the goal of the project, a plan of work and schedule, which describes how the goals of the project will be reached, a budget, and information about the way in which the results are planned to be published.

4. The received applications have to be forwarded to the Foundation’s board members. The chairperson shall see to it that one or more experts, internal or external to the foundation, submit their assessment(s) of the application. The decision is the made by the board of the Foundation. In the context of paying the award, the board and the recipient shall agree as to how the research will be presented. On publishing the rests that are achieved through research with support of the fond, the support of the Foundation shall be acknowledged.

5. In addition to grants and bursaries which are to be awarded in the premises described in points  2-4, the Foundation is able to award grants according to another premise– but the sum of such awards must not exceed 30% of the resources which are available for awarding during the year. For amounts over this the board can made exceptions from the points 2-4 only if there are special reasons for this.

The John Björkhem Memorial foundation,
President: Dr. Göran Brusewitz, Diligensvägen 98, S-131 48 Nacka. Phone: +46 0708 10 35 32
Email: Website: [EXTERNAL WEBSITE].