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Advances in Parapsychological Research 9

From the publisher’s website: The essays in this volume 9 of a series inform readers of the present status of leading issues in parapsychology, or psi research. The authors are experts in their fields and have written in a reader-friendly way that captures the complexity and importance of their topics.  Each essay comprehensively reviews a controversial topic from a critical stance, and updates its status based on the latest theoretical and empirical considerations. For readers who need to keep pace with the evolution of thinking in psi research, this volume is authoritative.


Introduction: Science and Psi (Stanley Krippner, Adam J. Rock, Julie Beischel, Harris L. Friedman and Cheryl L. Fracasso)   1

Tribute to Jule Eisenbud (Stephen E. Braude)   9

The Global Consciousness Project: Meaningful Patterns

in Random Data (Roger D. Nelson)    15

An Updated Review of Dream ESP Studies Conducted Since the

Maimonides Dream ESP Program (Simon J. Sherwood and Chris A. Roe)    38

A Comparative Approach to the Theory of Psychopraxia (Lance Storm)   82

How Much Evidence Is Necessary to Define the Reality of a

Phenomenon? Frequentist, Bayesian, and Quantum Modeling

of Ganzfeld ESP (Patrizio E. Tressoldi)    97

Operationalizing Psi-Conducive Altered States: Integrating Insights

from Consciousness Studies into Parapsychology (Adam J. Rock, Harris L. Friedman and Graham A. Jamieson)    110

Physiological Responses as Unconscious Measures of Psi (Edward Justin Modestino)   126

Evidence of Psi in Energy Psychology "Surrogate" Treatments (David Feinstein)    158

Expanding Psi Research: Toward Wider, Wiser, and More Humane Inquiry (William G. Braud)   188

First Author: 
Stanley Krippner
Secondary Author(s): 
Adam J. Rock, Julie Beischel, Harris L. Friedman, Cheryl L. Fracasso (eds.)
Reference Information: 
Advances in Parapsychological Research 9. McFarland, September 2013. ISBN: 978-0-7864-7126-3