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Ghosts are Real: Images from the Beyond

From the authors: The idea contained within this book is that what humankind calls ghosts or spectres are in fact a manifestation of a fundamental aspect of nature that is for the most part very much hidden from our everyday viewpoint, but that is perfectly explicable in itself. Indeed once the mechanisms are understood there is nothing very mystical or very mysterious about these phenomena.  In order to demonstrate this fact the book contains some 500 digital camera images that show certain patterns which provide pictorial evidence for the intellectual ideas which are described in the text. These images, (that we happen to call para-pics, a shortened version of paranormal pictures), have been captured by a life-long psychic (TL) using certain specialised techniques.

First Author: 
Hugh Fairman
Secondary Author(s): 
Tina Laurent
Reference Information: 
Ghosts are Real. AuthorHouse, July 2012. ISBN 9781468582208