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On the Origin of Spectres: The Burden of Proof for Psychical Research

From the publisher’s website:  Over 800 pages on the history with the best cases, foremost researchers and leading responses then and later. The history of the Society of Psychical Research, American Society of Psychical Research and other national organisations are carefully examined and compared. Separate chapters look at researchers, mediums, famous interested figures (Arthur Conan Doyle; Houdini; Freud; Jung; actors etc), haunted sites across the world, nuclear physics, photography, near-death experience, Electronic Voice Phenomena and technology among other subjects.

The work, based on many hundreds of texts as well as personal experiences, builds up to what is a tentative theory based on all that has been studied, including the anomalies that even exist in the anomalous (e.g. still-mortal living people communicating at seances; reincarnation; xenoglossy; bi-location; poltergeists as separate from ghosts or spirits). The point of focus is: why do spirits, ghosts, poltergeists do what they do, and the manner of what they are doing. Why do they react or not react, communicate or watch or just continue banal activities as if indifferent to being witnessed or not. Are they being intercepted or by-passed? Can they see us?!

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First Author: 
Brian R. Banks
Reference Information: 
On the Origin of Spectres. Published by Brian R. Banks, December 2013. ASIN: B00HEHRLHW