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The Out-of-Body Experience: The History and Science of Astral Travel

From the publisher’s website: An exciting fresh look at the idea that the mind can function outside the body – with first-hand accounts and a brilliant new explanation, based on the latest science.

One of the greatest mysteries of human experience is the sensation of leaving the body behind and experiencing another level of reality. Is this merely an hallucination or is it something more? In this revolutionary book Anthony Peake, a leading researcher in the subject, demonstrates that Out-of-Body Experiences, Lucid Dreaming, Remote Viewing and Astral Travel are all elements of the same phenomenon – indicating to us that the universe is far more complex than we can ever have imagined. Peake reviews the history of this fascinating subject, then, using recent discoveries in neurology, consciousness studies and quantum physics, he suggests a challenging new model of how consciousness interfaces with ‘reality’. The Out-of-Body Experience and its cousins are a hot topic in current scientific investigation, and at last we have a convincing way to understand them. This is the first book on the topic to cast its net around dreams, shamanism, Eastern thought and quantum physics, with OBEs as the central core.

First Author: 
Anthony Peake
Reference Information: 
The Out of Body Experience. Watkins Publishing, November 2011. ISBN-13: 978-1780280219