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Paranthropology: Anthropological Approaches to the Paranormal: Second Anniversary Anthology

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Foreword - Robert Van de Castle

Introduction - Anthropology and the Paranormal - Jack Hunter

Chapter 1 - The Anthropology of the Possible: The Ethnographer as Sceptical Enquirer - Lee Wilson

Chapter 2 - Reflecting on Paranthropology - Mark A. Schroll

Chapter 3 - Transpersonal Anthropology: What is it, and What are the Problems we Face in Doing it? - Charles D. Laughlin

Chapter 4 - Devising Methods for the Ethnographic Study of the Afterlife: Cognition, Empathy and Engagement - Fiona Bowie

Chapter 5 - Anthropology, Evolution and Anomalous Experience - James McClenon

Chapter 6 - Money God Cults in Taiwan: A Paranthropological Approach - Fabian Graham

Chapter 7 - The Effect of Meditation Attainment on Psychic Awareness: Research With Yogis and Tibetan Buddhists - Serena Roney-Dougal

Chapter 8 - Dreams and Telepathic Communication - David E. Young

Chapter 9 - Experiential Reclamation and First-Person Parapsychology - David Luke

Afterword - Paradigms and Methodologies for Anomalous Research - Michael Winkelman


First Author: 
Jack Hunter (ed.)
Reference Information: 
Paranthropology. ISBN: 9781471653797 See