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Paranormal Review, 90 (2019)

For this issue, I have concentrated on the personal experience of time-related anomalistic phenomena. There has been much talk of retrocausality and some publication of experimental findings, but less reporting of spontaneous cases. Dr Charles Whitehead steps into the breach with an account of his own apparently retrocausal event. On the other hand, coincidence and synchronicity have been subjects richer in personal cases, but nonetheless it behoves us to continue to record them, because, quite simply, they will not go way. They are a part of human experience, even if we try and explain them away using the Law of Very Large Numbers (unusual, even seemingly impossible things are bound to happen to someone at some point), and the way in which we deal with them can have a significant impact on our lives. For our benefit, Dr John Tate presents his own experience. Whatever one may make of these cases, the line I take is the importance of allowing people to give a voice to their experiences. Drs Whitehead and Tate are both members of the Society and for me that underscores the importance of presenting their experiences in this magazine. Despite a determined call to turn to theory from some parts of parapsychology, spontaneous cases still have much to teach us and must still be documented if we are to remain alert to the strange realities of the world(s) around and within us.

Other things to look out for in this issue include the announcement of the Fanny Moser Award by the Institute für Grenzgebiete der Psychologie und Psychohygiene (IGPP) in Freiburg, Germany. Named after female pioneer researcher Fanny Moser, the award aims to recognise excellence in the expansive field of what we used to call ‘psychical research’ and covers a wide range of disciplines beyond parapsychology. The Award will be made in 2020 to coincide with the IGPP’s 70th anniversary. See p. 6.

In the last issue, I remarked on some other anniversaries and there are still more to mention. This year marks five years of my being editor of the Paranormal Review (from March 2014) and this edition is my twentieth. As this spurred me to look back over my career, I realised that it is also the fifteenth anniversary of the publication of my first book, Witchcraft Out of the Shadows. A lot has happened in that time, so I decided to brush it off and give it a reboot. Witchcraft Out of the Shadows will be offered in a new and enlarged anniversary ebook edition to be released on 31 October this year via To a large extent, ‘psychical research’ before the nineteenth century was essentially the promulgation of miracles, and the persecution of magic and witchcraft, and it is instructive to remember that our modern scientific outlook is but a blink of the eye in human history.

Dr Leo Ruickbie


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