Founded in 1882, The SPR was the first society to conduct organised scholarly research into human experiences that challenge contemporary scientific models.

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25 Oct 2014 - 9:45am

It is clear that most of the cases of reincarnation type thoroughly investigated and reported originate in countries where belief in reincarnation is widespread, and the thousands of cases researched by the late Ian Stevenson are renowned. But he also wrote a book detailing a modest number of European cases, some of them complex and challenging. These, and some outstandingly interesting cases not forming part of his collection, will be summarised and discussed. The question of common factors and differences between cases from Asian and European countries will be one of the subjects aired.

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Parapsychology and Psychology Online Conference

Nancy Zingrone and Carlos Alvarado have organised an online conference on the theme 'Parapsychology and Psychology: Research and Theory', which will take place 1/2 November. read more >>

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Parapsychological Association awards

The Parapsychological Association has announced a number of awards, one of which goes to SPR Council member Professor Chris Roe. read more >>

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Interview with SPR President Dr Richard Broughton

Dr Carlos Alvarado has interviewed the SPR's President, Dr Richard Broughton, for his 'People in Parapsychology' series. read more >>

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Recent Publications

Paranormal Guides from Amberley Publishing, by Rob Kirkup, S.D. Tucker, Alvin Nicholas, Daniel Codd

Ghosts of Edinburgh, by Rob Kirkup

Paranormal Merseyside, by S. D. Tucker

Supernatural Wales, by Alvin Nicholas

Paranormal Devon, by Daniel Codd


From the publisher’s website:

Ghosts of Edinburgh: From the murderous cannibalism of Sawney Bean to the bodysnatching exploits of Burke and Hare, Edinburgh has seen its fair share of ghoulish happenings over the years. But does it truly deserve its reputation as one of Britain’s most haunted cities? Along with his fearless team of ‘spook seekers’, Rob Kirkup donned his ghost-hunting gear and took to the streets of Scotland’s capital to find out whether today’s visitors have anything to fear.

Might one meet a foul-mouthed poltergeist beneath the South Bridge, or have a close encounter at Edinburgh Dungeon? Should one avoid Greyfriars Kirk at night, or keep their eyes peeled at Bedlam Theatre? From the disembodied voices of Cammo Estate to suspicious sounds at Mary King’s Close, the team really did see it all, and now’s your chance to join them on their quest. Using state-of-the-art paranormal detection equipment, and drawing on his extensive field experience, the author shows us why it’s worth keeping your wits about you in one of the world’s most terrifying cities.

Ghosts of Edinburgh, Sept 2013, ISBN-13: 978-1848682672; Paranormal Merseyside, Jan 2013, ISBN-13: 978-1848687295; Supernatural Wales, March 2013, ISBN-13: 978-1445611518; Paranormal Devon, April 2013, ISBN-13: 978-1848681668