Supporting the Society

Undoubtedly you are inundated by requests for support from many organizations with causes more urgent or more worthy than psychical research. We all face these calls upon our generosity—and you probably give what you can. But if you are visiting our site then most likely you are interested in psychical research, and perhaps in ensuring that the research that the SPR supports and the reliable information and services that it provides can carry on well into the future. The SPR has always depended enormously on the generosity of individuals to sustain its operations, so if you think you might be able to help, please consider the options below.

Richard S Broughton, PhD
Honorary Treasurer

SPR Research Fund

Participant in supported research project at the University of NorthamptonFor researchers looking to explore psychical research and parapsychological questions in an academic setting finding funding has always been a challenge. The SPR Research Fund has long been called upon for assistance, often serving as a lifeline for graduate students and early career researchers by supporting rigorous research projects that could not proceed without this help

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Annual Giving

The money to run the SPR comes primarily from three sources: Membership dues, Investment income, and donations (including legacies). We keep our dues as low as possible and the investment income is modest, so donations are essential to keep the SPR running and providing the services—our publications, the library and archives, lectures, website and online activities—our members and the general public rely on.  Your support via our Annual Fund is immediately put to use in our ongoing activities. You may use this option to make a regular donation or a one-off payment.

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The New Home Campaign

SPR Headquarters, 1 Vernon Mews, LondonWhen in 2015 the opportunity arose to fulfill a long-held dream of having our own premises we dug deep into the investment reserves that help fund the Society's operations. Contributions to the New Home Campaign help replenish our general fund and also give the donor the opportunity to be remembered on the display of supporters who contributed to this campaign.

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Survival Research Fund

The Survival Research Fund supports research into the fundamental question of whether some aspect of consciousness or personality survives the death of the body from a fund initially set up in the early years of the SPR by Henry Burton Tate (of the sugar family) specifically for this purpose. This fund provides vital support for researchers delving into questions for which it is almost impossible to find funding through conventional academic channels.

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Other ways of giving

If you or your business already have a giving account with the Charities Aid Foundation and would like to contribute via CAF, you can access our donation pages via these links:

Annual Giving

Research Fund

Survival Research Fund

Giving in the future

If the Society has been important to you during your lifetime please consider how you can help the Society after you are gone by leaving a legacy for the Society in your will. Writing a Will is best left to specialists but it is important to use our full name The Incorporated Society for Psychical Research and Registered Charity number 207325.  If you have questions or wish to discuss your plans please phone 020 7937 8984, or write to the Honorary Treasurer [email protected].