Investigation Quick Guides

To complement the SPR’s two editions of Guidance Notes for Investigators, the Society has produced this series of free Investigation Quick Guides that you can download, print and carry with you as part of your investigation kit. They contain essential information for a range of topics that you can quickly refer to when necessary.

The Investigation Quick Guides are designed to be printed onto both sides of a single A4 (or A5) sheet of paper that can then be easily folded using a simple Z fold (see diagram). You may also download, store and access them electronically using a smartphone, laptop, or tablet computer.

Z fold diagram

Analysing Pictures

Analysing Sounds

Before Measuring



Equipment Care


Sound Recording



Getting Information


Planning the investigation

For those of you who are seeking more in-depth information about investigation methods or some of the more common items of equipment that investigators use, the Society has two separate editions of Guidance Notes available for sale in the SHOP on this website.