Founded in 1882, The SPR was the first society to conduct organised scholarly research into human experiences that challenge contemporary scientific models.

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30 Apr 2016 - 10:00am

In this study day leading authorities will consider historical developments in the philosophy of psi from the 17th century to modern times.

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Tony Cornell interview with Carlos Alvarado

An interview Tony Cornell did with Dr Carlos Alvarado in 2002 on 'How to sit with a medium' has been uploaded to YouTube. read more >>

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Paranormal Review on sale at Treadwell's Books in London

The SPR's magazine Paranormal Review is now on sale at Treadwell's Books in London. read more >>

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Parapsychology Research and Education in the UK

SPR Council member Professor Chris Roe recently gave a talk on 'Parapsychology Research and Education in the UK' as part of a Parapsychology Foundation online conference, read more >>

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Recent Publications

Ghostology: The Art of the Ghost Hunter, by Steven T Parsons

From the publisher’s website: Ghostology is simply the study of Ghosts. It is not just about ghost hunting, neither is it is about parapsychology.

The study of ghosts – Ghostology – is not trying to capture apparitions on camera, although that is sometimes a part of it. It is not trying to record the sounds and the voices of the deceased or of spirits, although that too is a part of it. Ghostology is the holistic study of a fascinating aspect of our humanity, a shared human experience that dates back to the earliest civilisations and is common to all of them.

Ghostology is not a “How to guide” for those seeking to investigate ghosts but it provides an up-to-date consideration and a discussion of the many methods and techniques that will prove helpful to anyone interested in the subject, for those who actively seek ghosts or who are merely interested in discovering more about this fascinating subject.

About the author

Steve Parsons is an Investigator & Researcher of Ghosts, Hauntings and related human experiences.

Author of numerous published articles and works on Ghosts, Ghost Hunting & related subjects, cited and referenced in many more!

Ghostology. White Crow Books, November 2015. ISBN 978-1-910121-72-6