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2015 Lectures

David Saunders & Cal Cooper - Dreaming of the Dead: Evidence of Survival? - 12th February 2015

Lew Sutton - Rare Séance Recordings from the Past - 5th March

Paul Marshall - GWEN TATE MEMORIAL LECTURE - Mystical Experience and Postmortem Survival - 4th June 2015

Caroline Watt - 30 years at The Koestler Parapsychology Unit: What we've learned so far - 2nd July 2015

Zofia Weaver - GWEN TATE MEMORIAL LECTURE - Inconsistencies in Survival Evidence? - 1st October 2015

2016 Lectures

Ciarán O'Keeffe - The San Pantaleon Phenomena: Miraculous Healing & Miracle Blood - 8th December 2016

Anthony Peake - Opening the Doors of Perception - 3 November 2016

Alan Murdie  - GWEN TATE MEMORIAL LECTURE - Letters from the dead: evidence of survival in poltergeist cases - 14th July 2016

John Fraser - The Cage St Osyth: A Haunting That Needs to be Taken Seriously? - 10th March 2016

Video Lectures: SPR Annual Conference 2016 (Leeds)

Dr Engelbert Winkler: "Lucid Dreams"

Professor Adrian Parker: "Conference Introduction"

Professor Caroline Watt: "Stimulating Progress in Parapsychology: Prospective Meta-Analysis"

Trevor Hamilton: "Assessing the Assessors" (Cross-Correspondences)

Dr Leo Ruickbie: "The SPR at War"

Dr Wim Kramer: "Dutch Mediumistic Art of the Interbellum"

Professor Erlendur Haraldsson: "Indridi Indridasson, Comparison with Other Outstanding Mediums"

Dr Annekatrin Puhle: "Lucid Dreaming of the Deceased"

Professor Chris Roe & Lucy Desborough: "A Reconsideration of Sheldrake's Theory of Morphic Resonance"

Dr David Vernon - "Exploring precall, using arousing images and utilising a memory recall practice task on-line"

Steve Parsons: "What have the Romans ever done for us...?"

Keith Hearne: "The Alpha-Numeric Dream Code"

Anne Winsper: "Voices of the Living or Voices of the Dead"

Ross Friday and David Luke: "Now See Hear"

Fergus Hinds: "No Time and Nowhere"

Kimberley Thomas and Callum Cooper: Investigating Viewer Opinions on the use of 'Science' in Paranormal TV Reality Shows

Dr Michael Potts: A Survey of University Students Concerning Putative Apparitions of the Dead

Steve Webley: Psychoanalytic Perspective of the Uncanny, Modern Anxiety and New Age Occultism

Sean O'Donnell: Bright Future for Psi? Through Physics and Phenomenology

Professor Chris Roe & Rebecca Linnett: Content Analysis of Spontaneous Cases of Psi Using Alister Hardy Database

Mary Rose Barrington: Telepathy, Putting the Horse Before the Cart

Terence Palmer: A Pragmatic Methodology for Investigating Command Hallucinations and Veridical Voices

Discussion Panel: Lucid Dreaming

2017 Lectures

Cal Cooper - Water, Altered States & Psi - 2nd February 2017

Ann Treherne - GWEN TATE MEMORIAL LECTURE - Arthur Conan Doyle: He Is Not Dead! - 9th March 2017

Sean O'Donnell - Bringing Psi and Science Together - 1st June 2017

Edwin May - Star Gate Archives: Reports of the US Government-sponsored Psi Programme, 1972-1995 - 17th October 2017

Erlendur Haraldsson - GWEN TATE MEMORIAL LECTURE - Children's Experiences of Reincarnation - 23rd November 2017

2018 Evening Lectures, Discussion Groups & Study Days

Simon Duan - Breaking the Code of Psi - 15th February 2018

Serena Roney-Dougal - The Magic of Psi - 1st March 2018

Alejandro Parra - Paranormal Experiences in a Hospital Setting - 22nd March 2018

STUDY DAY 75 - Psi and Lucid Dreaming - 28th April 2018

Terence Palmer - Telepathic Hypnosis: A Neglected Research Field - 7th June 2018

Krister Knapp - William James: Psychical Research and the Challenge of Modernity - 19th July 2018

SPR Discussion Group - Reincarnation, overshadowing, or fraud: the Wieczorek case - 29th August 2018

Callum Cooper - Dear Ringers or Mistaken Mechanisms? - 11th October 2018

Simon Duan - Psi Research in China - 6th December 2018

SPR STUDY DAY 76 - Understanding the Uncanny - 10th November 2018   (Peter Heinl's talk is not available)

2018 SPR Annual Conference Videos

Individual  talks:

Panel Discussion. What is Consciousness?

Terence Palmer - Anomalous Paranormal Experiences in the Hospital Environment

Wu Zhengbing - Theoretical Analysis & Curriculum Development of the Sixth Sense for Blind Children

Erlendur Haraldsson - Fantastic & (Almost) Unbelievable Phenomena in Old Reputable Sources: Is There Anything Comparable?

John Fraser - Proving the Paranormal by Prioritising the Poltergeist

Chris A. Roe - J. B. Priestley's Man and Time Letters: A Reanalysis

Chetak Nangare - Parapsychology and Buddhism: Interviews with Vipassana Meditation Practitioners Across India

David Luke - Psychodelomancy: Precognition with Psychedelics

Callum E. Cooper & David T. Saunders - Potential Psi Conducive Imagery Perceived within Flotation Tanks

Trevor Hamilton - The Return and Continuing Presence of F. W. H. Myers

Bernardo Kastrup - The Nature of Consciousness

Trevor Hamilton - Letters from Eileen

Mia Jakeman & Callum Cooper - Negative Anomalous Experiences During Bereavement

Caroline Watt, delivered by Deborah Delanoy - Testing Precognition and Altered State of Consciousness with Selected Participants in the Ganzfeld

Adrian Parker - Research Projects That I Would Carry Out if I Had the Millions Needed

kitt price - Uses of Media Technology in Precognition Research

Ross Friday & David Luke - Now See Hear! Detecting Being Watched or Listened to via Extrasensory Means

Chris Roe, Chetak Nangare & Johnny Ryan - Comparing Individual Versus Group Judgments in a Dream ESP Study

Marios Kittenis - Investigating EEG Correlations Between Physically Isolated Participants

David Vernon & Laura Ivancevic - Testing Precognition Using a Novel Computer Driving Game

Rupert Sheldrake - Psi in Everday Life

Simon Duan - Understanding Psi by a Model that Unites Consciousness, Mind and Matter

Annekatrin Puhle - Dreams as Doors of Perception

Alan Murdie - Poltergeists and Possession


2019 Evening Lectures, Discussion Groups & Study Days

Lecture - 7th February - Matthew Colborn - Strange Beings: A New Look at Entity Experiences

Discussion Group - 6th March 2019 - Washington Poltergeist Case

29th March 2019 - SPR & The Ghost Club present A GHOSTHUNTING WORKSHOP

Gwen Tate Memorial Lecture - 11th April  - David Saunders - The Carington Case: The Dreams of Eileen J Garrett

Study Day 77 - 27th April 2019 - Remembering Guy Lyon Playfair

Lecture - 23rd May - Sandy Edwards - Healing in a Hospital; Scientific Evidence that Spiritual Healing Improves Health

Lecture - 6th June - Ann Winsper - Ghosts or (Sheep) Goats?

Lecture - 18th July - Ross Bartlett & Matthew Smith - Reimagining the Out-of-body Experience

Study Day 78 - 16th November 2019 - Making Space for Psi

Ghost Hunting Workshop - 2019

1 Alan Murdie - Ghost Hunting Testimony, Evidence and New Directions in Research

2 Ann Winsper - Electronic Voice Phenomena

3 James Tacchi - Monitoring and Measuring Practical Perspectives

4 Steve Parsons

5 John Fraser - Black Monks, Witches and Background Research

6 Panel Discussion

2020 Evening Lectures

Lecture - 13th February - John Fraser - Are Poltergeists Rare? Or are all cases 'Intermediate' with a strange mix of phenomena?

Lecture - 5th March - Matt Colborn - GWEN TATE MEMORIAL LECTURE - STICKY BUNDLES, LEAKY BUCKETS AND RABBIT HOLES: Understanding the Survival Experience


June 9th, 2020    Web Event - Discussion with Steve Parsons
Topic: Ghost Tech      (The Ghost Tech recordings are incomplete! The start is missing.)

June 23rd, 2020    Web Event - Presentation & Discussion with Cal Cooper
Topic: Flotation Tanks

July 21st, 2020    Web Event - Presentation & Discussion with Patrizio Tressoldi
Topic: Discussing research on Exceptional Experiences

August 11th, 2020    Web Event - Discussion with Caroline Watt
Topic: Promoting excellence in parapsychological research and education

September 8th, 2020    Web Event - Presentation and discussion with Bernard Carr
Topic: Making Space and Time for Psi

September 22nd, 2020    Web Event - Presentation from Deborah Erickson
Topic: Can you hear me now? Current telepathic interspecies communication research.

November 23rd, 2020    Web Event - Presentation from Chris French
Topic: Twenty Years of Weird Science at Goldsmiths - some reflections.

December 14th, 2020    Web Event - Presentation from Dean Radin
Topic: Toward a Scientific Resurrection of Magic.


Chairman's Introduction: Bernard Carr.

David Lorimer. An invitation to look through the telescope.

Harald Walach. Psi and the limitations of materialist science (plus Morning questions)

Brian Josephson. Shaping post-materialist science.

Evelyn Elsaesser. Spontaneous and direct After-Death Communications: Hints of a new paradigm.

General Discussion.


January 18th, 2021    Web Event - Chris Roe
Topic: Sceptical of scepticism: an appraisal of the counter-advocate position.

February 22nd, 2021    Web Event - Adrian Parker
Topic: Can Psychical Research Give Us a Theory of Everything?

March 1st, 2021    Web Event - Presentation & Discussion with Neil Langdon Inglis
Topic: A Passionate Believer's Legacy: The Life and Work of Brian Inglis, Advocate for Psi and Scourge of Skeptics Everywhere.

March 29th, 2021    Web Event - Presentation & Discussion with Simon Duan
Topic: Non-physical existence - can we model it theoretically and explore it experimentally?

April 12th, 2021    Web Event - Presentation & Discussion with Malcolm Schofield
Topic: Everybody Believes in Something: Researching Paranormal Belief

May 17th, 2021    Web Event - Presentation & Discussion with Eric Dullin
Topic:  Methodology and Results in Macro-PK Experimental research.

May 24th, 2021    Web Event - Presentation & Discussion with Christine Simmonds-Moore
Topic:  Synaesthesia and Seeing Things

June 14th, 2021    Web Event - Presentation & Discussion with Everton Maraldi
Topic: The Psychology of the Paranormal: a critique

July 5th, 2021    Web Event - Presentation & Discussion with Simon Duan
Topic: Recent Developments in Thoughtography in China

July 26th, 2021    Web Event - Presentation & Discussion with Rodrigo Machado Tavares
Topic: The Psychical Research of Sir William Crookes


Bernard Carr. Chairman's introduction.
Zofia Weaver on Mary Rose Barrington. Survical, psychic force and a small theory of everything.
David Rousseau on Mary Rose Barrington. Discontinuities in everyday reality.
Adrian Parker on Donald West. Success against the odds.
Melvyn Willin on Donald West. A very private and erudite man.
Jim Matlock on Erlendur Haraldsson. On Mediumship and Reincarnation.
Cal Cooper on Erlendur Haraldsson. Rediscovering the departed among the living.
Matt Colborn. Survival Research: where do we go from here?
General Discussion.

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