13 : Periodicals, Conference Reports, Excerpta

Many issues of the Journal contain articles that summarise subjects being discussed by researchers in other countries. There are also a number of conference reports and extracts from a variety of publications of interest to psychical researchers. These items range from full summaries to the briefest mentions and the abstracts can only give an indication of some of the contents.

(main keywords: periodicals, conferences, excerpta)

Anon. THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE ASPR, Journal 13, 1907, pp. 124-7. Comments on American articles: clairvoyant cases reported by William James and Hyslop, and a poltergeist cases investigated by Hereward Carrington. periodicals/poltergeist/clairvoyance

Anon. NOTES ON CURRENT PERIODICALS, Journal 14, 1909, pp. 104-10. Summaries of reports in foreign research Journals, including a case of automatic writing investigated by Hyslop, accounts of the effects of anesthetics, and aspects of hypnotism. periodicals/automatic writing/hypnosis

Anon. NOTES ON CURRENT PERIODICALS, Journal 14, 1909, pp. 145-8. Abstracts of articles on suggestibility, muscle reading, and aspects of hypnotism. periodicals/hypnosis

Anon. NOTES ON CURRENT PERIODICALS, Journal 14, 1910, pp. 353-6. Includes abstract of a paper on Freud. periodicals/personality

Anon. NOTES ON CURRENT PERIODICALS, Journal 15, 1911, pp. 12-4. Also pp. 95-6. Abstract of article by Morton Prince that contents certain of Freud's conclusions regarding dreams, with follow-up comments, and other papers on similar topics. periodicals/dreams

Anon. NOTES ON CURRENT PERIODICALS, Journal 16, 1914, pp. 254. Includes references to dowsing experiments in Tunisia, thinking horses in Germany, and musical 'automatism' in France. periodicals/dowsing/animal psi

Anon. NOTES ON CURRENT PERIODICALS, Journal 16, 1914, pp. 270-72. Brief reports on papers: the value of testimony; Freudian explanation of a case of hysteria; controversy on thinking animals. periodicals/animal psi/personality

Anon. NOTE ON A CURRENT PERIODICAL, Journal 17, 1916, pp. 147-8. Abstract of a paper by Hyslop on the medium Mrs Chenoweth. periodicals/physical mediumship/mental mediumship

Anon. CURRENT PERIODICALS, Journal 17, 1916, pp. 184. Refers to a paper by Flournoy on 'Eva C.', a review of Bisson's Phénomènes de materialisation, also referred to by Helen Verrall in 'History of Marthe Beraud'. periodicals/physical mediumship

Anon. NOTES ON CURRENT PERIODICALS, Journal 17, 1916, pp. 207-8. Reports briefly on psychic communications purporting to come from the spirit of William James; also a report on the case of Patience Worth. periodicals/mental mediumship

Anon. NOTES ON CURRENT PERIODICALS, Journal 18, 1917, pp. 31-2. Reports briefly on criticisms made by Hyslop of Sidgwick's paper on Leonora Piper. periodicals/mental mediumship

Anon. NOTES ON CURRENT PERIODICALS, Journal 18, 1917, pp. 63-4. Comments on a paper by Jung on the existence of a collective soul. periodicals/consciousness/theory

Anon. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 19, 1919, pp. 127-9. Hyslop on Piper (refutes chance coincidence theory); the Amhurst poltergeist; thinking dogs. periodicals/mental mediumship/poltergeist/animal psi

Anon. NOTES ON RECENT PERIODICALS, Journal 19, 1920, pp. 274-8. Walter Prince exposing so-called psychic photography; report of committee of Anglican bishops welcoming psychical research; W.J.Crawford on the 'psychic structures' observed during sittings with the Golighers; dream analysis. periodicals/photography/physical mediumship/dreams

Anon. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 20, 1922, p. 268. Reports on a study by the Swiss psychologist Theodore Flournoy. periodicals/personality

Anon. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 20, 1922, pp. 283-6. Walter Prince on investigations of a Mexican psychometric medium; French researcher G. Geley on wax moulds obtained through the Polish medium Franek Kluski; German papers on spontaneous phenomena; personal experiences of poltergeist phenomena; attempts to convert a dogmatic sceptic; and an account of tarantism in Madagascar. periodicals/physical mediumship/psychokinesis/poltergeist

Anon. NOTES ON RECENT PERIODICALS, Journal 20, 1922, pp. 338-40. Abstract of report on the medium Ada Besinnet, with criticisms of its author for wild speculations and for causing injury to the medium by shining a torch on a 'materialised' face. Other papers mentioned include: spirit photography; criticisms of English researchers by an American; account of Finnish poltergeist; the medium John Dee; etc. periodicals/physical mediumshp/poltergeist

Anon. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 20, 1922, pp. 401-4. William James; Schrenk-Notzing; Einer Nielsen; eye-witness description of an Indian rope trick; abstract of Sorbonne report on abortive sittings with 'Eva C'; investigations of a medium and of a poltergeist case by Walter F. Prince; Conan Doyle on the Fox Sisters; Geley experimenting with sealed letters with the Polish clairvoyant Ossowiecki. periodicals/physical mediumship/magic/clairvoyance

Anon. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 21, 1923, pp. 62-4. Richet dismissing claims of fraud against Marthe Beraud (Villa Carmen); the letter-reading medium Ossowieki; Welsh fairy lore. More detail on an ASPR article by Walter Prince on the psychometrists Maria Reyes de Z; controversy surrounding the American slate-reading and materialisation medium Pierre Keeler. A summary of the work of Schrenck-Notzing. Details of the prize offered for psychic phenomena (leading to the 'Margery' investigation at Harvard University. periodicals/physical mediumship/slate writing

Anon. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 21, 1923, p. 77. Hans Driesch on Occultism as a new science'; mentions of articles on the mediums Erto and Frau Vollhart; Christology of Steiner; mind in animals, myths and legends of China; translation in the ASPR of the Sorbonne Report on Eva C; dreams described by W.F. Prince. periodicals/physical mediumship/psi

Anon. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 21, 1923, p. 94. Controversy over physical mediums; Geley on dermoid cysts; Osty on clairvoyants in legal cases. periodicals/clairvoyance/physical mediumship

Anon. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 21, 1923, pp. 147-8. Brief mention of articles: review by Alrutz of book by Tartaruga on the clairvoyant Megalis; sittings with American medium Hershey; sittings with Willy Schneider; Richet on psychometry;; the medium Jean Guzik; etc. periodicals/mental mediumship/physical mediumship

Anon. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 21, 1924, pp. 203-4. Brief mention of articles: scripts purporting to come from Oscar Wilde; Polish telepathic experiments (Romano); views on American resistance to psychical research; review of Schrenck-Notzing experiments; poltergeists in Poland; account of séances with the Polish medium Guzik; Polish clairvoyant Ossowiecki. periodicals/physical mediumship/telepathy/clairvoyance/poltergeist

Anon. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 21, 1924, pp. 219-20. Includes abstracts of article by Oliver Lodge on immortality and physics, and account of sittings with an American medium José Stewart exposing fraud, against the claims of Arthur Conan Doyle. periodicals/survival/physical mediumship/cheating

Anon. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 21, 1924, pp. 239-40. Sittings with Guzik, investigated by Geley, suggest fraud; Frank Angell on the horizon-illusion. periodicals/physical mediumship/cheating

Anon. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 21, 1924, pp. 254-6. Controversy on Guzik. periodicals/physical mediumship

Anon. NOTES OF PERIODICALS, Journal 21, 1924, pp. 286-8. The Icelandic medium Indridason; stone throwing Poltergeist in Java in 1831. In more detail: account of exposes of the Italian medium Erto and Austrian materialising medium Frau Silbert. periodicals/physical mediumship/poltergeist

Anon. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 21, 1924, pp. 302-4. Occult lore in Brittany; exposures of mediums on the Continent; the link between palmistry and 'mongolism'; successful telepathy experiments. periodicals/physical mediumship/beliefs/telepathy

Anon. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 21, 1924, pp. 331-3. Walter Prince taking a sceptical position against mediums competing for the Scientific American prize; another member of the organising Commission, Malcolm Bird, takes an opposite view of one of the mediums, 'Margery', whose feats he describes in glowing terms. periodicals/physical mediumship

Anon. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 22, 1925, p. 112. Brief mention of German controversies involving Schrenck-Notzing and Dessoir. periodicals/physical mediumship

Anon. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 22, 1925, p. 128. Roundup of recent articles: sexual symbolism and ecstasy; Gilbert Murray's telepathy experiments; the Polish medium Guzik. periodicals/telepathy/physical mediumship

Anon. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 22, 1925, pp. 143-4. Roundup of recent articles: mediums in Germany; Belgian researches; scientific psychic studies in France; the 'Margery' controversy; Willy Schneider sittings with Harry Price. periodicals/physical mediumship

Anon. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 22, 1925, pp. 159-60. Italian experiments on alleged radiations from the brain. periodicals/physics/theory

Anon. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 23, 1926, pp. 23-8. Osty on war predictions made by a Greek patient under hypnosis; German articles; critical account of sittings with a clairvoyant medium; the exposure of Guzik in Cracow; the genuineness of spirit photography; the Polish medium Kluski; poltergeist phenomena in Bavaria; attempts to verify the voice heard at 'Margery' sittings by mechanical means; the exposure of the medium Krauss and alleged exposures of other mediums; Freud on the occult significance of the dream. periodicals/mental mediumship/physical mediumship

Anon. NOTE ON PERIODICALS, Journal 23, 1926, pp. 75-8. Richet on crypthesthesia; the clairvoyant medium Pascal Forthuny; poltergeist; pseudo-psychic manifestations due to self induced hysteria; slate-writing medium Laura Pruden; early days of the Schneider mediumship; role of parapsychology in criminal investigations; discussion of spiritualism as a religion in the Morning Post. periodicals/physical mediumship/mental mediumship/slate writing

Anon. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 23, 1926, pp. 92-8. Schrenck-Notzing on Willy Schneider sittings; the twisting and knotting of horses' tails and manes, sometimes attributed to poltergeists; the German clairvoyant Ludwig Kahn, thought to be fraudulent; volitional energy (human radiation); levitation of a fakir; an attempt to replicate by normal means the hand moulds produced in Kluski sittings; a sceptic on thought transference; Harry Price on the founding of the National Laboratory of Psychical Research; Osty on Forthuny; slate-writing medium Pruden; Malinowsky on native folk-lore in the Trobrian Islands; wax moulds in 'Margery' sittings; sittings with the Austrian medium Silbert; Colombian report on the effects of the plant Yage. periodicals/physical mediumship/mental mediumship/poltergeist/slate writing/beliefs

Anon. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 23, 1926, pp. 138-9. Successful experiment in which a medium is 'controlled' by a person at a distance; crypthesthesia in 'Margery' sittings; Sudre on research into mediums; the medium Pruden. periodicals/physical mediumship

Anon. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 23, 1926, pp. 156-7. Involuntary whispering; sittings with Silbert; electrical method of validating the control of mediums, used by Schrenck with Willy Schneider; methods of control in dark sittings; exposure of a photographic medium, George Moss; hitherto unknown experiments with Slade in Russia; attack by Walter Prince on the claims of 'Margery'. periodicals/physical mediumship

Anon. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 23, 1926, p. 170. Case of dual personality; mescal visions and eidetic vision; vaticination; poltergeist phenomena relating to Eleonore Zugun; Osty on Forthuny; Richet on Kahn; telepathic powers of Georges Ninoff. periodicals/poltergeist/mental mediumship

Dingwall, EJ. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 24, 1927, pp. 13-15. German papers on mediums and psychics: Ninoff, Marjan Gruzewski; correspondence in NATURE on mediums (see also pp. 30-32); British Sunday paper enquiry into spiritualism. periodicals/mental mediumship/psi

Salter, W.H. THE RECENT CONGRESS AT ATHENS, Journal 26, 1930, pp. 107-9. Conference report, with a comment on the preference of continental researchers for theory and speculation over facts. conferences/periodicals/psi

Dingwall, EJ. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 24, 1927, pp. 27-30. Defense of the Goligher circle; account of sitting with Silbert; thought-transference in men and animals; the Brazilian telepathist, Ninoff; etc. periodicals/physical mediumship/telepathy

Dingwall, EJ. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 24, 1927, pp. 45-7. Brief references to papers on Guzik, Zugun, Nostrodamus, Home (Dunraven sitings), etc. periodicals/physical mediumship/poltergeist

Dingwall, EJ. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 24, 1927, pp. 64-6. Zugun poltergeist case; Silbert; stigmatism; Rhine sittings with Margery, etc. periodicals/physical mediumship/poltergeist/stigmata

Dingwall, EJ. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 24, 1927, pp. 74-6. Rudi Schneider; Fristz Fastenrath of Cologne; M. Sabira of Poland; etc. periodicals/physical mediumsip/mental mediumship

Dingwall, EJ. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 24, 1927, pp. 101-2. More on current European cases and topics. periodicals/psi

Schiller, F.C.S. & Salter, Helen. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 24, 1927, pp. 123-8. Leonard, Silbert, Sundar Singh, Ni Indridason, E. Zugun, Helene Schnelle, Indian fakir; French materialisation séances; Anna Rasmussen; African travelling clairvoyance; American medium Pruden; etc. periodicals/physical mediumship/clairvoyance

P.P.S. THE PARIS CONGRESS FOR PSYCHICAL RESEARCH, Journal 24, 1927, pp. 132-8. Lists papers and gives brief comments. conferences/psi

Solovovo, P-P. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 24, 1927, pp. 140-48. Latvian mediums; Russian medium; Polish clairvoyant Ossowiecki; Italian poltergeist; Brazilian medium Carlos Mirabelli; etc. periodicals/poltergeist/clairvoyance/physical mediumship

Solovovo, P-P. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 24, 1927, pp. 165-8. Zugun; materialisations; Hans Driesch; Rudi Schneider; other European mediums. periodicals/physical mediumship/poltergeist

Salter, Helen. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 24, 1928, p. 183. American SPR articles: Harry Price on Joanna Southcott's box; mediumistic phenomena; other sittings. periodicals/physical mediumship

Solovovo, P-P. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 24, 1928, pp. 204-8. European mediums, etc. periodicals/physical mediumship/mental medumship

Solovovo, P-P. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 24, 1928, pp. 223-4. Walter Prince on a cure of mental illness by treating it as obsession by a spirit; poltergeist phenomena in Czechoslovakia. periodicals/poltergeist/altered states

Solovovo, P-P. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 24, 1928, pp. 231-4. Table-tilting in Germany; incident of automatic writing; Indian conjuring; Eusapia Palladino; thinking dog. periodicals/physical mediumship/magic/animal psi

Sidgwick, Eleanor. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 24, 1928, pp. 262-72. Sambor; Rudloff; materialisations; spirit painting; peyotl; Zugun; telepathy among Australian aborigines; psychic photograph; human radiation; experiments with a pony; Nostrodamus; continental mediums; etc. periodicals/psi

Solovovo, P-P. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 24, 1928, pp. 294-300. Anna Rasmussen; psychic gloves; Silbert; Therese of Konnesreuth; Rudloff; Zugun; etc. periodicals/physical mediumship/psi

Salter, Helen. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 24, 1928, pp. 307-16. Willi Schneider; Marthe Beraud; Munich poltergeist; Gruzewski; Silbert; etc. periodicals/poltergeist/physical mediumship

Anon. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 24, 1928, pp. 338-48. Silbert; thought-transference from man to dog; Zugun controversy; physical phenomena in Italy; thinking animals; alleged prophecies; 'internal breathing' of mystics; Eva C; Mme Alexandre; Mantes materialisation exposure; Indian rope trick; etc. periodicals/psi

Salter, Helen. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 24, 1928, pp. 372-6. Miscellaneous investigations and episodes described in foreign Journalsperiodicals/psi

Anon. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 24, 1928, pp. 401-8. Miscellaneous investigations and episodes described in foreign Journalsperiodicals/psi

Anon. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 25, 1929, pp. 18-24. See also pages 34-40, 76-80, 97-100, 108-18, 130-36, 149-54, 165-70 and 180-86. Miscellaneous investigations and episodes described in foreign Journalsperiodicals/psi

Anon. THE FOURTH INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS FOR PSYCHICAL RESEARCH, Journal 25, 1929, p. 49. Brief report. conferences/psi 

Anon. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 26, 1930, pp. 15-6. See also pp. 38-40, 54-6, 82-8, 100-102, 126-30, 144-6 and 162. Miscellaneous investigations and episodes described in foreign Journalsperiodicals

Anon. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 27, 1931, pp. 10-16. See also pp. 32, 42-8, 69-71, 102-4, 123-4, 171-6, 227-30, 246, 261-2, 278, 293, 314-8, 332-4, 349-50. Miscellaneous investigations and episodes described in foreign Journalsperiodicals/psi

Anon. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 28, 1933-4, pp. 9-16. See also pp. 31-2, 77-80, 91-6, 117-20, 135-6, 150-52, 160-68, 1934, 182-4, 212-4, 226, 244-6, 261-2, 293-4, 312-3. Miscellaneous investigations and episodes described in foreign Journalsperiodicals/psi

Anon. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 29, 1936, pp. 187-8. See also pp. 203-4, 220, 252, 267-8, 296-300, 315-8. Miscellaneous investigations and episodes described in foreign Journalsperiodicals/psi

Anon. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 30, 1937, pp. 46-7. See also pp. 79-80, 106-8; Journal 30, 1938, pp. 169-72, 206-8, 278-9, 291-2. Miscellaneous investigations and episodes described in foreign Journalsperiodicals/psi

Anon. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 31, 1939-40, pp. 85-8. See also pp. 174-6, 189-90. Miscellaneous investigations and episodes described in foreign Journalsperiodicals/psi

Anon. EDITOR'S NOTES, Journal 34, 1948, pp. 302-5. Comments on current issues: the frequency of spontaneous psychic occurrences, broadcasts on psychic matters, etc. periodicals/psi

Anon. EDITOR'S NOTES, Journal 35, 1949, pp. 17-9. Brief comments on stage 'mindreading', hallucinations, and dowsing. periodicals/mental mediumship/hallucinations/dowsing

Anon. TIJDSCHRIFT VOOR PARAPSYCHOLOGIE July-September 1949, Journal 35, 1950, pp. 195-7. Comments on articles: magnetic disturbances and cancer; telepathic double dreams; precognitive dreams, etc. CORRESPONDENCE, p. 253. periodicals/psi

Kahn, S. David. PROCEEDINGS ASPR: STUDIES IN EXTRASENSORY PERCEPTION,, Journal 37, 1953, pp. 105-7. Use of 'mark-sensing' machines in ESP experiments. periodicals/psi/experiments

Anon. THE FIRST INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF PARAPSYCHOLOGICAL STUDIES, Journal 37, 1953, pp. 201-4. Conference notes. conferences/psi

Anon. INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON PSYCHOLOGY AND PARAPSYCHOLOGY, Journal 38, 1956, pp. 269-70. Note on conference in France. conferences/psi

Anon. NOTES ON PERIODICALS, Journal 38, 1956, pp. 274-6. Psychic cures, hallucinations of the self, telepathy in psychoanalysis. periodicals/psi

Anon. ITALIAN REVIEWS, reviewed by M. T. Hindson, Journal 39, 1958, pp. 251-2. Psychical research publications in Italy. periodicals/psi

Anon. EXCERPT A, Journal 39, 1957, pp. 342-6. Extracts from books and media: Julian Huxley, telepathy in the Western Pacific, ghost in a children's home, prediction of time of death, etc (on the latter see also Journal 40, p. 35). excerpta/psi

Hindson, T. ITALIAN REVIEWS, Journal 39, 1958, pp. 251-2. Psychical research publications in Italy. periodicals/psi

Anon. EXCERPTA, Journal 40, 1959, pp. 38-41. Telepathic incident described by actor James Robertson-Justice; comments during a BBC broadcast by Freddie Ayer, Aldous Huxley, and others on the likelihood of telepathy; Koestler on scepticism; etc. CORRESPONDENCE, p. 143, 199. excerpta/psi

Anon. EXCERPTA, Journal 40, 1959, pp. 101-2. Extract from biography of novelist D.H. Lawrence, relating a psychic experience of a girlfriend at the time of his death. excerpta/psi

Anon. EXCERPTA, Journal 40, 1959, pp. 152-5. A fighter pilot has a conversation with a colleague following a dog-fight with enemy Stukas in which the colleague was killed; etc. excerpta/psi

Anon. EXCERPTA, Journal 40, 1959, pp. 203-5. Brief extracts from current books and press publications: Mme Blavatsky, etc. excerpta/psi

Anon. EXCERPTA, Journal 40, 1959, pp. 325-6. No summary given. excerpta/psi

Anon. EXCERPTA, Journal 40, 1959, pp. 437-8. Extracts from Presidental Address by F.J.M. Stratton. excerpta/psi

Hindson, T. ITALIAN SOCIETIES FOR PSYCHICAL RESEARCH, Journal 41, 1961, pp. 92-3. Round-up of recent Italian activity. periodicals/psi

Anon. EXCERPTA, Journal 41, 1961, pp. 221-3. Brief extracts from the media relevant to psychical research. excerpta/psi

Anon. EXCERPTA, Journal 41, 1962, pp. 273-6. Seemingly successful experiments in travelling clairvoyance, involving the philosopher and psychical researcher F.C.S.Schiller. excerpta/clairvoyance/experiments

Anon. EXCERPTA, Journal 41, 1962, pp. 334-6. Extracts from Aldous Huxley's Island on time distortion, etc. excerpta/psi

Anon. EXCERPTA, Journal 42, 1963, pp. 39-42. A Russian psychic, Rosa, Kulesheva, who can 'read and see colours with her fingers (See also pp. 151-5,); mentally switching on lamps and on sensory deprivation; neutrinos being able to travel into the past and the future, etc. excerpta/psi

Anon. EXCERPTA, Journal 42, 1963, pp. 160-61. Quotes mention of ESP research in an article by Julian Huxley; from an article on chance by N.T. Gridgeman which recounts a story of gambling and psi told by John Scarne; and a psi experience involving Winston Churchill related by Lady Churchill. excerpta/psi

Fisk, G.W. LIGHT No. 3454, Journal 42, 1963, pp. 190-92. A look at the long-running psychic magazine and the topics it is currently covering. periodicals/psi

Eastman, M. THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PARAPSYCHOLOGY, 4, 1962, Journal 42, 1964, pp. 254-9. Emilio Servadio on Freud and dreams; Ducasse on hypnotism and suggestibility; Yogis who claim to stop or slow the heart and pulse at will; explanation for apparitions in terms of Freudian psychoanalysis; Eisenbud on psi; West European spontaneous cases; comparison of responses to ESP and subliminal targets. periodicals/psi

Anon. EXCERPT A, Journal 42, 1964, pp. 269-71. Investigations into an American woman who 'can distinguish colours by touch'; animals ability to detect magnetic fields. excerpta/synaesthesia/psi

Anon. EXCERPT A, Journal 42, 1964, pp. 327-9. Soviet research on telepathy as a means of communication in space exploration; a doctor in India acts quickly on a premonition and saves a patient. excerpta/psi

Anon. EXCERPT A, Journal 42, 1964, pp. 376-8. Controversy in the New Scientist regarding the possibility of consciousness in non-organic matter. excertpa/consciousness

Thouless, R.H. THE PARAPSYCHOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION CONVENTION AT OXFORD, Journal 42, 1964, pp. 413-4. A participant gives brief impressions of a parapsychology conference. conferences/psi

Anon. EXCERPT A, Journal 42, 1964, pp. 424. Australian aborigine's use of telepathy; reflections on the future evolution of humanity. excerpta/psi

Anon. EXCERPT A, Journal 43, 1965, pp. 50-51. Frank S. Smythe's sense of presence while climbing Mt. Everest; the mind body problem by D.S. Chennakesavar in Research Journal Of Philosophy & Social Sciences which includes ESP. excerpta/psi

Anon. EXCERPTA, Journal 43, 1965, pp. 101-103. Quotes a Discovery article on time reversal, William James on anomalies and science, and the experiments of Bernhard Rensch of the University of Munster on animal intelligence. excerpta/psi

Anon. EXCERPTA, Journal 43, 1965, pp. 161-2. Comment on precognition and time travel. excerpta/psi

Anon. EXCERPTUM, Journal 44, 1967, p. 212. Dream premonition of the assassination in Sarajevo of the Archduke Ferdinand. excerpta/dreams/precognition

Thouless, R.H. et al. REVIEW OF PERIODICAL LITERATURE 1967, Journal 44, 1968, pp. 333-41. Reviews of articles in Journal of Parapsychology, International Journal of Parapsychology, and Dutch, French and Italian Journalsperiodicals/psi

Anon. EXCERPTUM, Journal 45, 1969, pp. 32-4. Focuses on a particular instance of Hansel's attack on ESP to discredit him as a scholar. excerpta/psi

Beloff, John et al. REVIEW OF PERIODICAL LITERATURE, Journal 45, 1969, pp. 66-81. Survey of recent writings on parapsychology from America (Ted Serios, Maimonides dream research, etc.), Holland, Italy and Germany. CORRESPONDENCE, p. 187. Answers Beloff on a point of history regarding the interests of the original Maimon. periodicals/psi

Haynes, Renée & Zorab, George. REVIEW OF PERIODICAL LITERATURE 1969, Journal 45, 1970, pp. 354-63. Comments on American Journal papers by Gardner Murphy, Carroll ? Nash, Gertrude Schmeidler, Honrton & Krippner, J.B.Rhine, Thouless, etc; also papers from Italian and French Journalsperiodicals/psi

Anon. EXCERPT, Journal 46, 1971, pp. 79-80. A sealed vault in Barbados is opened and a coffin within is found to have mysteriously changed its position. excerpta/psi

Zorab, George. REVIEW OF CONTINENTAL PERIODICAL LITERATURE 1970, Journal 46, 1971, pp. 235-9. Selection of articles: a psychiatrist writing on the sensation of floating in the air that affects patients with skull injuries; experiments with a gifted psychic; the Rosenheim poltergeist and others; PK experiments; Italian card manipulator. periodicals/psi

Zorab, George. REVIEW OF AMERICAN PERIODICAL LITERATURE, Journal 46, 1972, pp. 30-37. ESP experiments, a Japanese GESP test, historical growth of parapsychology, Helmut Schmidt on PK, significant results with Pavel Stepanek, psi and animal behaviour, etc. periodicals/psi

Anon. EXCERPT, Journal 46, 1972, pp. 54-5. Report of a paper in the British Medical Journal by W. Dewi Rees, a Welsh GP, on 'The Hallucinations of Widowhood.' Almost half (46%) of 227 widows and 66 widowers said they had had hallucinatory experiences of the dead spouse. excerpta/psi

Anon. EXCERPT, Journal 46, 1972, p. 107. George R. Price, a critic who implied J.B.Rhine's positive ESP findings were arrived at by cheating, belatedly apologises. excerpta/psi

Zorab, George. REVIEW OF AMERICAN AND CONTINENTAL LITERATURE 1971, Journal 46, 1972, pp. 154-63. French precognition experiment with mice; location of hidden objects by a man-dog team; developments in psychical research from 1882; possible PK influence on anaesthetised mice; range of other psi experiments; psychic surgery in the Philippines; convincing encounters with the medium Ena Twigg. periodicals/psi

Zorab, George. PARAPSYCHOLOGICAL LITERATURE 1972: A SURVEY, Journal 47, 1973, pp. 246-57. Articles: theological and scientific perspectives on psi in Germany; Philippine psychic surgery discussed in Italy; experiments on mediums in the Netherlands; plus American Journalsperiodicals/psi

Gregory, Anita. THE DAILY TELEGRAPH 474 November 30th 1973, Journal 47, 1974, pp. 338-9. Articles on the paranormal, briefly reviewed. excerpta/psi

Zorab, G. REVIEW OF PERIODICAL LITERATURE 1973, Journal 47, 1974, pp. 495-506. Theological interest in parapsychology in Germany; Italian interest in paranormal healing and psychic surgery; also articles in Switzerland, America and Canada. periodicals/psi

Zorab, George. PK REPORTS FROM VARIOUS COUNTRIES, Journal 48, 1976, pp. 322-8. A report, culled from several publications in Canada, Switzerland, France and Spain, of various experiments with Uri Geller and the so-called 'Geller effect.'Concludes by asking why Geller's alleged metal bending powers should be so readily transferred to others but not his ESP capacities. periodicals/psychokinesis

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Dwyer, Christopher. REPORTS FROM OTHER COUNTRIES, Journal 59, 1993-94, pp. 437-41. An Austrian publication reports on papers given at the first European conference of the Society for Scientific Exploration, held in Munich in 1992. Topics include the lights that sometimes precede earthquakes (John S. Derr & Michael A. Persinger); crop circles (Michael Green); ball lightning research (Alexander G. Keul); UFOs (Illobrand von Ludwiger); the current situation in parapsychology (Robert L. Morris); the relationship between subliminal and extrasensory perception (Caroline Watt); and near-death experiences (Michael Schrodter-Kunhardt). From the same Journal a discussion of the French astrologist Michel Gauquelin is described, with differing views on the validity of his findings. From the Italian Journal Luce e Ombra are described articles commemorating the 50th anniversary of the birth of pioneer researcher Ernesto Bozzano. One article describes his views on psychometry and the evidence he based them on; another compared his ideas on afterlife gleaned from mediumistic utterances with the testimony of modern NDEs. periodicals/psi

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Dwyer, Christopher. REPORTS FROM OTHER COUNTRIES, Journal 62, 1997-8, pp. 155-9. Gives details of an article by Alessandro Papô summarising his book Phantasms in Sabina, an attempt to emulate the Society's Report on the Census of Hallucinations. Papô interviewed 1402 people in central Italy, receiving 133 affirmative replies to the Census question on experiencing apparitions, and categorising and describing the 101 cases which he examined (in Quaderni di Parapsichologia, 27, 1996). An article on diabolical possession by a Dominican priest is also briefly described. From the Revista Argentina de Psicologia Paranormal 7, 1996 a discussion led by Carlos Alvarado on the problems of achieving a scientific parapsychology in Latin America is briefly described. Alvarado points out that Journals in the region tend to publish historical and conceptual articles rather than case studies or experiments, a point which Dwyer comments could be applied increasingly to Journals round the world. A study in the Zeitschrift fur Parapsychologie una Grenzgebiete der Psychologie 37, 1995 gives the results of a sociological questionnaire completed by 214 healers in Germany. The authors say the quantity of replies is an achievement in a country where healing by payment without recognized qualifications is illegal. An article by Hans-Dieter Betz entitled The Dowsing Phenomenon - New Controversies and Insights' describes tests carried out between 1986 and 1989 to determine whether dowsers can locate artificial sources of attraction. They did not reach levels of accuracy dowsers often claim, but the author of the paper argues that the results were significant. periodicals/apparitions/hallucinations/altered states/dowsing/healing

Dwyer, Christopher. REPORTS FROM OTHER COUNTRIES, Journal 63, 1998-9, pp. 226-31. From Luce e Ombra 1998, are briefly described an article on the materialising medium Helen Duncan criticising the report by Harry Price asserting that the 'ectoplasm' she produced consisted of textile fabric; and an article discussing the problems of investigating psychokinesis, and describing a 1992 incident where an elderly lady, leaving a cemetery after visiting the grave of her son, felt a pain in her left hand, and found that her gold wedding ring had been suddenly squashed into an ovoid shape. From Quaderni di Parapsicologia 28, 1997, is briefly described an article on the examination of Deborah Moscongiuri of Manduria (Taranto), then aged 22, who for several years had experienced visions of the Madonna, the emission of blood and tears from statues and images, and the appearance of oil in sealed containers. The author concluded that fraud could not be excluded, that polygraph tests were of no scientific value, that the nature of her ecstasies could not be determined, as they were observed only on video, and that childhood stress might have favoured the development of dissociation. Dwyer draws attention to an article in Journal 1997 and points out puzzling discrepancies. A second article from the same publication looks at the new online facility at its headquarters, and is said to contain extensive information on its history and topics of current research, besides an index of all articles published in Quaderni since 1970. The address of the website is given as <www.comune.bologna.it/iperbole/centrsp>. The authors also recommend the site 'Parapsychology Resources on the Internet,' giving the address as <www.romal.infn.i1/rog/group/rrasca/b/parap.html>. Dwyer also commends the site for the comprehensiveness of its information, much of which is in English. From Mexico, an editorial in Revista Mexicana de Psicologia Paranormal 2, 1997, asks 'Is Parapsychology in Crisis?' and answers 'definitely', citing the lack of significant and irrevocable advances in the last thirty years, and the drastic reduction of opportunities for academic research in Anglo-Saxon countries. However the author finds the scene in Latin America to be a brighter spot. In the same publication Alfonso Martinez-Taboas writes on Larry Laudan, the American philosopher of science, and how his theories can be applied to psychical research. From Austria, a medical doctor writes in Grenzgebiete der Wissenschaft 46, 1997, on the work of Bruno Grôning (1906-1959), a spiritual healer well known in Germany and Eastern Europe for startling cures, some performed before scientists as witnesses. Maria Louisa Giordano writes on the life of Gustvao Rol (1903-1994), a painter, musician and psychic, who was said to have been an excellent diagnostician much sought after by doctors. Neither article is recommended for its scientific objectivity. Finally, mathmeticians are alerted to a paper entitled 'Reincarnation of How Many', claiming to show by means of statistics based on the exponential increase in world population since antiquity, that at least half of those now on earth must be newcomers who cannot have lived on earth before. periodicals/physical mediumship/apparitions/altered states/healing

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