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Making Sense of the Paranormal: The Interactional Construction of Unexplained Experiences, by Rachael Ironside and Robin Wooffitt

Publication Details: 2022, Palgrave Macmillan
Publish Date: January, 2022
Cover of Making Sense of the Paranormal

This book is a study of how people collaboratively interpret events or experiences as having paranormal features, or as evidence of spiritual agency. The authors study recordings of paranormal research groups as they conduct real life investigations into allegedly haunted spaces and the analyses describe how, through their talk and embodied actions, participants collaboratively negotiate the paranormal status of the events they experience. By drawing on the study of the social organisation in everyday interaction, they show how paranormal interpretations may be proposed, contested and negotiated through conversational and embodied practices of the group. 

The book contributes to the sociology of anomalous experience, and explores its relevance  to other social science topics such as dark tourism, participation in religious spaces and practices, and the attribution of agency. This book will therefore be of interest to academics and postgraduate researchers of language and social interaction; discourse and communication, cultural studies; social psychology, sociology of religious experience; parapsychology, communication and psychotherapy.

Further information about the book here: Springer

Curses, Coincidences & Malign Influence: A Parapsychological Perspective, by Peter McCue

Publication Details: Arima Publishing, ISBN: 9781845497941
Publish Date: November, 2021
Cover of Curses, Coincidences & Malign Influence: A Parapsychological Perspective

From the back cover: When strange things happen to people, or when they experience bad luck, they may come to believe that they've been cursed. In this well-researched and well-referenced book, Dr Peter McCue looks at curses or alleged curses from an evidential and parapsychological perspective. He also examines what appear to be strange coincidences. He presents a wide array of cases, and asks how strange coincidences arise and how curses might work.

The First Ghosts: A rich history of ancient ghosts and ghost stories from the British Museum curator, by Irving Finkel

Publication Details: Hodder & Stoughton, ISBN: 9781529303261
Publish Date: November, 2021
Cover of The First Ghosts

From the publisher's website: There are few things more in common across cultures than the belief in ghosts. Ghosts inhabit something of the very essence of what it is to be human. Whether we personally ‘believe’ or not, we are all aware of ghosts and the rich mythologies and rituals surrounding them. They have inspired, fascinated and frightened us for centuries – yet most of us are only familiar with the vengeful apparitions of Shakespeare, or the ghastly spectres haunting the pages of 19th century gothic literature. But their origins are much, much older…

The First Ghosts: Most Ancient of Legacies takes us back to the very beginning. A world-renowned authority on cuneiform, the form of writing on clay tablets which dates back to 3400BC, Irving Finkel has embarked upon an ancient ghost hunt, scouring these tablets to unlock the secrets of the Sumerians, Babylonians and Assyrians to breathe new life into the first ghost stories ever written. In The First Ghosts, he uncovers an extraordinarily rich seam of ancient spirit wisdom which has remained hidden for nearly 4000 years, covering practical details of how to live with ghosts, how to get rid of them and bring them back, and how to avoid becoming one, as well as exploring more philosophical questions: what are ghosts, why does the idea of them remain so powerful despite the lack of concrete evidence, and what do they tell us about being human?

Poltergeist Parallels and Contagion (rev. Ed.), by Darren W. Ritson

Publication Details: White Crow Books, ISBN 9781786771773
Publish Date: October, 2021
Cover of Poltergeist Parallels and Contagion

From the publisher's website: More than fifteen years after the famous South Shields Poltergeist case of 2006, and its well-received book, The South Shields Poltergeist: One Families Fight Against an Invisible Intruder Darren W. Ritson brings you Poltergeist Parallels and Contagion, a fascinating revised and updated study of the poltergeist enigma.

After researching other equally bewildering cases – post South Shields – a number of serious thought-provoking hypotheses regarding the aspect of the poltergeist called ‘contagion’ have now been raised. Poltergeist contagion has been seldom discussed or studied by psychical researchers, despite many well documented historic cases making mention of it – that is, until now. During the South Shields case and its subsequent years, Darren W. Ritson and his co-investigator Michael J. Hallowell were also subjected to acts of poltergeist ‘contagion’. Also noted, were astonishing similarities between cases they had investigated.

Further information at the publisher's website: White Crow Books. 


The Wrong Turning: Encounters with Ghosts, introduced and edited by Stephen Johnson

Publication Details: Notting Hill Editions, ISBN: 9781912559305
Publish Date: October, 2021
Cover of The Wrong Turning: Encounters with Ghosts

From the publisher's website: Why do people love ghost stories, even when they don’t believe (or say they don’t believe) in ghosts? Is it simply the adrenaline rush that comes from being terrified by a great storyteller? Or is it that such tales give form to our own inner demons?

‘Looking  back  over  nearly  a  quarter  of  a  century  of  serious  therapeutic  work,’ writes Stephen Johnson, ‘I’m  struck  by  how  often,  in  trying  to  explain  my  own  terrifying  mental  states  to  psychotherapists,  I’ve  resorted  to  images or turns of phrase in some of my own favourite ghost stories.’

With contributions from Alexander Pushkin, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Tove Jansson, Penelope Lively, Flann O’Brien and more, this uniquely curated anthology brings together some of the most chilling – and enigmatic – stories from around the world. 

Using Equipment: Guidance Notes for Investigators of Apparitions, Hauntings, Poltergeists and Similar Phenomena, by Steven T. Parsons

Publication Details: Society for Psychical Research, ISBN: 9781916427310.
Publish Date: October, 2021
Cover of Using Equipment

These guidance notes are intended to provide helpful information and practical guidance to all those who use equipment to support their investigations. They are also intended to help the investigator to obtain the maximum usefulness from their equipment and from the data they collect whilst using it.

Available through the SPR Book Store.

Apparitions: Tulpas, Ghosts, Fairies, and even Stranger Things, by Malcolm Smith

Publication Details: Independently published, ISBN: 9798450171265
Publish Date: August, 2021
Cover of Apparitions: Tulpas, Ghosts, Fairies, and even Stranger Things

From the back cover: One in ten people claim to have encountered a ghost, yet science refuses to acknowledge their existence. However, it turns out that ghosts are by no means the only, or most mysterious of apparitions. Now, an author with a background in science has sought to uncover the parameters of this bewildering field. In this, he has adopted three principals: 1. to first seek a mundane explanation 2. not accept anything until it has been confirmed by further data, and 3. not to discard any item, but to file it away in case something similar appears later. In this manner, he documents the little known phenomenon of apparitions which can be shown to result from the mind of a third party. From there he moves to apparitions of the living, then to standard ghosts and hauntings, before delving into far more profound phenomena: elves and fairies, plus a variety of even weirder apparitions, some of which are truly terrifying, and others benevolent. These remarkable phenomena are all fully documented, and by the time you finish this book, you will find it hard to reject the conclusion that there exists a whole parallel world of immaterial entities, which is only on rare occasions perceptible to our senses.

GHOSTS: First-hand Accounts of the Supernatural, by Andy Owens

Publication Details: 4ward Books
Publish Date: August, 2021
Cover of GHOSTS

From the author's website: Most of us are fascinated by reports of ghosts and spirits, even if we do not believe them. This spinechilling collection of first-hand accounts are likely to unsettle even hardened sceptics. 

Who or what is responsible for the mysterious sounds in a train station’s signal box? A cave explorer has a potentially life-threatening encounter with an underwater ghost. An engineer watches the spirit of a former worker walk straight through two machines and then vanish through a factory wall. 

Further information at the author's website: Andy Owens

Druze Reincarnation Narratives: Previous Life Memories, Discourses, and the Construction of Identities, edited by Gebhard Fartacek

Publication Details: Peter Lang, ISBN: 9783631855362-
Publish Date: July, 2021
Cover of Druze Reincarnation Narratives

From the back cover: This book follows the journey of Druze individuals who can remember their former lives and go on search for their previous families. For the Druze, an ethno-religious minority in the Middle East split between different nation-states, such cases and related discourses embody ambivalent bridges between personal, familial, and ethnic identities.

The contributions in this book, presented by Eléonore Armanet, Nour Farra Haddad, Gebhard Fartacek, Tobias Lang, Lorenz Nigst, and Salma Samaha, draw on ethnographic inquiries and illuminate the broad field of Druze conceptions of rebirth and group coherence against the backdrop of everyday challenges and recent conflicts in the Middle East and beyond.

The book is freely available on the publisher's website: Peter Lang.

Enlightenment: Memories of a Spiritual Circle, by Diana Morton

Publication Details: McFarlands Publishing, ISBN: 9780957510463.
Publish Date: July, 2021
Cover of Enlightenment: Memories of a Spiritual Circle

This book focuses on an intimate view of a small Physical Mediumship home-circle based on 10 years of transcriptions and audio tapes involved in a unique and special project. The ultimate goal was to fully materialise spirit forms in the light, using a new energy technique with which the Spirit world was excitedly experimenting. Very regrettably, the desired event never transpired completely. Apart from the new highly original format that this book well outlines, a direct line to Spirit was always maintained with advanced souls, predictions were given on the tenuous state of planet Earth and their purpose and wonderful expectations of their project are also skilfully presented in this dialogue.

Parapsychology and Religion, by Everton de Oliveira Maraldi

Publication Details: Brill, ISBN: 9789004465671
Publish Date: June, 2021
Cover of Parapsychology and Religion

From the publisher's website: “Parapsychology and Religion” is perhaps the most controversial research area in the psychology of religion. However, in recent decades, psychology of religion has witnessed a growing literature bearing on ontological issues including parapsychological topics such as distant healing and near-death experiences. This book argues that despite the methodological and theoretical controversies that still surround the field of parapsychology, the findings of research on alleged anomalous processes can inform the study of religious/spiritual experiences. Psychological literature on the paranormal is critically reviewed and it is argued that it became less a scientific endeavor and more an ideological program devised to denigrate paranormal believers and experiencers. This volume explores how an open-minded dialogue between parapsychology and psychology of religion might help us move beyond the present ideological disputes and reviewes the complex relations between parapsychology and religion over time as well as their implications for interdisciplinary research on religion and spirituality.

Further information at the publisher's website: Brill

Glimpses of Another World: Impressions and Reflections of an EVP Operator, by Anabela Cardoso

Publication Details: White Crow Books, ISBN: 9781786771339
Publish Date: May, 2021
Cover of Glimpses of Another World

From the publisher's website: Glimpses of Another World: Impressions and Reflections of an EVP Operator is Anabela Cardoso’s third work.

Following on from Electronic Voices: Contact with Another Dimension? and Electronic Contact with the Dead: What do the Voices Tell Us? in this book the author shares her thoughts and ruminations on Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC), the phenomena whereby allegedly deceased communicators relay messages and images to the living via radio equipment, televisions, computers, phones and other electronic devices. It’s a subject Anabela has devoted her life to in recent decades.

The communication is both fascinating and mysterious and the wisdom meted out by higher dimension human and nonhuman intelligences is profound. Glimpses of Another World is a memoir and a how-to-do ITC manual rolled into one and essential reading for those pondering the possibility of an afterlife.

Further information at the publisher's website: White Crow Books