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Society for
Psychical Research

Founded in 1882, the SPR was the first organisation to conduct scholarly research into human experiences that challenge contemporary scientific models.  More

March 13, 2018
SPR member Paul Cropper has launched a blog, The Fortean.  Read more
February 26, 2018
Dr Carlos Alvarado has listed biographies appearing in the SPR's Psi Encyclopedia.  Read more
February 24, 2018
SPR Council member John Fraser is interviewed on The Cabinet of Magic Frigren blog.  Read more
February 23, 2018
Beth A Robertson explores the investigation of mediums during the inter-war period.  Read more
January 7, 2018
Dr Fotini Pallikari has produced a book containing a number of short articles in English describing the life and work of Greek psychical researcher Dr. Angelos Tanagras.  Read more