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Current Research Projects

Research Grants

Dr Lance Storm, at the University of Adelaide, and Dr Patrizio Tressoldi, at the University of Padua.

Project: Meta-analysis of free-response studies, 2009 – 2018.

Prof. Christopher Roe, at the University of Northampton.

Project: Producing an on-line searchable database containing the Priestley ‘Man and Time’ spontaneous cases letters in order to facilitate independent research on this material.

Dr Peter Bancel, at Institut Métapsychique International.

Project:Psi research: a concise review article for scientists.

Liam Griffin

Project: Exploring consciousness actions on quantum systems.

Survival Research Grants

Dr Annekatrin Puhle. 

For expenses to carry out a study in Italy on Dr Axel Munthe.

Dr Melvyn Willin.

For his work on the Guy Lyon Playfair collection of documents and recordings.

Dr Callum Cooper

For his research on D. Scott Rogo