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4 Jul 2018
Reminder: A special issue of Paranormal Review, edited by Dr Leo Ruickbie, is planned that will celebrate the life and work of Guy Lyon Playfair. Read more
21 Apr 2018
Reminder: Online registration for the 42nd Annual SPR International Conference is open Read more
19 Jul 2018
SPR Council member Robert McLuhan has contributed two entries to the Psi Encyclopedia about reincarnation: Jenny Cockell and Mary Sutton. In addition, Dieter Hassler has reviewed The Boy Who Knew Too Much. Read more
11 Jul 2018
Numerous issues of Psychic News have been made freely available thanks to the JV trust and collaboration. Read about how this came about here: Psychic News. The issues are accessible here: UM Digital Collections. Read more
10 Jul 2018
Dr. Jack Hunter on Skeptiko: Anthropology, Animism, Panpsychism and What’s Next. Hunter was recently interviewed on Skeptiko. Read more
7 Jul 2018
Prof. Chris Roe has contributed two entries to the Psi Encyclopedia: "Fraud in Science and Parapsychology" and "Parapsychology in Psychology Textbooks" Read more
4 Jul 2018
20th Annual Conference of the Consciousness and Experiential Psychology. The keynote speakers are Prof. Etzel Cardeña, Prof. Chris Roe and Dr Milan Scheidegger Read more
22 Jun 2018
Supernatural in Contemporary Society Conference. Among the speakers are SPR members Dr Jack Hunter, Prof Robin Wooffitt, Dr Terence Palmer and Dr Leo Ruickbie. Read more
17 Jun 2018
The journal Imágó Budapest has devoted an issue to Psychoanalysis and the occult. Read more
17 Jun 2018
Karen Wehrstein has contributed an entry to the Psi Encyclopedia about the telepathy studies with the Creery sisters: Creery Telepathy Experiments Read more