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14 Jan 2020
LECTURE: Chris Josiffe will give a talk about Gef! The strange tale of an extra-special talking mongoose, 24 February, 2020, Kensington Central Library Lecture Theatre. Read more
14 Jan 2020
CONFERENCE: Psi Saturday. Prof. Chris Roe, Dr Callum Cooper, Dr Glenn Hitchman, Dr David Saunders, Louise Spiers, and Rachel Evenden will give talks at the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre, Edinburgh, 22 February 2020. Read more
14 Jan 2020
LECTURE: Prof. Chris French will give a talk, The Psychology of Ghosts and Hauntings, 4 February, 2020, The Canalhouse, Nottingham. Read more
14 Jan 2020
A historian, Kyle Falcon, has written an article of interest "Shoemaker, Spiritualist, Cavalryman, Madman: The Case of James Doody" Read more
10 Jan 2020
A historian, Andreas Sommer, has written an article for aeon in which he argues that "there is good cause to question the overzealous pathologisation of spiritual sightings and ghostly visions" Read more
1 Jan 2020
One of our stalwarts, Mary Rose Barrington, vice-president of the SPR, has participated in Shattered Reality Podcast to talk about truly anomalous experiences. Read more
27 Dec 2019
Earlier this year an article in the American Psychologist by Prof. Etzel Cardeña provoked commentary from Profs. Arthur Reber and James Alcock. Now the Journal of Scientific Exploration has published responses, including one by SPR Council member Prof. Bernard Carr titled Blind Watchers of Psi. Read more
3 Dec 2019
The latest issue of Stanford Magazine included a graphic novel about Thomas Welton Stanford, who was interested in spiritualism and sat with the medium Charles Bailey Read more
3 Dec 2019
Dr Susan Blackmore continues to blog for Psychology Today. She has written several blog posts about out-of-body experiences this year. Read more
2 Dec 2019
SPR Council member Tom Ruffles recently reviewed "The Enfield Poltergeist Tapes" by Melvyn J Willin. Read more