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July 5, 2021
at Online via Zoom.
Thoughtography refers to the ability to impress images directly onto photographic film by mind and provides important and fertile ground to study the relationship between consciousness, mind and matter. Although thoughtographic experiments discontinued in the West after Ted Serios stopped producing them in the 1960s significant development has taken place in China since the late 1980s. The range and type of thoughtographic images produced in China have been dramatically extended. In addition, the methods to produce them have been developed to allow for the production of images in a controlled manner. In recent years experiments have been conducted using mobile phone camera and these digital images have revealed some interesting results, including recorded timing anomalies. Furthermore, some images can be repeatedly produced at different times and locations. These methods have been taught to both children and adults, and many of the children are capable of producing such thoughtographs after only a few training sessions. In this presentation Dr Simon Duan will review these developments in thoughtography and suggest a mechanism for how this may occur based on a model of metacomputics. View Event