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April 12, 2021
at Online via Zoom.
'This talk will cover my research into different beliefs and why we believe in certain things and not others. It will look at the personality types potentially associated with what we believe and how these beliefs might affect the way we think. This talk will cover differences in thinking and personality and cover the issues with researching paranormal belief and whether a particular mindset or way of thinking are required to believe in the paranormal. I will also talk about how research has been conducted, looking at paranormal and other beliefs. I will examine some of the theories that have been used to explain why people believe in the paranormal, and I will discuss the problems with them and how the questions we ask might affect the answers we find.' View Event
April 24, 2021
at Online via Zoom.
This study day will celebrate the contributions of three eminent psychical researchers who sadly died in the past year, with particular reference to their work on the evidence for survival. Each of these luminaries will be the focus of a session featuring two SPR members who knew them well. The day will end with a general discussion and audience participation. View Event
May 17, 2021
at Online via Zoom.
In this talk Dr Dullin will present an overview of some of the Telekinesis research that has been carried out at LAPDC (Anomalous Psychophysics and Cognitive Dissonance Laboratory) concerning potential human influence on light spinning objects. The presentation will include some background information on the topic of telekinesis and will also include some videos of recordings by some lab members showing the use of telekinesis to move small spinning objects. View Event
June 14, 2021
at Online via Zoom.
In this presentation, Dr Maraldi will review psychological research on paranormal beliefs and experiences and discuss some of the conceptual and methodological problems in these studies from a parapsychological perspective. View Event