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August 15, 2022
at Online via Zoom.
Of all the people who survive a close brush with death, 80-90% remember nothing unusual, but 10-20% report that during the experience, their consciousness functioned lucidly, perceiving the material world from a position outside the physical body and/or perceiving and interacting with beings and environments not of the material world. In this webinar, Jan will present a summary of over 40 years of research on near-death experiences, including their contents; aftereffects; relationship to other transpersonal experiences--those transcending the usual personal limits of space, time, identity, and influence; and implications for dying and living. View Event
September 9, 2022
at Online via Zoom.
45th INTERNATIONAL ANNUAL CONFERENCE OF THE SPR Online via Zoom Friday 9th September to Sunday 11th September View Event
October 24, 2022
at Online via Zoom.
Many spiritual traditions include accounts of supernormal psi-like powers that are sometimes associated with fasting and vegetarianism. For example, shamans may use fasting to support apparent abilities such as controlling the weather, and many yogis who are strict vegetarians are said to exhibit powers such as psychokinesis and telepathy. In more modern times, a number of figures such as Hereward Carrington, Edgar Cayce, and Rudolf Steiner have related fasting and vegetarianism to both spiritual and psychic development. Many of those who work to support spiritual development, such as psychiatrist Stanislav Grof and psychologist Christina Grof, recommend that those undergoing traumatic ‘spiritual emergencies’ should eat meat as a way of ‘grounding’ themselves to help manage an accelerated awakening process. However, there has so far been little empirical research into this potential relationship between psi, spirituality, and diet. I will present an overview of this area, including my own doctoral research consisting of interviews with ‘professional psychics’ and how they use fasting and vegetarianism in their work, and the results of a survey suggesting an association between diet, and paranormal experiences and abilities among more general populations. If such a relationship between spirituality, psi and diet exists, then this may lead to recommendations to improve performance in psi tasks, support those seeking spiritual development, and potentially provide insights into theories of psi. View Event