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December 6, 2018
at 1 Vernon Mews
Although Psi is frequently referenced in Chinese historical records throughout the history, Chinese scientists only began serious investigation into Psi in the early 1980s. View Event
February 7, 2019
at 1 Vernon Mews
For millennia, people have reported encounters with otherworldly beings. In the 1940s, psychical researcher G.N.M. Tyrell proposed a theory of apparitions as ‘idea patterns’ generated by the brain by an unknown agency. View Event
April 27, 2019
at 1 Vernon Mews
The life and work of Guy Lyon Playfair. FULL DETAILS TO BE ANNOUNCED View Event
May 23, 2019
at 1 Vernon Mews
Despite no sign of a natural healing ability, Sandy Edwards trained to be a spiritual healer with a non-religious UK charity (the Healing Trust). Ten years later, she instigated probably the largest clinical trial of healing in the world. View Event