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October 11, 2018
at 1 Vernon Mews
November 10, 2018
at 1 Vernon Mews
Traditionally psychical research has viewed extrasensory perception as a sixth sense but the divisions between inner and outer are no longer absolute. This study day will bring together a parapsychologist, a psychiatrist, a relational psychotherapist and a psychologist to explore the inner mental processing which underlies psychic experiences. These processes, which can be probed in both the intimacy of the clinical situation and everyday life, challenge and enhance our understanding of the world and have important theoretical and practical implications. Opportunities will be given for the audience to explore their own experiences in terms of such internal processing. The day will end with a general discussion, including audience participation. View Event
December 6, 2018
at 1 Vernon Mews
Although Psi is frequently referenced in Chinese historical records throughout the history, Chinese scientists only began serious investigation into Psi in the early 1980s. View Event
February 7, 2019
at 1 Vernon Mews
For millennia, people have reported encounters with otherworldly beings. In the 1940s, psychical researcher G.N.M. Tyrell proposed a theory of apparitions as ‘idea patterns’ generated by the brain by an unknown agency. View Event