Paranormal Experience?

Do you think you have had a paranormal experience? If so, we would like to hear about it. But before telling us about your experience, please take note of the following.

As a scientific organisation, one function of the SPR is to collect material of a paranormal nature for analysis. Your experience could be a valuable contribution to our scientific database which includes reports of extraordinary experiences, past and present, from all over the world.

Please give a account of your experience in the box below, or write to us at

1 Vernon Mews, London W14 0RL, United Kingdom

We aim to respond to your submission within a few days, when a member of the Spontaneous Cases Committee will contact you for further details. Please provide as much information as you can, and respond promptly to follow-up questions.  Many factors may be significant in explaining these strange happenings.

Witnesses: Please provide witness statements where possible. It is also helpful if your witnesses are prepared to be contacted by the SPR; anonymity is assured.

Advice: If requested, the SPR may offer advice or suggestions about the nature of the phenomena, but it must be understood that the SPR itself holds no corporate opinion.

Poltergeists and Hauntings:  If you are reporting an ongoing poltergeist or haunting, we will contact you to discuss the situation and available options. In some circumstances, this may include our visiting to conduct an investigation [UK only]. We cannot undertake to rid a location of apparent phenomena, but may advise on its possible nature. At all times, the SPR will take into account possible stress experienced by witnesses, and the need to preserve anonymity.

JOTT: A collective word for incidents often dismissed as “Just One of Those Things”, a JOTT , also referred to as an apport, is the phenomenon whereby an object appears to be misplaced, or seems to have disappeared, then reappearing in an unlikely place. For example, your glasses may vanish from your desk and turn up in the kitchen drawer, though you are certain you did not put them there.

Mediumship, healing, and extra sensory perception [ESP] (reading minds, or seeing what is happening elsewhere): We are interested if you believe you have such talents, and may contact you, if you are willing, to be tested in future. We may also recommend that you consider approaching other institutions that can help you in developing your skills.

Premonitions: Please provide as much detail as possible, with timings and witness testimony if possible. If you experience premonitions regularly, then we would be willing to store your impressions of possible future events in the expectation that you would inform us if and when they come to pass.

Out-of-Body Experience: This refers to a sense of floating outside your body. If you can report an event distant from the location of your body, this may be important evidence.

Near-Death Experience:  Usually in the context of a medical crisis, a near-death experience may constitute evidence of survival beyond death. Medical evidence would be helpful.

Photographs and other media: Unusual photographs may be of interest. The phenomenon of “orbs” is usually be explained by natural causes. If, however, you have a video of orbs appearing to respond to requests, such as “Go to the corner of the room”, then we will be interested to examine it.  If you have media that you would like us to examine, please also provide us with a full description of the context, and details of the camera or recording device.

Medical issues: Occasionally paranormal phenomena can be associated with medical problems, both physical and psychological. They are often associated with stressful events, recent, or in the past. Some medications may cause side effects including perceptual disturbances. Please do not be offended if we ask you about the possibility of medical problems, and which medication you might be taking. You have every right to withhold such information.

Psychedelic substances and other mind-altering drugs can be associated with some types of paranormal experiences, which may be valid.

Privacy Notice: The SPR adheres to the General Data Protection Regulations as explained in the SPR Privacy and Data Protection Policy (  Basic personal information is necessary to give context to your experience, such as where you live, your age and circumstances. Material that we choose to archive will be anonymised, and contact details kept separately by an officer of the SPR, and shared (only with your explicit permission), with bona fide researchers.  We may also ask your permission to publish your report (suitably anonymised) in any future publication.

What happens to the information you provide to the SPR?
The information you provide to the SPR will include details of your experience and personal information that will allow us to contact you in order to progress our understanding of your anomalous experience.           Personal information includes name, email address, telephone numbers and postal address. Your submission will be read and evaluated by our Case Coordinator who may share the details of your experience, anonymised, with members of the Spontaneous Cases Committee (SCC). If considered appropriate for further investigation, your case will be allocated to a member of the SCC, to whom your contact details will be given. They will then maintain contact with you as they document the experience, by capturing as much information as they believe is necessary; this may be via your testimony and that of witnesses, including audio, video and photography.

Please note that members of the Spontaneous Cases Committee are trusted volunteers who work from home, using their own IT equipment and personal email accounts. If it is considered that no further action need be taken with your information, you will be informed, and thanked for your contribution. A report is then compiled by the Spontaneous Cases Committee member how is investigating your experience, based on their findings. The report will be added to the SPR data base in anonymised form for access by bona fide researchers.

Data collected for scientific purpose may be required to be published (anonymised) in journals, for peer review as well as for information.

When you submit your experience using the form below, you are agreeing to the above method for handling your experience and personal information. If you do not agree with our approach or are concerned that your experience or personal information may be at risk, then please do not submit your experience.

If this is your first time that you are contacting us you will receive an email asking if you wish to subscribe to our email list for announcements and notices. If you wish to be on our list, simply reply to the email as instructed. If you don't want to be on our list just ignore it. Our apologies for this extra step, but it helps insure that we send emails only to those who have indicated they wish to receive them.
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