14. Biographies and Tributes

Section 14 : Biographies and Tributes

This section consists mainly of obituaries, but includes also a small number of reminiscences and tributes to researchers and supporters of psychical research living at the time of publication.

(main keywords: tribute, biography)

Anon. LORD HOUGHTON, Journal 2, 1885, p. 92. Valued member; brief notice. tribute

Barrett, W.F. PROFESSOR BALFOUR STEWART, Journal 3, 1888, pp. 197-9. The sudden death is lamented of the Society's president. tribute

Anon. S.J. DAVEY, Journal 5, 1891, p. 16. Brief notice of death of a principal player in the development of the Society's scepticism regarding the medium Eglinton. CORRESPONDENCE, pp. 43-45. Alfred Russel Wallace argues that following Davey's death the tricks which he declined to describe can now be revealed. See Proceedings 4, p. 405. DISCUSSION, Journal 5, 1892, pp. 266-7. Discussion follows a reading of Hodgson's paper 'Mr Davey's Imitations by Conjuring of Phenomena sometimes attributed to Spirit Agency'. tribute/biography

Anon. MR HENSLEIGH WEDGWOOD, Journal 5, 1891, pp. 96. Brief notice of the death of an active member. tribute

Myers, F.W.H. JOHN COUCH ADAMS, Journal 5, 1892, pp. 203-4. Praise for a recently deceased member, a professor of astronomy at Cambridge. tribute

Myers, Frederic W.H. WILLIAM STAINTON MOSES, Proceedings 8, 1892, pp. 597-600. Respected clergyman, revealed in later life to have been a powerful medium. tribute

Anon. HERBERT STACK, Journal 5, 1892, p. 263. Brief notice of the dath of an active member. tribute

Myers, F.W.H. THE LATE COLONEL BUNDY, Journal 5, 1892, p. 310. Editor of a Chicago Journal dealing with psychical phenomena, praised by Myers. tribute

Sidgwick, Henry. ALFRED TENNYSON, Journal 5, 1892, pp. 315-8. Poet laureate, interested in science but hostile to its materialistic direction. tribute

Podmore, Frank.   FRANK S. HUGHES, Journal 5, 1892, p. 326. Active member, involved in investigations of hauntings and thought-transference. tribute

Anon. A.T. MYERS, Journal 6, 1894, pp. 195-7. Praise for the contributions of the brother of one of the Society's founders. tribute

Lodge, Oliver. PROFESSOR HEINRICH HERTZ, Journal 6, 1894, pp. 197-9. German investigator of electricity who latterly had showed interest in the Society's work. tribute

Anon. RODEN NOEL, Journal 6, 1894, pp. 262-3. Poet and spiritualist writer. tribute

Myers, F.W.H. ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON, Journal 7, 1895, pp. 6-7. A brief appreciation of the novelist's autobiographical writings on altered states of consciousness. tribute

Myers, F.W.H. LORD LEIGHTON, Journal 7, 1895, p. 208. Brief appreciation of the President of the Royal Academy, an honorary member of the Society. tribute

Sidgwick, H. G ? BIDDER, Journal 7, 1895, p. 218. Appreciation of the life of a Council member, killed in a street accident. tribute

Myers, F.W.H. PROFESSOR BELBOEUF, Journal 7, 1895, p. 294. Short appreciation of a French classicist. tribute

Anon. CHARLES ALEXANDER LOCKHART ROBERTSON, Journal 8, 1897, pp. 87-8. Appreciation of the contribution to the Society by a psychiatrist, a convinced spiritualist. tribute

Myers, F.W.H. RICHARD HOLD BUTTON, Journal 8, 1897, p. 132. Appreciation of the life of a former vice-president, editor of the Spectator. tribute

Myers, F.W.H. DR G BIOG ERMACORA, Journal 8, 1898, p. 244. Italian psychical researcher. tribute

Hodgson, Richard. R PEARSALL SMITH, Journal 8, 1898, p. 259. Regrets the death of a council member. tribute

Myers, F.W.H. W ? GLADSTONE, Journal 8, 1898, p. 260. Records appreciation for the support given to the cause of psychical research by the former prime minister. tribute

Anon. LT-COL J HARTLEY, Journal 8, 1898, p. 295. Army officer, businessman and active member. tribute

Anon. REV ALFRED GURNEY, Journal 8, 1898, p. 325-6. Brother of Edmund Gurney. tribute

Myers, F.W.H. JOHN RUSKIN, Journal 9, 1900, pp. 208-10. Appreciation of the writer's life. tribute

Myers, F.W.H. MARY ? KINGSLEY, Journal 9, 1900, pp. 279-80. Myers recalls meetings with the traveller and writer on Africa. tribute

Myers, F.W.H. MARQUIS OF BUTE, Journal 9, 1900, pp. 310-11. Appreciation of a vice-president of the society, a rich aristocrat with religious leanings. tribute

Thomas, N.W. LEON MARILLIER, Journal 10, 1901, pp. 152-3. French psychologist and historian of religion, who contributed a paper on an epidemic of hallucinations that took place in 1889. tribute

Myers, F.W.H. & Lodge, Oliver. IN MEMORY OF HENRY SIDGWICK, Proceedings 15, 1901, pp. 452-64. Review of the life and career of the Cambridge philosopher and founder member of the Society. Broad, C.D. OUR PIONEERS. HENRY SIDGWICK, Journal 40, 1959, pp. 103-8. Founder and leading light of the Society. tribute

Lodge, Oliver et al. IN MEMORY OF F.W.H. MYERS, Proceedings 17, 1901, pp. 1-36. Short valedictory pieces by colleagues: Oliver Lodge, William James, Charles Richet (in French), Frank Podmore, and Walter Leaf. Lodge, Oliver, et al. Journal 10, 1901, pp. 53-4. Remarks and papers by Lodge, William James, Charles Richet and Frank Podmore, on aspects of Myers's thought and work. Lodge, Oliver. MEMORIAL TO MR MYERS AT CHELTENHAM COLLEGE, Journal 13, 1907, pp. 148-52. Address on the occasion of the unveiling of a memorial to Frederic Myers, with reference to his and Lodge's belief in survival. Salter, W.H. OUR PIONEERS: FREDERIC W.H.MYERS, Journal 39, 1957, pp. 261-66. Brief memoir. See also Gauld, Alan, review of Beer, John. PROVIDENCE AND LOVE: STUDIES IN WORDSWORTH, CHANNING, MYERS, GEORGE ELIOT, AND RUSKIN, Journal 65, 2001, pp. 149-51, which includes a detailed exploration of Frederic Myers's doomed relationship with Annie Marshall. tribute/biography

Petrovo-Solovovo, M. A N AKSAKOFF, Journal 11, 1903, pp. 45-9. Active psychical researcher and investigator of mediums. tribute

Carrington, Hereward. R OSGOOD MASON, Journal 11, 1903, p. 131. American psychical researcher and writer on telepathy and hypnotism. tribute

Anon. REV MAXWELL H CLOSE, Journal 11, 1903, pp. 134-5. Irish scientist and supporter of psychical research. tribute

Anon. A A LIEBEAULT, Journal 11, 1904, pp. 221-2. French doctor and advocate of therapeutic hypnotism. NOTE, p. 244. tribute

Anon. G F WATTS, Journal 11, 1904, pp. 268-9. Appreciation following a visit by Myers to the painter. tribute

Anon. AUGUSTUS ? STEPHENSON, Journal 11, 1904, pp. 298-9. Council member and financial supporter. tribute

Barrett, W.F. C C MASSEY, Journal 12, 1905, pp. 95-9. Early supporter of the Society, spiritualist writer and barrister, who defended the medium Slade in a court action. tribute

Anon. SAMUEL PIERPONT LANGLEY, Journal 12, 1906, p. 232. Vice-president of the Society. tribute

Sidgwick, E. et al. RICHARD HODGSON: IN MEMORIAM, Proceedings 19, 1907, pp. 356-72. Obituary of the researcher, best known for his exposure of H. Blavatsky and his later work with Leonora Piper, who died suddenly in 1905 after a game of handball. Salter, W.H. OUR PIONEERS: RICHARD HODGSON, Journal 40, 1960, pp. 329-34. RICHARD HODGSON, Journal 12, 1906, p. 178. Notice of the researcher's death. tribute

Hill, J. Arthur. MRS EDDY, Journal 13, 1908, pp. 169-76. Also pages 199-203. Considers the chief events in the life of the founder of Christian Science, of interest to psychical research. tribute

Barrett, W.F. EDWARD ? BENNETT, Journal 13, 1908, pp. 324-5. Council officiai and author of handbooks on psychical research. tribute

Tuckey, Lloyd Chas. JULES LIÉGEOIS, Journal 14, 1909, pp. 31-2. French law professor and student of hypnotism who argued that individuals can be coerced by the power of suggestion into carrying out evil acts. tribute

Anon. CESARE LOMBROSO, Journal 14, 1909, pp. 158-9. Celebrated Italian criminologist and researcher who brought Eusapia Palladino to international notice. Brief notice from the British Medical Journal, expressing praise for his pioneering approach together with reservations about the 'fantastic and inaccurate' nature of much of his work. tribute

Anon. ? DAWSON ROGERS, Journal 14, 1910, p. 372. Journalist, student of spiritualism, and founder member of the SPR. tribute

Smith, Arthur. COMMEMORATIVE ADDRESS: WILLIAM JAMES AND FRANK PODMORE, Proceedings 25, 1911, pp. 1-4. Brief peroration on the American psychologist/philosopher and the British psychical researcher. Mcdougall, W. IN MEMORY OF WILLIAM JAMES, pp. 11-29. Review of James's career. WILLIAM JAMES AND FRANK PODMORE, Journal 14, 1910, p. 358. Announces the deaths of two major figures in psychical research. Muirhead, J.H. WILLIAM JAMES AS PHILOSOPHER, pp. 30-37. Murphy, Gardiner. OUR PIONEERS: WILLIAM JAMES, Journal 39, 1957, pp. 309-14. American philosopher and psychologist. tribute/biography

Sidgwick, Eleanor. FRANK PODMORE AND PSYCHICAL RESEARCH, Proceedings 25, 1911, pp. 5-10. Review of Podmore's career. Lmbert, G. W. OUR PIONEERS. FRANK PODMORE, Journal 40, 1959, pp. 1-4. Brief biog of an early member and major contributor to psychical research. tribute

Anon. G L LE MESURIER TAYLOR, Journal 15, 1911, p. 114. Early council member and experimenter. tribute

Anon. JOHN R HOLLAND, Journal 15, 1912, p. 328. Early member and vice-president. tribute

Bayfield, M.A. ANDREW LANG AND PSYCHICAL RESEARCH, Proceedings 26, 1913, pp. 419-30. Reviews the work of the author and psychical researcher. tribute

Anon. EARL OF CRAWFORD AND BALCARRES, Journal 16, 1913, p. 64. Council member. tribute

Anon. ALFRED RUSSEL WALLACE, Journal 16, 1913, p. 145. Biologist and co-discoverer with Darwin of evolution by natural selection; a keen spiritualist and investigator of mediums. tribute

Anon. REV J W BARLOW, Journal 16, 1914, pp. 175-6. Irish history professor and prominent member. tribute

Sidgwick, Eleanor. MRS A W VERRALL, Proceedings 29, 1916, pp. 170-76. Describes Verrall's activities as a medium and active member of the Society. Harrison, Jane. MRS A.W. VERRRALL, Proceedings 29, 1917, pp. 376-85. Personal reminiscences. tribute

Parker, Norman. IN MEMORIAM: EDWIN WILLIAM FRIEND, Journal 17, 1916, pp. 166-70. Laments the death of an active psychical researcher, and editor of the ASPR Journal, by drowning following the sinking of the Lusitania. tribute

Anon. A W VERRALL, Journal 17, 1916, p. 192. Announcement of the Cambridge researcher's death at 59. tribute

Anon. JANE BARLOW, Journal 18, 1917, pp. 49-51. Irish novelist and veteran member. tribute

Anon. BISHOP BOYD CARPENTER, Journal 18, 1918, pp. 238-9. Vice-president and supporter of the Society. tribute

Lodge, Oliver. IN MEMORY OF LORD RAYLEIGH, Proceedings 31, 1920, pp. 1-11. Obituary of the physicist who was impressed by Eusapia Palladino and other mediums, and who became President of the Society shortly before his death. LORD RAYLEIGH, Journal 19, 1919, p. 73. Announcement of the scientist's death. tribute

Barrett, W.F. IN MEMORY OF SIR WILLIAM CROOKES, Proceedings 31, 1920, pp. 12-29. Obituary of a former President of the SPR, a physicist who became the youngest ever member of the Royal Society, responsible for major discoveries, and who attracted notice for his investigations of D.D. Home and Florence Cook, both of whom he endorsed as genuine. An appendix lists his contributions to the Society publications. WILLIAM CROOKES, Journal 19, 1919, p. 38. Announcement of the scientist's death. tribute

Lodge, Oliver. IN MEMORIAM: JAMES HERVEY HYSLOP, Journal 19, 1920, pp. 238-41. Professor of Logic and Ethics at Columbia University, who latterly devoted his energies to psychical research and was the force behind the American Society for Psychical Research. tribute

Anon. W J CRAWFORD, Journal 19, 1920, pp. 255-7. Investigator of the Goligher Circle. tribute

Anon. H ARTHUR SMITH, Journal 20, 1922, p. 292. Also pages 353-6. Former president and author of articles. tribute

Sidgwick, E. M A BAYFIELD, Journal 20, 1922, pp. 356-9. Detailed appreciation of the life of a regular contributor to the Society's publications. tribute

Anon. C ? BADDELEY, Journal 21, 1923, p. 111. Member and experimenter. tribute

Anon. MR OSCAR BROWNING, Journal 21, 1923, p. 168. Honorary associate. tribute

Lodge, Oliver. IN MEMORIAM: GUSTAVE GELEY, 1868-1924, Proceedings 34, 1924, pp. 201-11. Short obituary of the French psychical researcher who died in an air crash in Warsaw, and was best known in Britain for his work with the Polish medium Franek Kluski. GUSTAVE GELEY, Journal 21, 1924, p. 304. Announces the death of the French researcher. tribute

Anon. JAMES THOMPSON HACKETT, Journal 21, 1924, p. 242. Friend of Hodgson and author of My Commonplace Book. tribute

Anon. SEVERIN LAURITZEN, Journal 21, 1924, pp. 242-3. Danish investigator. tribute

Anon. GEORGE BEILBY, Journal 21, 1924, p. 306. Member, an industrial chemist. tribute

Sidgwick, Eleanor. IN MEMORY OF SIR WILIAM FLETCHER BARRETT, Proceedings 35, 1925, pp. 413-8. Sidgwick credits Barrett with a leading role, not only as a principal founder of the Society, but as a scientist with the gift of stimulating interest in psychical research in others, including her husband Henry Sidgwick. tribute 

Anon. IN MEMORY OF MONSIEUR CAMILLE FLAMMARION, Proceedings 35, 1925, pp. 419-21. Brief obituary of the French astronomer and enthusiastic supporter of psychical research. tribute

Anon. DR SYDNEY ALRUTZ, Journal 22, 1925, p. 64. Swedish psychology academic and proponent of 'nervous effluence', or radiation from the human organism. Barrett, William. HUMAN RADIATION, pp. 66-9. Describes the interest of the author and other leading SPR researchers in Alrutz's ideas. tribute

Anon. C LLOYD TUCKEY, Journal 22, 1925, pp. 115-7. Contributing member and pioneer of suggestion therapy. tribute

Anon. FRITZ GRUNEWALD, Journal 22, 1925, p. 117. German engineer and investigator of physical phenomena. tribute

Anon. PROFESSOR W ROMAINE NEWBOLD, Journal 23, 1926, pp. 161-2. American member involved in Piper investigations. tribute

Anon. WALTER LEAF, Journal 24, 1927, pp. 52-3. Actively involved in survival research, taking part in sittings with L. Piper and writing on the cross-correspondences. tribute

L.J.J. C ? WINGFIELD, Journal 24, 1927, p. 113. Crystal gazer and automatist, subject of investigations. tribute

Anon. MRS ? SMITHSON, Journal 24, 1928, pp. 226-7. Active member and donor. tribute

Anon. W W BAGALLY, Journal 24, 1928, pp. 226. Also pages 276-8. Charts Baggally's path from sceptical investigator of physical phenomena to his belief that the phenomena he witnessed in the SPR's Eusapia Palladino investigation in Naples was genuine, and his subsequent interest in the cross correspondences as proof of survival. tribute/biography

Lodge, O.J. VISCOUNTESS GREY OF FALLODON, Journal 24, 1928, pp. 378-9. No summary given. tribute

FREIHERR DR VON SCHRENCK-NOTZING, Journal 25, 1929, pp. 64-6. German psychical researcher, investigator of Eva C., and the Schneiders. tribute

Solovovo, P-P. RICHARD BAERWALD, Journal 25, 1929, pp. 146-7. German psychical researcher, who dismissed survival and clairvoyance but believed in telepathy as a purely physical faculty.tribute

Mitchell, T.W. MORTON PRINCE, Journal 26, 1930, pp. 42-3. Psychologist, author of works on dissociation, who argued that phenomena of psychical research should be viewed in terms of abnormal, not paranormal, psychology. tribute

Anon. ABRAHAM WALLACE, Journal 26, 1930, p. 43. Member and convinced spiritualist. tribute

Anon. ARTHUR JAMES, EARL OF BALFOUR, Journal 26, 1930, pp. 59-60. Tory politician and former prime minister with an interest in psychical research. tribute

Anon. SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE, Journal 26, 1930, pp. 116-7. Brief record of the writer's death and tribute to his sincerity. tribute

Sidgwick, Eleanor. CLARISSA MILES, Journal 26, 1930, pp. 116-7. Member with 'considerable psychic faculty', who took part in dowsing and telepathy experiments. Subsequently, she was said to have anticipated her death. See Journal 27, 1931, pp. 18-20. tribute

Anon. M SAGE, Journal 27, 1931, p. 74. French researcher, involved in local investigations on behalf of the SPR. tribute

Stawell, F. Melian. G LOWES DICKINSON, Journal 27, 1931-2, pp. 322-4. Appreciation of the writer, describing his beliefs and doubts about psychical phenomena. tribute

Johnson, Alice. WILLIAM GRAHAM, Journal 27, 1931-2, pp. 324-6. Dedicated member, a Quaker. tribute

Rickman, John. SANDOR FERENCZI, Journal 28, 1933, pp. 124-5. Hungarian psychologist with a private interest in psychical research. tribute

Anon. A R BONUS, Journal 28, 1933, p. 138. Active member and donor. tribute

Anon. G R S MEAD, Journal 28, 1933, p. 155. Member who conducted sittings with mediums following the death of his wife, obtaining proof of survival. tribute

Anon. C ? FERNALD, Journal 28, 1933, pp. 155-6. Member involved in investigation of mediums. tribute

Anon. ARTHUR PRINCE CHATTOCK, Journal 28, 1934, pp. 278-9. Pioneering experimental physicist with an interest in telepathy. tribute

Dingwall, E.J. WALTER FRANKLIN PRINCE, Proceedings 42, 1934, pp. 289-91. Brief obituary of the American researcher best-remembered for his investigation of multiple personality in Doris Fischer. tribute

Anon. MRS ? CHAMPION DE CRESPIGNY, Journal 29, 1935, pp. 71-2. President of the British College of Psychic Science (now Studies), who believed she had been in touch with her deceased husband via a direct voice medium. tribute

Anon. W RAMPLING ROSE, Journal 29, 1935, p. 116. Member and expert in psychic photography. tribute

Anon. WALTER FRANKLIN PRINCE: A TRIBUTE TO HIS MEMORY, Journal 29, 1935, p. 133. Tribute to the psychical researcher, the leading light of the Boston Society for Psychical Research, and author of papers on the Doris Fischer case. tribute

Lodge, Oliver. IN MEMORY OF CHARLES RICHET, Proceedings 44, 1936, pp. 1-4. Brief personal reminiscences of the French Nobel prize-winning physiologist and psychical researcher, emphasising his strongly materialist outlook, insistence on the reality of supernormal phenomena, and rejection of the survival hypothesis. Warcollier, R. OUR PIONEERS: CHARLES RICHET, Journal 40, 1959, pp. 157-62. French physiologist, keen investigator of psychical research. tribute/biography

Bennett, E.N. IN MEMORY OF EVERARD FEILDING, Proceedings 44, 1936, pp. 5-6. Brief personal reminiscences of the psychical researcher, remembered now especially for his part in the Naples investigation of Eusapia Palladino. tribute/biography

Johnson, Alice et al. MRS HENRY SIDGWICK'S WORK IN PSYCHICAL RESEARCH, Proceedings 44, 1936, pp. 53-93. Johnson offers an extensive resume of Sidgwick's career, including details of her background, involvement in early investigations of mediums, the foundation of the Society, Phantasms of the Dead, the report on Theosophy, an article on spiritualism contributed to the Encyclopedia Britannica, her attitude as a philosopher to psychical research, her principalship of Newnham College, the Census of Hallucinations, the Society's investigation of Eusapia Palladino, the Piper sittings, her response to criticisms of the Society's work and conclusions, her obituaries of colleagues, cross-correspondences and book tests, etc. Brief tributes by W.H. Salter and Theodore Besterman follow. Salter, Helen de G. OUR PIONEERS, 1: MRS HENRY SIDGWICK, Journal 39, 1957, pp. 235-40. Brief overview of the career of one of the Society's leading members. tribute/biography

Anon. ALICE BALFOUR, Journal 29, 1936, p. 254. Brief note on the passing of Eleanor Sidgwick's sister, interested in psychical research although latterly not an active member. tribute

Anon. F MELIAN STAWELL, Journal 29, 1936, pp. 254-5. Associate member, classical scholar, contributor of letters and articles on Eusapia Palladino and the cross correspondences. tribute

Anon. ? S THOMAS, Journal 29, 1936, p. 255. Frequent contributor on mediums, survival and other topics. tribute

Anon. SYDNEY CHARLES SCOTT, Journal 29, 1936, pp. 270-72. Council member who freely gave his legal services. tribute

Anon. MRS F W H MYERS, Journal 30, 1937, p. 50. Announces the death of Myers's widow. tribute

Anon. A T FRYER, Journal 30, 1937, p. 126. Active member, author of paper on the Welsh Revival. tribute

Broad, C.D. HENRY SIDGWICK AND PSYCHICAL RESEARCH, Proceedings 45, 1938, pp. 131-61. Biographical study of a principal founder of the SPR by a man who followed in his footsteps both as a President of the Society and as Knightsbridge Professor at Cambridge. The author describes Sidgwick's early career, his interest in psychical matters, his disillusion with spiritist mediums, the Theosophy investigation, telepathy research, his interest in apparitions and his work on the Census of Hallucinations. He then gives detailed consideration to Sidgwick's conclusions about the research and his personal religious struggles. tribute/biography

Rayleigh, Lord. SOME RECOLLECTIONS OF HENRY SIDGWICK, Proceedings 45, 1938, pp. 162-74. The author, who knew the Sidgwicks well as a Cambridge undergraduate, offers personal reminiscences. tribute

Anon. F C S SCHILLER, Journal 30, 1938, pp. 204-5. Philosopher, council member and former president, contributor of many reviews and articles in the Proceedings and Journalstribute

Hill, J. Arthur. MAXWELL TELLING, Journal 30, 1938, p. 237. Physician and discerning believer in survival. tribute

Anon. PROFESSOR WILLIAM MCDOUGALL, Journal 30, 1938, p. 294. Council member and former president. Brief notice, includes a valedictory message of farewell. tribute

Anon. HERBERT THURSTON, Journal 31, 1939, p. 118. Brief account of the life and work of the Jesuit priest and psychical researcher, a contributor to the Society's publications. tribute

Drayton, Thomas, C. DAVID GOW, Journal 31, 1939, p. 119. Editor of Light. tribute

Richmond, Kenneth. WILLIAM MCDOUGALL, 1871-1938, Proceedings 45, 1939, pp. 191-5. Obituary of the Harvard psychologist sympathetic to psychical research. tribute

Mitchell, T.W. SIGMUND FREUD, Proceedings 45, 1939, pp. 344-6. Pioneer of psychoanalysis who in later life showed interest in telepathy and the findings of psychical research. tribute

Salter, Helen & Newton, Isabel. ALICE JOHNSON, Proceedings 46, 1940, pp. 16-22. Memoir of a close associate of Henry and Eleanor Sidgwick, who worked on the Census of Hallucinations, was involved with the cross correspondences, edited the Proceedings from 1899, and carried out administrative functions. tribute

Anon. OLIVER GATTY, Proceedings 46, 1940, pp. 206-7. Physicist turned biologist, involved with the Cambridge Committee and the SPR. Contains quotes by C.D. Broad and Whately Carington. tribute

N.W. SIR OLIVER LODGE F R S AND SIR J J THOMSON ? M F R S, Proceedings 46, 1940, pp. 209-23. Brief mention of J.J. Thomson's contribution to psychical research, followed by detailed description of Lodge's activities. Includes tributes by Lord Balfour and Nea Walker. tribute

Anon. L R G CRANDON, Journal 31, 1940, pp. 173-4. Husband of Mina Crandon ('Margery'), involved in investigations. tribute

Price, H.H. HENRI BERGSON, Proceedings 46, 1941, pp. 271-6. Reviews the work of the French philosopher, in terms of its application to psi and survival. tribute

Gibson, Edmund P. JOHN F THOMAS, Journal 32, 1941, pp. 27-9. American psychic researcher, author of a doctoral thesis on trance phenomena and other studies of mediums. tribute

Anon. ELWOOD WORCESTOR, Journal 32, 1941, pp.94-6. American clergyman, scholar and psychic researcher, founder of the Boston Society for Psychical Research. tribute

Salter, W.H. HANS DRIESCH, Journal 32, 1941, pp. 113-5. German philosopher and scientist, closely involved with psychical research, proponent of the theory of vitalism. tribute

Anon. MRS L R G CRANDON, Journal 32, 1941, p. 115. Announces the death of Mina Crandon ('Margery'). tribute

Anon. OLIVER GATTY, Journal 32, 1942, p. 154. Council member of the Society and energetic researcher, killed while conducting war-related research. CORRESPONDENCE, Journal 31, 1940, pp. 192-3, Journal 32, 1942, pp. 168-9. tribute

Broad, C.D. & Salter, W.H.   H F SALTMARSH, Proceedings 47, 1943, pp. 151-4. Detailed description of the work of a leading member. tribute

Anon. H GODWIN BAYNES, Journal 33, 1943, p. 26. A former assistant of C.G. Jung at Zurich, contributed papers on psychical research from the standpoint of analytical psychology. tribute

Anon. NEIL MATHESON MCWHARRIE, Journal 33, 1944, p. 58. Member, supporter, brough the 'Chaffin Will Case' to the Society's attention. tribute

Anon. L H MYERS, Journal 33, 1944, p. 58. Eldest son of Frederic Myers, novelist. tribute

Anon. LADY BARRETT, Journal 33, 1945, p. 166. Widow of SPR co-founder William Barrett, author of Personality Survives Death, an account of communications purporting to come from her deceased husband. tribute

Salter, W.H. et al. THE EARL OF BALFOUR, Proceedings 47, 1945, pp. 249-58. Details the activities of Gerald William Balfour, brother of the Tory prime minister Arthur Balfour and of Eleanor Sidgwick, covering his interest in the cross-correspondences and Mrs. Willett's mediumship. tribute

Salter, W.H., & Wright, Maurice ?. ? W MITCHELL, Proceedings 47, 1945, pp. 258-60. '.. .a member of long standing ... a courageous exponent of unpopular ideas, a persuasive interpreter of Freud in the not wholly receptive atmosphere of the SPR, and of psychical research in the perhaps even less congenial climate of the psychoanalysts' (258). tribute

Anon. KENNETH RICHMOND, Journal 33, 1946, pp. 193-4. Former headmaster, writer on educational psychology, actively involved in research with mediums, and with the management of the Society. tribute

Salter, W.H., Thouless, R.H. & Nicol, F. W WHATELY CARINGTON, Proceedings 48, 1947, pp. 197-212. (Illustrated). Prolific psychical researcher, who pioneered the statistical study of mediums and contributed major studies such as the 'paranormal cognition of drawings.' Salter stresses Carington's research and theoretical speculation regarding survival, while Thouless describes his experimental work.   Nicol offers a personal perspective, describing his life and work at some length. tribute

Anon. ERNEST BENNETT, Journal 34, 1947, p. 12. Long time member, interested in physical phenomena. tribute

Anon. MAX DESSOIR, Journal 34, 1947, pp. 94-5. German psychologist and psychic investigator. tribute

Anon. C ? STUART, Journal 34, 1947, p. 95. American ESP experimenter, graduate of Duke University. tribute

Murphy, Gardner. LORD RAYLEIGH FRS, Proceedings 48, 1948, pp. 330-31. Robert John Strutt, Lord Rayleigh, president of the SPR for 1937-38. His contributions to physics and his method of silhouette photography by infra-red rays for use in investigating mediums are described. PsiLine tribute

Murphy, Gardner. NICHOLAS MURRAY BUTLER, Proceedings 48, 1948, p. 332. President of Columbia University, and one of 'the band of distinguished scholars who, despite their key position in public affairs, have not held themselves aloof from the still inadequately recognized domain of psychical research' (332). He helped to organize the first American SPR and was a corresponding member of the British society. PsiLine tribute

Anon. HARRY PRICE, Journal 34, 1948, pp. 238-9. Well-known psychical researcher, involved in investigations of Rudi Schneider, Borley Rectory and others. tribute

Salter, W.H. & Richmond, Mrs. THE HON MRS ALFRED LYTTELTON G ? ?, Proceedings 48, 1949, pp. 333-5. Obituary of Dame Edith Lyttelton, one of the SPR 'automatists' (first known as 'Mrs King') whose scripts were thought to be precognitive of World War II and the sinking of the Lusitania. She was interested in precognition and viewed the soul as 'the link between time and eternity' (335).   PsiLine tribute

Anon. ? ? OESTERREICH, Journal 35, 1949, pp. 120-21. German academic and writer on psychical research. tribute

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