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Society for
Psychical Research

Founded in 1882, the SPR was the first organisation to conduct scholarly research into human experiences that challenge contemporary scientific models.  More

November 19, 2018
Take part in an online study on Morphic Resonance focusing on Chinese characters.   Read more
November 17, 2018
SPR member Trevor Hamilton has written an entry about the medium Gladys Osborne Leonard for the Psi Encyclopedia.  Read more
November 17, 2018
Call for Papers for the 2019 Society for Scientific Exploration conference (5-8 June). Deadline: 15 December, 2018.  Read more
November 18, 2018

Book Review JOTT. When Things Disappear... and Come Back or Relocate – and Why It Really Happens, by Mary Rose Barrington

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October 5, 2018

Book Review Our Secret Powers: Telepathy, Clairvoyance and Precognition, by Terje G. Simonsen

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