Book Reviews: Mental Mediumship

Evans, Henry Ridgely. HOURS WITH THE GHOSTS, reviewed by R. Hodgson, Proceedings 14, 1898, pp. 147-50. Sceptical approach to mediums and theosophy, dismissing the notion of spirits, but conceding the genuineness of telepathy. book review/telepathy/beliefs/mental mediumship

Anon. L’ANNÉE PSYCHOLOGIQUE, CINQUIÈME ANNÉE, reviewed by F.W.H. Myers, Proceedings 15, 1901, pp. 105-7. Regrets the lack of attention given to Hodgson’s paper on Leonora Piper in the French psychological Journal edited by Alfred Binet. book review/mental mediumship

Sage, M. MADAME PIPER ET LA SOCIÉTÉ ANGLO-AMÉRICAINE POUR LES RECHERCHES PSYCHIQUES, reviewed by M. de G. Verrall, Proceedings 17, 1901, pp. 268-9. Introduction to Leonora Piper for French readers. book review/mental mediumship

Hyslop, James H. SCIENCE AND A FUTURE LIFE, reviewed by Hereward Carrington, Proceedings 19, 1907, pp. 451-5. Analysis of research on Leonora Piper. book review/mental mediumship

Tanner, Amy E. STUDIES IN SPIRITISM, reviewed by Andrew Lang and Eleanor Sidgwick, Proceedings 25, 1911, pp. 90-108. A highly sceptical discussion of mediums by two American psychologists, following six sittings with Leonora Piper, here receives trenchant criticism in separate reviews for claimed contradictions, inaccuracies and misrepresentations. book review/mental mediumship

Flournoy, Theodore. ESPRITS ET MÉDIUMS, MÉLANGES DE MÉTAPHSYCHIQUE ET DE PSYCHOLOGIE, reviewed by M.A. Bayfield, Proceedings 25, 1911, pp. 468-76. Study by the Swiss psychologist and author of From India to the Planet Mars. Flournoy here describes himself as a ‘Spiritualist’, meaning someone who believes that the soul survives the death of the body in a general sense, as opposed to a ‘Spiritist’ who takes afterlife accounts through mediums literally. book review/mental mediumship/beliefs

Hill, J. Arthur. NEW EVIDENCES IN PSYCHICAL RESEARCH, Journal 15, 1911, pp. 47-8. Describes personal experiences of successful mediumistic séances. book review/mental mediumship

Holt, Henry. ON THE COSMIC RELATIONS, reviewed by W.R. Newbold, Proceedings 29, 1916, pp. 177-85. Discussion of survival evidence through mediums, with particular reference to Leonora Piper. book review/mental mediumship/survival

Lodge, Oliver. RAYMOND, reviewed by Eleanor Sidgwick, Proceedings 29, 1917, pp. 404-9. No summary given. book review/mental mediumship/survival

Lodge, Oliver. RAYMOND: OR LIFE AND DEATH, Journal 18, 1917, pp. 7-8. Record of communications through the medium Gladys Leonard purporting to come from the surviving spirit of the author’s son, killed in battle. book review/mental mediumship/survival

Hill, J. Arthur. PSYCHICAL INVESTIGATIONS, reviewed by M.A. Bayfield, Journal 18, 1917, pp. 83-5. Describes sittings with mental mediums by a psychical researchers sympathetic to the belief in survival. book review/mental mediumship

Bond, Frederick Bligh. THE GATE OF REMEMBRANCE, Journal 18, 1918, pp. 183-4. Describes automatic scripts that accurately predicted the findings of excavations at Glastonbury Abbey. GLASTONBURY ABBEY, pp. 248-9, 271-2. Criticisms and responses. book review/automatic writing/mental mediumship/precognition

Smith, Hester Travers. VOICES FROM THE VOID, reviewed by J. Arthur Hill, Journal 19, 1919, pp. 71-2. Account of ouija experiments over seven years, referred to by William Barrett in his own writings. book review/mental mediumship/automatic writing

Carrington, Hereward. PSYCHICAL PHENOMENA AND THE WAR, Journal 19, 1919, p. 92. Deals with ‘the normal and supernormal aspects of the psychology’ of the First World War, including various accounts of telepathic and mediumistic experiences suggesting survival. book review/mental mediumship/telepathy/survival

Bond, F. Bligh. THE HILL OF VISION, Journal 19, 1920, pp. 235-6. Description of scripts offering prophecies relating to the 1914-18 war, including its final end, by the automatist responsible for scripts that predicted the finding of the Edgar Chapel at Glastonbury. book review/automatic writing/mental mediumship/precognition

Glenconner, Pamela. THE EARTHERN VESSEL, Journal 20, 1921, pp. 107-8. Account of 18 book-tests at sittings with Gladys Leonard. book review/mental mediumship/experiments

Oesterreich, T.K. DIE BESESSENHEIT, reviewed by F.C.S. Schiller, Proceedings 33, 1922, pp. 434-5. Academic study of possession, endorsing the work of the Society with Leonora Piper and others. book review/mental mediumship/altered states

Lodge, Oliver. RAYMOND REVISED, Journal 21, 1923, p. 24. Abridged edition, containing a new chapter answering criticisms. book review/mental mediumship/survival

Bond, Bligh. THE COMPANY OF AVALON: A STUDY OF THE SCRIPT OF BROTHER SYMON, SUBPRIOR OF WINCHESTER ABBEY IN THE TIME OF KING STEPHEN, Journal 21, 1924, pp. 359-60. Describes new channels of automatic communication apparently inspired by the author’s earlier book on scripts relating to Glastonbury Abbey, The Gate of Remembrance. book review/mental mediumship/automatic writing/beliefs

Anon, H.T.S. THE RED ROSE MIRACULOUS: HOW JOSEPH OF ARIMATHEA CAME TO GLASTON..., Journal 21, 1924, pp. 360. Automatic scripts written in the presence of Bligh Bond, author of The Gate of Remembrance. book review/mental mediumship/automatic writing/beliefs

Bradley, Dennis H. THE WIDSOM OF THE GODS, Journal 23, 1926, pp. 7-9. An investigator of mediums who has himself some mediumistic abilities describes his experiences, particularly with regard to Valiantine, for whom he has acted as manager. book review/mental mediumship

Prince, Walter Franklin. THE CASE OF PATIENCE WORTH: A CRITICAL STUDY OF CERTAIN UNUSUAL PHENOMENA, reviewed by F.C.S. Schiller, Proceedings 36, 1927, pp. 573-6. Study of the American case in which a housewife with no obvious literary talent received mediumistically poems and stories which were published, sometimes to critical acclaim. book review/automatic writing/altered states/multiple personality

Anon. DIFFICULTIES EXPERIENCED BY SPIRIT CONTROLS, Journal 24, 1927, p. 163. Pamphlet of automatic writing from the hand of Jessie C. Niven. book review/automatic writing

Walker, Nea. THE BRIDGE: A CASE FOR SURVIVAL, reviewed by Eleanor Sidgwick, Proceedings 38, 1928, pp. 10-17. Describes apparent contacts between a widow and her deceased husband, reviewed sympathetically by a normally cautious commentator. book review/mental mediumship/survival

Dingwall, EJ. HOW TO GO TO A MEDIUM, reviewed by E.F., Journal 24, 1928, pp. 180-81. Draws a distinction between mental mediums, who the author considers for the most part, serious, and physical mediums who he supposes to be generally fraudulent. book review/mental mediumship/physical mediumship

Ball, M.A. FROM WORLDS UNSEEN, Journal 24, 1928, p. 293. Automatic writings. book review/automatic writing/mental mediumship

Cummins, Geraldine. THE SCRIPTS OF CLEOPHAS, reviewed by Herbert Thurston, Journal 24, 1928, pp. 304-6. Automatic writings purporting to be a reconstruction of an old document destroyed during the time of the early Christian persecutions. CORRESPONDENCE, Journal 25, pp. 89-101, 89-91. book review/mental mediumship/automatic writing

Thomas, Charles Drayton. LIFE BEYOND DEATH WITH EVIDENCE, reviewed by A.W. Trethewy, Journal 24, 1928, pp. 398-9. The author selects from transcripts of sittings with Gladys Osborne Leonard to explain why he accepts the identities of two principal communicators as his father and sister. book review/mental mediumship/survival

Garçon, Maurice. VINTRAS, HERESIARQUE ET PROPHETE, reviewed by P-P. Solovovo, Journal 25, 1929, pp. 72-3. Commentary on automatic writings purporting to come from ‘the highest religious entities of the Beyond’. book review/automatic writing/mental mediumship

Allison, Lydia. LEONARD AND SOULE EXPERIMENTS IN PSYCHICAL RESEARCH, reviewed by Eleanor Sidgwick, Journal 25, 1929, pp. 92-3. Record of American research sittings with Gladys Osborne Leonard and American mediums. book review/mental mediumship

Critchley, Macdonald. MIRROR-WRITING, Journal 25, 1929, p. 96. Describes the physical and mental defects that give rise to mirror-writing in automatic writings, with examples from the literature and his own experience. book review/automatic writing/mental mediumship

Thomas, John F. CASE STUDIES BEARING UPON SURVIVAL, reviewed by Eleanor Sidgwick, Journal 25, 1929, pp. 147-8. Preliminary results of sittings with mediums. book review/mental mediumship

Piper, Alta L. THE LIFE AND WORK OF MRS PIPER, reviewed by A.W. Trethewy, Journal 26, 1930, pp. 9-10. Biography of the medium by her daughter. book review/mental mediumship

Tubby, Gertrude Ogden. JAMES H. HYSLOP-X, HIS BOOK, reviewed by Helen Salter, Journal 26, 1930, p. 37. Describes results obtained at sittings with a large number of English and American mental mediums, including communications purporting to come from James H. Hyslop, a deceased researcher. book review/mental mediumship

Dallas, Helen Alex. COMRADES ON THE HOMEWARD WAY, Journal 26, 1930, p. 82. Study of F.W.H.Myers work and posthumous messages purporting to come from him. book review/mental mediumship/survival

Miihl, Anita M. AUTOMATIC WRITING, reviewed by Helen Salter, Journal 27, 1931, pp. 30-32. Study of the use of automatic writing for therapeutic purposes, as a means of evoking forgotten memories and associations, with reference to psychology rather than psychical research. book review/automatic writing/healing/mental mediumship

Thomas, C. Drayton. THE MENTAL PHENOMENA OF SPIRITUALISM, reviewed by J.A.H., Journal 27, 1931, pp. 38-40. Illustration of phenomena of clairvoyance, psychometry, subliminal writing and mediumistic phenomena, with examples from his own sittings with Gladys Leonard. book review/mental mediumship

MacGregor, Helen & Underbill, Margaret V. THE PSYCHIC FACULTIES AND THEIR DEVELOPMENT, reviewed by J.A.H., Journal 27, 1931, pp. 38-40. Practical advice to beginners on mediumistic development. book review/mental mediumship

Bradley, Dennis. AND AFTER, reviewed by Helen Salter, Journal 27, 1931-2, p. 170. Record of sittings with mediums, including Leonard and Garrett, and account of the author’s exposure of Valiantine. book review/mental mediumship

Leonard, Gladys Osborne. MY LIFE IN TWO WORLDS, Journal 27, 1931-2, p. 171. Memoir by a medium at the centre of long-running investigations by the SPR. book review/mental mediumship

Haines, Frederick H. NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH, reviewed by J.A.H., Journal 27, 1931-2, pp. 243-4. A retired businessman visits mediums with a sceptical attitude and describes how he came to the conviction he was in contact with his deceased son and other genuine communicators. book review/mental mediumship

Snipes, Joseph F. FIFTY YEARS IN PSYCHIC RESEARCH, reviewed by J.A.H., Journal 27, 1931-2, pp. 243-4. Personal record of sittings with mediums, with more emphasis on personal experience and conviction than on providing objective evidence. book review/mental mediumship

Findlay, J. Arthur. ON THE EDGE OF THE ETHERIC, reviewed by W.H. Salter, Journal 27, 1931-2, p. 244. Describes the explanations given through mediums of the ‘etheric’ theory of survival and the modus operandi of communication, with an account of incidents tending in the author’s opinion to support it. book review/mental mediumship/survival

Dahl, Ludwig. WE ARE HERE, reviewed by S.R.W.Wilson, Journal 27, 1931-2, pp. 257-9. Personal account of a Norwegian family circle, in which the author’s deceased sons appear to communicate through the mediumship of his daughter. book review/mental mediumship/survival

Gibbes, E.B. SOME COMMUNICATIONS OF A PERSONAL KIND RECEIVED THROUGH MISS GERALDINE CUMMINS (MEETING), Journal 28, 1933, pp. 53-7. Record of veridical statements through automatic scripts received by Geraldine Cummins and purporting to come from two feuding sisters, recently deceased, of a sitter (reading of paper). book review/mental mediumship/automatic writing

Cummins, Geraldine. THE ROAD TO IMMORTALITY, reviewed by J.A.H., Journal 28, 1933, pp. 75-6. Present some communications purporting to come from the deceased spirit of Frederic Myers, and accepted as characteristic of him by Oliver Lodge, who knew him well. book review/mental mediumship/survival

Bozzano, Ernest. POLYGLOT MEDIUMSHIP (XENOGLOSSY), reviewed by S.R.W. Wilson, Journal 28, 1933, pp. 89-91. Collection of 35 cases in which a medium not only speaks and writes in languages unknown to him or her, but makes original observations that demonstrate the phrases were created for the occasion. book review/mental mediumship/xenoglossy

Taylor, Sarah E.L. FOX-TAYLOR AUTOMATIC WRITINGS 1869-1892, reviewed by Theodore Besterman, Journal 28, 1933, pp. 134-5. Full text of automatic mirror-writing carried out by Katie Fox (Mrs Jencken) in sittings with the Taylor family from 1869 to 1892, with communications purporting to come mainly from deceased family members. book review/mental mediumship/survival

Azam, Henri, (éd.) LA TOMBE PARLE, reviewed by Theodore Besterman, Journal 28, 1933, p. 135. Automatic writings by a Mme D purporting to come from a spirit called Symbole, who claims to have been the inspirer of Victor Hugo. book review/mental mediumship/automatic writing

Dahl, Ludvig. D0D! HVOR ER DIN BRODD? Reviewed by Theodore Besterman, Journal 28, 1933, p. 149. Norwegian judge’s fourth book on psychical experiences and reflections, based on the mediumistic phenomena of his daughter. book review/mental mediumship

Carrington, Hereward. AN INSTRUMENTAL TEST OF THE INDEPENDENCE OF A ‘SPIRIT CONTROL’, reviewed by Whately Carington, Proceedings 42, 1934, pp. 241-9. A word association test is applied to the medium Eileen Garrett and the conclusion drawn that her ‘control’ Uvani is a separate individual communicating through her rather than an aspect of her own personality. The reviewer, who has himself used this test, offers a critical commentary. book review/mental mediumship/altered states/experiments

Cummins, Geraldine. THE GREAT DAYS OF EPHESUS, Journal 28, 1934, p. 182. Further installment of the Cleophas scripts. book review/mental mediumship/automatic writing

Mansford, Wallis. BRIDGING TWO WORLDS, reviewed by S.R.W. Wilson, Journal 28, 1934, p. 292-3. Claims contact with the deceased spirits of Rupert Brooke and James Elroy Flecker. book review/mental mediumship/survival

Hill, J. Arthur. EXPERIENCES WITH MEDIUMS, reviewed by J.W.F., Journal 28, 1934, pp. 320-21. Accounts of sittings with mediums tending, in the author’s opinion, to argue against explanations in terms of telepathic links with the sitter. book review/mental mediumship

Walker, Nea. THROUGH A STRANGER’S HANDS, reviewed by Gerald Heard, Proceedings 44, 1936, pp. 13-15. The success of proxy sittings with Gladys Osborne Leonard complicate the telepathy hypothesis as an alternative to survival. book review/mental mediumship/telepathy/survival

Cummins, Geraldine. BEYOND HUMAN PERSONALITY, reviewed by G.W.L., Journal 29, 1936, pp. 186-7. Further series of automatic scripts purporting to be communicated by the late Frederic Myers (sequel to the Road To Immortality). book review/mental mediumship/automatic writing

Pratt, J.G. TOWARDS A METHOD OF EVALUATING MEDIUMISTIC MATERIAL, reviewed by H.F. Saltmarsh, Journal 29, 1936, pp. 250-52. Attempts to outline a scientific method of evaluating mediumistic communications. book review/mental mediumship

Brandon, W. & Ellis, E. OPEN THE DOOR! and INCARNATION, reviewed by E. L., Journal 30, 1937, pp. 40-41. Automatic writings, in which the communicator insists on the danger to the human race, both on this earth and in the next life, if the fact of survival is ignored. book review/mental mediumship/automatic writing

Gibbes, E.B. THE CONTROLS OF GERALDINE CUMMINS, reviewed by S.R.W.W., Journal 30, 1937, p. 41. Subtitled: ‘an attempt to prove that they are entities separate from each other, and from the automatist’. book review/mental mediumship

Reeves, E.A. RECENT PSYCHIC EXPERIENCES, reviewed by W. H. Salter, Journal 30, 1937, p. 92. Sequel to The Recollections Of A Geographer, with accounts of experiences with mediums. book review/mental mediumship

Barrett, Lady (ed.) PERSONALITY SURVIVES DEATH, reviewed by C. Drayton Thomas, Journal 30, 1937, pp. 145-7. Selections from sittings with Gladys Osborne Leonard, with communications purporting to come from the late Sir William Barrett, one of the founders of the Society. book review/mental mediumship/survival

Palmstierna, Baron. HORIZONS OF IMMORTALITY, Journal 30, 1937, p. 147. Record of messages from ‘the beyond’ received over several years by an experimenting circle via a ouija board, in which the author played the part of recorder. Deals mainly with theological and ethical teachings. book review/automatic writing/mental mediumship

Thomas, John F. BEYOND NORMAL COGNITION, Journal 30, 1937, p. 148. ‘...very careful and elaborate contribution to the literature of proxy sittings’. book review/mental mediumship/methodology

Kramer, Von Hugo. TRANCE: WANDERUNGEN IM GRENZGEBIETE DES SEELENLEBENS, reviewed by P-P Solovovo, Journal 31, 1939, pp. 43-4. Record of mediumistic communications received by the author’s wife on metaphysical topics. book review/mental mediumship

Richmond, Kenneth. EVIDENCE OF IDENTITY, reviewed by W. H. Salter, Journal 31, 1939, pp. 96-7. Discusses problems relating to the identity of communicators, with reference to proxy sittings, automatic writings and the cross correspondences. book review/mental mediumship/survival

Carrington, Hereward. LABORATORY INVESTIGATIONS INTO PSYCHIC PHENOMENA, reviewed by C.C.L.G., Journal 31, 1939, pp. 114-5. Urges experimental investigation to back up the psychic claims of mediums. book review/mental mediumship

Cummins, Geraldine. WHEN NERO WAS DICTATOR, reviewed by W. H. Salter, Journal 31, 1939, p. 116. Automatic writings relating to the age of the Apostles, describing the activities of St Peter and St Paul. book review/mental mediumship/automatic writing

Garrett, Eileen J. MY LIFE AS A SEARCH FOR THE MEANING OF MEDIUMSHIP, reviewed by Laurence J. Bendit, Journal 31, 1940, pp. 155-6. A medium and psychical investigator describes what it is like to be psychic. CORRESPONDENCE, pp. 172-3, 186. book review/mental mediumship

Palmstierna, Baron Erik. WIDENING HORIZONS, reviewed by Kenneth Richmond, Journal 32, 1941, p. 66. A medium’s controls offer their version of metaphysical reality. book review/mental mediumship

Leonard, Gladys Osborne. BRIEF DARKNESS, reviewed by K. Richmond, Journal 32, 1942, p. 170. A medium at the centre of many SPR investigations reflects on the meaning of the impressions she has received in her work. ‘As a traveller in other dimensions, Mrs Leonard commands the respect due to her quiet and sincere presentation of things seen and experienced, slight thought the grounds often are upon which we can estimate the objective or subjective nature of the vision and the experiences’. book review/mental mediumship

Phillimore, Mercy. SPIRITUALISM: A STATEMENT FOR THE ENQUIRER, Journal 32, 1942, p.172. Complete review: ? simple, well-balanced exposition of the spiritualistic point of view, containing sensible and experienced advice for those who are anxious to obtain communications through a medium.’ See also Fodor, Nandor. Telepathic Dreams. The American Imago, Vol. 3, No. 3, August 1942. Reviewed by K. R., pp. 179-80. book review/sppiritualism/mental mediumship

Cummins, Geraldine. AFTER PENTECOST: THE ALEXANDRIAN CHRONICLE OF CLEOPHAS, reviewed by A. D. Howell Smith, Journal 33, 1944, pp. 69-70. Continuation of automatic writings covering the history of early Christianity, here dealing with the Church in Alexandria and the Jewish and Pagan environment. book review/mental mediumship/automatic writing

Keith, C.C. THE DAWN OF A NEW DAY. A REVELATION, reviewed by W. H. Salter, Journal 33, 1945, p. 172. Automatic writings with messages purporting to come from ‘former inhabitants of this planet such as Socrates and King Alfred.. .as well as from beings of former creations and the inhabitants of planets that have ceased to exist.’ book review/automatic writing/mental mediumship

White, Stewart Edward. THE BETTY BOOK, reviewed by Edith Lyttelton, Journal 33, 1945, p. 184. Account of a mediumship that begins by a casual encounter with a ouija board, and develops into automatic writings with a strongly didactic cast. The reviewer comments that the descriptions are very similar to her own experience, and urges that the SPR ‘make an effort to investigate and to co-relate the various teachings, for it looks as if some understandable synthesis may emerge’. book review/mental mediumship/automatic writing

Cummins, Geraldine. THEY SURVIVE, Journal 34, 1947, pp. 117-8. Record of 12 cases of apparent communication from deceased persons. book review/mental mediumship/survival

Allen, Percy. TALKS WITH ELIZABETHANS, Journal 34, 1948, pp. 256-7. Record of communications purporting to come from William Shakespeare, Francis Bacon, etc. book review/mental mediumship/survival

Bax, Clifford. ROSEMARY FOR REMEMBRANCE, Journal 34, 1948, p. 257. Includes abbreviated account of sittings with Pamela Nash. book review/mental mediumship

Jouvenel, Marcelle de. AU DIAPASON DU CIEL, Journal 34, 1948, pp. 288-9. Automatic scripts purporting to come from the writer’s deceased son, aged 14. book review/mental mediumship/survival

Webling, A.F. THE TWO BROTHERS, Journal 35, 1949, p. 68. Account of communications from the authors twin sons, both deceased. book review/mental mediumship/survival

Singer, Eric. GRAPHOLOGY FOR EVERYMAN, Journal 35, 1949, p. 89. Scientific approach to the factors in written script, said here to be of interest to students of automatic writing. book review/automatic writing/mental mediumship

Salter, W.H. TRANCE MEDIUMSHIP: AN INTRODUCTORY STUDY OF MRS PIPER AND MRS LEONARD, Journal 35, 1950, pp. 248-9. Study of mediums. book review/mental mediumship

Anon. INTO THE UNKNOWN, Journal 35, 1950, pp. 344-6. Eight ‘experts’ report on their investigation into mediums. book review/mental mediumship

Cummins, Geraldine. I APPEAL UNTO CAESAR (THE SCRIPTS OF CLEOPHAS), Journal 36, 1951, p. 475. Automatic scripts. book review/mental mediumship/automatic writing

Anon. MORS ET VITA, Journal 36, 1951, pp. 526-7. Collection of survival evidence. book review/mental mediumship/survival

Dixon-Smith, Roy. NEW LIGHT ON SURVIVAL, Journal 36, 1952, pp. 628-30. Personal account of conversion to spiritualism, following the tragic death of the author’s wife. book review/mental mediumship/survival

Cummins, Geraldine. MIND IN LIFE AND DEATH, Journal 38, 1956, pp. 339-40. Collection of survival cases, some concerning the author as a spiritualist medium, aimed at ‘refuting scientific materialism’. book review/mental mediumship/survival

Cummins, Geraldine. UNSEEN ADVENTURES, Journal 36, 1952, pp. 598-600. The Irish medium discusses her own work and abilities. book review/psi/mental mediumship

Leaser, James. THE MILLIONTH CHANCE, reviewed by R. H., Journal 39, 1958, pp. 246-7. Account of the crash of the airship R101, with an appendix reporting trance sittings with Eileen Garrett, in which members of the crew who had been killed purported to communicate information about events immediately preceding the disaster. book review/mental mediumship/survival

Roberts, Estelle. FORTY YEARS A MEDIUM, reviewed by E. J. Dingwall, Journal 40, 1959, pp. 314-5. Personal memoir by renowned medium offering, according to the reviewer, ‘nothing of the slightest scientific value’. book review/mental mediumship

Smith, Suzy. THE MEDIUMSHIP OF MRS LEONARD, reviewed by Rosalind Heywood, Journal 42, 1964, pp. 416-8. ‘...straightforward digest of the highlights of Mrs Leonard’s mediumship’. book review/mental mediumship

Progoff, Ira. THE IMAGE OF AN ORACLE, reviewed by Rosalind Heywood, Journal 43, 1965, pp. 214-6. Psychological analysis of the control personalities that speak through the medium Eileen Garrett. book review/mental mediumship/personality

Cummins, Geraldine. SWAN ON A BLACK SEA: A STUDY IN AUTOMATIC WRITING, reviewed by R. H. Thouless, Journal 43, 1966, pp. 267-70. Series of scripts purporting to come from Mrs Coombe-Tennant, herself an automatist (known as Mrs Willett) responsible for several important cross-correspondences. Includes highly intimate details of her life, together with comments on the problems of communication from the view both of an automatist and speaker. With an introduction by the Cambridge philosopher C.D. Broad indicating his belief that the survival of Coombe-Tennant is the ‘simplest and most plausible hypothesis for explaining the scripts’. The reviewer says: ‘This is a book which should be read by all those who are interested in the question of human survival’. book review/mental mediumship/automatic writing/survival

Flournoy, Theodore. FROM INDIA TO THE PLANET MARS: A STUDY OF A CASE OF SOMNAMBULISM WITH GLOSSALALIA, reviewed by Alan Gauld, Journal 43, 1966, pp. 322-3. Landmark study by a Swiss psychologist of the Genevan medium Helene Smith. CORRESPONDENCE, pp. 438-9. book review/mental mediumship

Garrett, Eileen J. MANY VOICES: THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A MEDIUM, reviewed by Peter Maddeley, Journal 44, 1968, pp. 404-7. Second volume of memoirs by a prominent medium and researcher. book review/mental mediumship

Beattie, J. & Middleton, J. (eds.) SPIRIT MEDIUMSHIP AND SOCIETY IN AFRICA, reviewed by E. J. Dingwall, Journal 45, 1970, pp. 249-50. Papers by anthropologists on spirit possession and mediumship in African societies. book review/mental mediumship/multiple personality/altered states

Cummins, Geraldine. SWAN ON A BLACK SEA, Journal 46, 1971, p. 75. New edition of much-discussed book of automatic writings appearing to come from the deceased medium ‘Mrs Willett’. book review/mental mediumship/automatic writing/survival

Gaythorpe, Elizabeth (ed.) UNPUBLISHED F.W.H. MYERS SCRIPTS, reviewed by G. W. Lambert, Journal 46, 1971, pp. 248-9. Communications purporting to come from F.W.H.Myers, co-founder of the SPR. book review/mental mediumship/automatic writing/survival

Beard, Paul. A FIELD OF ENQUIRY, Journal 46, 1972, p. 46. Pamphlet describing the activities of the College of Psychic Studies. book review/mental meidumship/volitional psi

Twigg, Ena with Brod, Ruth Hagy. TWIGG: MEDIUM, Journal 46, 1972, p. 215. Memoir of a practising medium. book review/mental mediumship

Twigg, Ena with Brod, Ruth Hagy. ENA TWIGG: MEDIUM, reviewed by Andrew MacKenzie, Journal 47, 1973, pp. 114-5. Memoir of a practising medium. book review/mental mediumship

Beard, Paul. THE JAMES-JOHN EXPERIMENT, reviewed by Andrew MacKenzie, Journal 47, 1974, pp. 334-7. Report of experimental sittings with several mediums that seem to provide evidence of a recently deceased individual’s survival. book review/mental mediumship/survival

Skultans, Vieda. INTIMACY AND RITUAL: A STUDY OF SPIRITUALISM, MEDIUMS AND GROUPS, reviewed by E. J. Farge, Journal 47, 1974, pp. 452-4. Study of Welsh spiritualists by a social anthropologist. book review/mental mediumship/spiritualism

Di Simone, G. RAPPORTO PsiLine LLA DIMENSIONS X, reviewed by Pamela M. Huby, Journal 48, 1975, pp. 172-3. Lengthy reproduction of metaphysical teachings channelled through a medium and a gramophone record illustrating the voices of the communicators. book review/mental mediumship

Colaciuri, E. & Foresti,  E.A.P. VOCIPARANORMALI AL REGISTRATORE-TEORIA GENERALE E TECNICHE DI APPLICAZIONE, reviewed by Pamela M. Huby, Journal 48, 1975, p. 173. (in Italian). Discusses the theory of paranormal (Raudive) voices. book review/physical mediumship/mental mediumship/evp

Beard, Paul. HINTS ON CONSULTING A SENSITIVE, reviewed by Rosalind Heywood, Journal 48, 1976, p. 408. Advisory pamphlet. CORRECTION, Journal 49, 1977, p. 567. book review/mental mediumship

Ellis, D.J. THE MEDIUMSHIP OF THE TAPE RECORDER, reviewed by David Christie-Murray, Journal 50, 1979, pp. 34-5. Account of the author’s researches into electrical voice phenomena, and his change from acceptance to scepticism. CORRECTIONS, Journal 50, 1979, p. 195. book review/physical mediumship/mental mediumship/evp

Fuller, John G. THE AIRMEN WHO WOULD NOT DIE, reviewed by Andrew MacKenzie, Journal 50, 1980, pp. 314-6. Describes premonitions of a fatal airship accident, and later communications through the medium Eileen Garrett appearing to come from the dead pilot and giving reasons for the crash. book review/survival/mental mediumship

Whitby, Roger. GATEWAY, reviewed by Rosalind Heywood, Journal 50, 1980, pp. 413-4. Communications from a young man recently deceased received telepathically through his mother, giving account of his post mortem life and progress. book review/mental mediumship/survival

Anon. IN HER OWN WRITE: A NOTE ON ROSEMARY BROWN. THE ROSEMARY BROWN PIANO ALBUM, reviewed by Mervyn Border, Journal 51, 1981, pp. 105-6. Album of piano pieces said to have been ‘channelled’ to the medium Rosemary Brown. book review/mental mediumship

Raviv, Judah. THE OPEN DOOR: THE THEORY AND PRACTICE OF ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION WITH THE DEAD, reviewed by David Ellis, Journal 51, 1981, pp. 109-11. Paranormalist account of the ‘Raudive Voices’, ‘...very readable and quite entertaining’. book review/physical mediumship/mental mediumship/evp

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