Book Reviews: Near-Death Experiences

Ash, Edwin. FAITH AND SUGGESTION, reviewed by Chas. Lloyd Tuckey, Proceedings 26, 1912, pp. 370-72. Describes the case of a bedridden London girl, apparently near death, who unexpectedly recovered after seeing a vision of an angel who commanded her to get up and walk. book review/near death experiences 

Crookall, Robert. THE STUDY AND PRACTICE OF ASTRAL PROJECTION, reviewed by John D. Pearce-Higgins, Journal 41, 1961, pp. 159-161. Review of 160 out-of-body and near-death experiences. book review/near death experiences/out of body experiences 

Osis, Karlis. DEATHBED OBSERVATIONS BY PHYSICIANS AND NURSES, reviewed by D. J. West, Journal 41, 1962, pp. 377-9. Describes the hallucinations of the next world experienced by the dying, and undertakes a survey of nurses and doctors. book review/near death experiences 

Crookall, Robert. INTIMATIONS OF IMMORTALITY, reviewed by V. S. Staff, Journal 44, 1968, pp. 412-4. Collection of near-death case material. book review/near death experiences 

Rogo, D. Scott. NAD: A STUDY OF UNUSUAL OTHER-WORLD’ EXPERIENCES, reviewed by Ian Parrott, Journal 46, 1971, pp. 69-71. Discussion of ‘celestial music’ heard by people involved in near-death, out-of-body, mediumistic and other psychical incidents. book review/psi/near death experiences 

Osis, Karlis & Haraldsson, Erlendur. AT THE HOUR OF DEATH, reviewed by James F. McHarg, Journal 49, 1978, pp, 885-7. Survey of death bed visions reported by doctors and nurses. The reviewer contests their paranormal interpretation. CORRESPONDENCE, Journal 50, 1979, pp. 126-9, 487. book review/near death experiences 

Lundahl, Craig R. (éd.) A COLLECTION OF NEAR-DEATH RESEARCH READINGS, reviewed by Susan Blackmore, Journal 52, 1983, pp. 215-7. Papers describing aspects of NDE research: historical perspective and early examples; depersonalisation; deathbed observations; Ring’s ‘core experience’; Sabom’s hospital patients, Mormon accounts; theoretical explanations, etc. book review/near death experiences 

Grey, Margot. RETURN FROM DEATH: AN EXPLORATION OF THE NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCE, reviewed by M.H. Coleman, Journal 53, 1986, pp. 466-8. Study by a British writer, having herself experienced an NDE. Includes interviews with several other British experiencers. The reviewer welcomes these, but criticises a lack of depth in the discussion. book review/near death experiences 

Lorimer, David. WHOLE IN ONE: THE NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCE NAND THE ETHIC OF INTERCONNECTEDNESS, reviewed by Karlis Osis, Journal 58, 1991, pp. 92-5. An in-depth investigation of the character and meaning of human consciousness, combining insights from modern parapsychological research with the tenets of world religions through the ages. book review/near death experiences/beliefs 

Blackmore, Susan. DYING TO LIVE: SCIENCE AND THE NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCE, reviewed by Hilary Evans, Journal 59, 1993, pp. 301-7. An informed materialist approach to the near-death experience, arguing that death is final, and that intimations of survival are an illusion generated by the dying brain. CORRESPONDENCE, Journal 60, 1994-5, pp. 61-2, 189-90. book review/near death experiences/survival

Kellehear, Alan. EXPERIENCES NEAR DEATH: BEYOND MEDICINE AND RELIGION, reviewed by Christopher Cherry, Journal 64, 2000, pp. 186-8. Analysis of reasons why scientists and academics fail to understand the near-death experience, given qualified approval by the reviewer: ‘Kellehear does near-death studies a great service by liberating near-death experiences from the worst sorts of academic appropriation and setting them in a context and climate where they can inform and fertilize as they should. It must be remembered, however, that there remain certain tasks that the academy alone can do, however messily and inadequately it does them.’CORRESPONDENCE, Journal 65, 2001, pp. 58-9. book review/near death experiences

Ring, Kenneth & Cooper, Sharon. MINDSIGHT, reviewed by David Christie-Murray, Journal 64, 2000, pp. 188-9. Study of 31 blind subjects who reported an ability to see during out-of-body and near-death experiences. ‘This pioneer work is moderate and scholarly and paranormalists of all persuasions, sceptical and believing, will find much of value in it to ponder’. book review/near death experiences